Day 17: Sapporo

Leisurely stroll in the morning

I woke up very early today but then went back to sleep and didn’t get out of bed until 9am. I got ready with all my heattech and thermal wear but stupidly forgot my gloves..

Anyway, today’s weather was much better than yesterday’s as it’s no longer raining! Even though the ground is a tad slippery, it was beautiful to walk all over Sapporo without the use of my maps. I somehow found myself walking to this place for soup curry and boy, was there a queue!

The food was gorgeous though! I never thought that soup curry would taste that amazing! No wonder why people line up before opening hour.

Soup Curry Suage – definitely coming back for seconds before I leave!

Seeing that it was early afternoon, I decided to go to Otaru. The train ride was less than an hour via JR pass and it’s crowded. My friends were right. This area is touristy so be warned!

Otherwise, a beautiful place and lovely sights! I was advised to come during the night as well because the night view is pretty – perhaps next time.

Toppi Sushi @ Otaru

After walking for so long, I didn’t want to leave Otaru empty handed. And so, I decided to have sushi because they’re known for their seafood. I was glad that the place I went to is not full of tourists but local people instead! The sushi was amazing and I had an orgasm with each bite! Definitely recommend the unagi and engawa nigiris!!! I had to get seconds!

Sapporo City – night

After food, I headed back to my hotel for a quick rest before dinner 😂 this time, I went to this place which locals frequent – Ramen Shingen. When I arrived around 6:30pm, there was already a huge queue. I didn’t mind waiting because I wasn’t too hungry.

Ramen Shingen

I ordered their miso ramen and also, all their ramen only costs 760Y!!!!! You can also get a set with fried rice, gyozas, etc. in which they are just over 1000Y. Pretty good deal.

Their bowl of ramen is massive. I couldn’t get it in the picture because I hurriedly took it so I could eat… But after seeing the size, all I could say was WOW. Despite its generous portion, the broth was spectacular. The person next to me was literally dancing in his seat! And another person licked the bowl clean!

I don’t know how they did it but that broth is A++++++!

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