[Recap] 凉生,我们可不可以不忧伤 All out of Love: Ep 11-12

EP 11
Tianyou accompanies Tianen to see “his gf” and finds out that this “gf” was actually Jiang Sheng. Tianen acts innocent as he introduces Jiang Sheng as his gf, surprising all of them, “What are you saying? Who is your gf?”.

Tianyou finds this situation awkward and tries to get them to leave. But Tianen guilts trip his brother instead by shouting how nobody cares for him nor trusts him since he doesn’t have legs. Liang Sheng and Bei Xiaowu approach them since Jiang Sheng is involved. She tries to ask him to explain this to her since this is absurd. But he keeps going on and makes Tianyou choose to trust him instead of Jiang Sheng through guilt. Seems like Tianen is successful in getting what he wants. But then, when the brothers are alone, Tianyou tells Tianen to stay away from Jiang Sheng as he knows that his brother has somehow plotted this.

Later, Jiang Sheng apologises to Liang Sheng for disappointing him and also explains how she didn’t know how this situation arose. Liang Sheng tells her how he promised her mother to take care of her and that one day when she marries, he will be the one to bring her over to the altar to take her to her husband.

Next, Jiang Sheng is at her job at the florist and Tianyou goes to see her. He apologises for his brother’s actions and also tries to confess his feelings to her. But she stops him before he could..

The next day, Tianyou gets the name and the university his aunt’s son is in. But before he could go and find him, he gets a call saying that Tianen is currently at Jiang Sheng’s workplace. Jiang Sheng goes out to ask Tianen why he’s here since he has been blocking the entrance for two hours now. He plays coy and she tells him to quickly leave. However, he makes no move to leave and so she takes her phone out to call the police. But his bodyguard takes it away from her and she tries to get it back. Liang Sheng walks by and tries to help Jiang Sheng. But in the middle of the struggle, Liang Sheng gets injured in his head.

Tianyou arrives to see the aftermath. Next, we see him at the hospital and Tianyou realises that Liang Sheng is his aunt’s son. He tells his men to inform his grandfather about Liang Sheng’s existence. After his call ended, he tries to apologise to Jiang Sheng but is met with coldness. But he tells her that he must stay back for Liang Sheng as they’re related. He explains to her their relationship but Jiang Sheng doesn’t want to believe it as he’s her older brother! Tianen soon arrives to apologise but Jiang Sheng doesn’t accept it.

Later, Tianyou’s grandfather gets hold of the situation and wants Liang Sheng to live with them once he recovers. Tianyou tries to tell his grandpa that he might not be used to it since he lived as Liang Sheng since he was young.

Afterwards, Liang Sheng finally wakes up to find Jiang Sheng taking care of him.

EP 12
Coming soon

5 thoughts on “[Recap] 凉生,我们可不可以不忧伤 All out of Love: Ep 11-12

  1. Hihi! If your Mandarin skills are better than mine, do you mind just explaining why is Liang Sheng so adverse to recognizing Jiang Sheng? I figured that he is investigating his mum’s death but I can’t read some of the documents they show so I am not sure why is he being so drama considering how close they are and that his memory is restored. I fear the unnecessary melo is going to start!


    1. Because he has a blood clot in his brain and he was afraid that one day he may get amnesia and doesn’t want her to go through the pain if he stops recognising her for real.


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