Yakiniku Yokocho @ Regents Place, CBD

Newly opened this year and already my friends have been gushing about it all over social media. And of course I am not one to miss out on having Yakiniku for the very first time in my life!
There was a short queue when we arrived and we only had to wait for around 10mins before being seated inside. The waiter warned us that we only had an hour window as the seat we were to be seated in is reserved in an hour.. And so, we agreed to try to finish within the hour as long as the food arrive quickly 🙂

We perused through the menu on the iPad and quickly made our orders through there. We ordered large sizes of ox tongues, boneless short ribs and pork ribs. Besides our meat, we also got a dish of assorted vegetables (as I can never just have a meal with meat only) and a lobster salad. For drinks, we got a Choya Umeshu on the rocks and that went down well with our meat.

the glorious meat – cut into bite-sized portions 🙂
close up shot of the beautiful meat being cooked on the grill

The service was pretty efficient and we didn’t even have to use the call buttons to request assistance. We did have to call on them to request dipping sauce which was weird because don’t everyone just get those from the get-go?
Anyways, the food didn’t take too long to arrive as soon as we clicked on order – this was good. We started grilling the meat as soon as the grill was hot, and the sizzling sounds the meat was making was sensational!

I definitely enjoyed my time here and next time, I don’t think I will accept a table if we were given restrictions for an hour.. It felt a bit rushed towards the end since they were trying to kick us out – though I do understand why and don’t blame them for it.

Lobster Salad

For two people, we ordered a bit much as we could’ve made do with just everything except the lobster salad (which we couldn’t finish in the end). Otherwise, meat was scrumptious and I loved the mushrooms!

The overall ambience and environment was cozy – didn’t feel squash and was very comfortable.

Yakiniku Yokocho Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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