Day 8: Kyoto

What I didn’t get to do yesterday, I’m doing today. As soon as I woke up, I got ready for a whole day out! I went to purchase the one day bus and subway pass for Kyoto as my JR pass is not useful here. For adults, it’s only 900Y and it will take me to all the places I want to go to today.

I didn’t even get a chance to have breakfast so when I saw this store, I just had to have it. It’s not sufficient but it’s good for now.

Green tea cream puff! They’re huge!

I was supposed to be headed to Kinkakuji Temple but went to Ginkakuji instead lol – they sound so similar!
Admission was 500Y and inside was peaceful.

Ginkakuji Temple

It doesn’t take too long to go around the whole garden but be careful of the steps because I nearly fell on my head quite a few times.

From Ginkakuji Temple, I caught a direct bus to Kinkakuji Temple (Golden Pavilion). I still haven’t eaten at this stage but for some reason, I’m not starving yet. This temple was a tad underwhelming but it was still peaceful being surrounded by nature.

Kinkakuji Temple

I’ve been listening to Backstreet Boys “No Place” the whole day and it’s so good! 90’s was such a fantastic era!

Anyways, I was hungry and decided to explore Nishiki Market. I was disappointed.. It might’ve been because some stores were closed or I wasn’t into the food. But, I found it a waste of time sadly.

Nishiki Market

I managed to find a place to have yakisoba and kushikatsu for the first time! This was the highlight of my Nishiki Market journey. Honestly.

Afterwards, I headed to Yakusa Temple to meet a friend whom I saw from Osaka. Instead of geisha, we saw a lot of tourists and locals dressing up as we were walking around Gion.

Gion and Yakusa Temple

Then, we caught a direct bus to see the Philosophers Path and this was very tranquil. Sunset was beautiful.

The Philosophers Path

It wasn’t too long of a walk and once we were done, we headed straight to Potocho Alley for dinner. There were a lot of options, although some were a tad too pricey. But we found a place which makes wagyu cutlets! This was very delicious and they did it medium rare which was perfect for me!

Our night didn’t end there as we went bar hopping and even had a drink, gyozas and cheese (7/11 sells them!) besides the flowing river. It was very picturesque and I was glad to have such good company 🙂

That’s how I spent my last day in Kyoto.

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