Day 6: Kyoto

Been so busy this morning pack my luggage for Kyoto. As it was my last morning in Kyobashi, I decided to take advantage of the bikes and rode one to the nearest Family Mart for a quick breakfast.

The bike I got to ride (for free) was pink! This was a positive sign! However, I was a total rookie. I couldn’t ride straight and I kept on swerving. Plus, when it started going downhill, damn I was terrified for myself! But it was exhilarating! I laughed the whole way through which made me seem like a total nutcase.

This time I’m staying in a hotel called APA Villa Hotel which has positive reviews. I was too early for check in but they could kindly keep my luggage for safe keeping while I used this time to eat and explore!

Beautiful lunch at Isetan Basement 2

After lunch, I went to Arashimaya to see the temples, bamboo trees, the garden and the bridge! “A sea of humanity” – described by my friend. He was right. You don’t even need Google Maps, just follow the people in front of you.

Bamboo Grove and Togetsu-to Bridge

The garden was located close to the Bamboo Grove and it costs 1000Y for the admission ticket as well as matcha tea and snack.

Okochi Sanso Garden

The tea tastes great and it was perfect after a long walk. I was able to relax comfortably as they had a seating area for us.

I couldn’t even resist the ice-cream and I saw a lot of stores selling them. I decided to get one as a reward for myself 😂

Matcha Ice cream 320Y

Afterwards, I went to check in to my hotel and refreshed myself before dinner. I decided to find food around Kyoto Station so I don’t need to walk far. There were a few hit and misses as one of the place needed reservations and others were just too full. I even tried the food hall at Kyoto Tower but it was packed. In the end, I managed to find dinner inside the station and it was so yum!

I ended my night taking a stroll (actually more like a huffing and puffing walk) at Fushimi Inari. Totally spontaneous as I planned to go on Monday during the day but decided to see it at night and go all the way to the top. This way, I don’t need to spend alot of time there on Monday.

A lot of people were still walking up Fushimi Inari and it took me just less than an hour to walk to the top. Mind you, I was taking a lot and a lot of photos along the way. I was also face timing my family and they complained about the amount of photos I took 😂

I lied. The night didn’t end there. I decided to reward myself again with more food. I love the convenience store foods here in Japan and seriously hope I can try every single one of them! This might require a few trips back and forth from Sydney.

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