Day 2: Welcome to 2019!

I woke up at 5:26am on the first day of 2019. Nothing special. I watched an ep of Running Man as it was too early to get out of bed. I actually had a very peaceful sleep. I’m scared I snored though because I do when I’m super tired. But so far, no one complained so I guess I’m in the clear πŸ™‚

I got ready and left around 9am to go and welcome 2019 at Osaka Tenmangu Shrine. I didn’t need to use my GPS at all because you just follow the crowd. I mimicked others as I don’t want to offend anyone and do anything wrong accidently. I threw a coin in front of the bell, clapped my hands and prayed for a safe, peaceful and joyful 2019! This is actually my year it’s the YEAR OF THE 🐷!

Osaka Tenmangu Shrine

Afterwards, I walked along the Shopping Street which is so long!!! Unfortunately no shops and restaurants were open as they don’t really open until after 10-11am. Plus it’s the New Year.

However, I was hungry and decided to head to Namba where I know there will be plenty of food and it’s a good chance for me to explore Dotonburi! It was basically my brunch when I decided to have ramen at Hanamaruken πŸ˜‚ .

I only decided to eat there because the queue was moving quickly unlike the other restaurants (was going to have okonomiyaki opp this ramen). I was fully satisfied as I ordered quite a bit for myself. In my defence, this is my breakfast and lunch.

My stomach was bulging in the end and so I decided it will be good for my to walk around Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi, taking in the sights and having numerous selfie moments.

No, I didn’t take a selfie with this one but I just missed out on the sampling 😦

Then I decided to head to Namba Shrine as I realised that even though I prayed earlier, I didn’t get a chance to have my fortune told! (Last night’s doesn’t count.) So I walked back and took this chance go try the famous smoked crab. It was alright as there were plenty of meat but my fingers seriously hurt from using the chopsticks too long πŸ˜‚




The Namba Shrine was crowded and there were long lines to the bell and fortune. I bowed again, went to purify my hands before queuing for my fortune. I didn’t know what to do at first but after watching the procedure, it was fun to shake the box to see what number comes up. Then you tell your number to the people who will hand you your fortune. This is 100yen altogether. This time, my fortune says “Future Luck” – bit of a downgrade from last night’s fortune but I’ll still take it!

After that, I walked all the way back to JR Namba Station to catch the train back to my accommodation. I needed to refresh myself and take a break because my feet were hurting. Plus I wanted to use the foot mask I brought earlier from Dotonburi.

After showering and resting with my feet patches, I got ready to go back to Namba because it will be so different at night!

And I was right! The crowd did not decrease but in fact, it increased! Even though it was pouring (and I had to purchase an umbrella), people still kept on going to Dotonburi. I met up with my roommate and there people who are also here in Osaka. We ate dinner and hung out at the HUB which is similar to Aussie’s pub but English version. This place was nice and it had a great atmosphere. It is not only a fave hangout spot for Japanese but also for foreigners as well. So we made many new friends πŸ™‚

They have dark beer!

Afterwards, I decided to call it a night as I didn’t want to go back too late but it’s already past midnight. I’m currently on the train back. You will know if I’m back safely if I upload continue my daily posting of my trip.

Oyasuminasai πŸ˜€

P.S it’s so cute seeing people exhausted on the train as they have their feet up on the seats (shoes off of course). And I hate that I stink of cigarettes now..had no choice but to sit in the smoking area 😦 plus, I only washed my hair just before I left!

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