Day 10: shopping and eating

I started my day quite early as I slept early last night. I was quite tired and some girls wouldn’t stop talking in the room even though it says quiet. Guess that’s the con of staying in a capsule hotel.

Anyways, I started watching this drama called The Crowned Clown and the first episode already has me hooked! Ill watch the 2nd ep tonight!

After that thrilling episode, I forced myself to get ready to go out.

Tsukiji Market

I had a very luxurious breakfast at Tsukiji: oysters, squid and fresh sashimi! I know they opened a new one but after Tsukiji, I didn’t want to walk further to another fish market.

Instead I headed off to Harajuku.

Meiji Shrine + Harajuku

I went to the famous Marion Crepes and tried their nutella and strawberry one. It was good but I don’t see how it’s amazing. It’s the same as what we have in Sydney 😂

I was going to have Calbee chips from the store but decided against it because my stomach seems to ache.. I hope it’s not from the sashimi. Anyways, I did a bit of shopping and was glad to have gotten new earrings for my helix piercings!!!! They’re so pretty and costs less than $10 per pair.

I even went to their Daiso store and got some stuff as well as Line, Innisfree and Etude House. I was surprised to find Korean stores here but I guess they’re quite popular with. The Japanese.

Imperial Gardens

Arriving at the gardens made me feel at peace – this is the reason why I love travelling. Since I came 30mins before closing time, there was not enough time to explore the whole grounds. But I did manage to do a bit and it was tranquil. I prefer this over busy Tokyo any day.

Tokyo Station

Walking past this station takes me back to Sydney as high rise buildings surround this building, just like QVB. its impressive.

Walking all day sure does bring aches to your feet and so, when I saw this cafe, I just walked straight in. Ordered a coffee and just sat there. It was very windy today and my hair was blown in different directions – the hairdresser will find it a mess when I go tomorrow 😂

Resting at Dean & Deluca Cafe

After relaxing on this comfortable seat for around an hour, it was time to head off. I went downstairs to the basement level of the shopping mall near Tokyo Station to scout for food. And guess what I found? OMURICE RESTAURANT! This is a calling! They knew I’ve been wanting to have omurice since I saw it in Kyoto.


The waiter was so helpful and prompt in providing me with an English menu. Love them!

Afterwards, I strolled around Kanda while face timing my family as I was so full and didn’t want to head back to the hotel so soon. It was a peaceful stroll and there were so many restaurants! If only I was given a few more stomachs 😂

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