Day 22: Shopping

I’ve been waiting for this day to arrive since the beginning of my trip and now that it has, it’s kind of a bitter sweet moment because I know it means I’ll be leaving soon 😔

However, I’m leaving with fantastic memories and new-found friendships! Not only that, but I’ve learnt a lot about myself which I wouldn’t have if I didn’t take this trip solo.

Dotonbori again

I began my morning at Dotonbori because it’s one of the best and convenient places for shopping and EATING! and of course, I did plenty of that. I went crazy at some shops including Daiso… Spent nearly 5000Y there and it’s only a 100Y shop!

Osaka – missing you already

Afterwards, I walked to dinner. I didn’t know what I was going to have but was just walking to see what will pique my interest. I feel like I’ve gained my appetite back since I’ve returned to Osaka as I can finally finish everything again!

900Y set at Tobe Doujima

Their ramen are special and it surprised me that this place was only a minute away from where I was staying. I walked past this place at the right time because I wanted to have ramen as my last meal.

I got the 900Y set which consisted of ramen, bowl of white rice and gyozas! The two pieces of fried boneless chicken came with the meal because today was a special day.

I enjoyed everything, especially their ramen! Perfect way to end my last night in Osaka!

I even had another jump in to the onsen which made me quite sleepy. And so, I had an early night. Or so I thought..

Seriously so safe to walk anytime!

I woke up later around midnight and decided to head to the nearest convenience store to buy water and ramen to bring back home..Another reason why I love Japan, vending machines and convenience stores are everywhere!

After buying pretty much everything I wanted for the trip home, I packed my luggage again and tried to go back to sleep. But I couldn’t and so, headed to the onsen for another soak 🙂

This is my perfect last day in Osaka.

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