[Recaps] 芸汐传 Legend of Yun Xi: Ep 39-40

Ep 39
Yuze vows her loyalty to Qishao who doesn’t want her to waste her life away besides him. But she convinces him despite him telling her that he won’t be able to protect her if anything happens on this journey.

LFY is thanked heavily by the citizens as he leaves Nanjiang to head back home. We note that he is angry at the Emperor’s actions in hurting his people just for his own selfish reasons. Meanwhile, the Emperor is angry of LFY’s success as he has received his people’s love for curing them and did not get affected by the plague. General Mu soon arrives to report Nanjiang’s status to the Emperor and how LFY are dealing with their soldiers. The General leaves and the Emperor tells his eunuch how his plan failed and that at least now they know that LFY is not close with the officials at Nanjiang.

News of LFY and the Emperor secretly moving against each other reaches Concubine Qin who is happy to watch this show. LFY’s subordinate goes to see Gu Beiyue to tell him of LFY’s worry towards Yunxi as the war will slowly emerge and he does not want her to be in danger. Gu Beiyue understands and proceeds to prepare their journey to go to the secret place LFY arranged for them. LFY also tries to arrange his mother, Consort Yi, to a safe place but she refuses to budge, “I’ll bear the same consequences as you”. As a result, she gets kidnapped by the Emperor’s men.

As Yunxi and Gu Beiyue left the Capital, Consort Yi’s maid rushes to Yunxi to tell her to help save Consort Yi. Meanwhile, Consort Yi regains consciousness to find her lying besides the Empress Dowager. The Empress Dowager mocks Consort Yi but she does not falter. They engage in a war of words before the Empress Dowager leaves her alone.

Then, we see that everything is going to LFY’s plan as he is forcefully pushing the Crown Prince into action against the Emperor. The Crown Prince soon makes a decision to fight against his Imperial Father in order to secure his right as heir to the throne.

Meanwhile, Gu Beiyue and Yunxi (disguised as a maid) arrive at the palace. Yunxi successfully goes to see Consort Yi and tries to rescue her. Consort Yi tells Yunxi to leave quickly as it is too dangerous for her to be here especially since she’s LFY’s weakness. But Yunxi fails to persuade Consort Yi into escaping.

Next, the Emperor receives news of his Crown Prince leading an army into the palace against him. He couldn’t believe it but has no choice but to trust the General’s words as his heart is breaking at the thought of his own son wanting to attack him, “How could this be?!” The Empress Dowager soon arrives because she is also shocked at the news. They come into conclusion that LFY is behind the Crown Prince’s actions as it was so sudden.

Ep 40
Consort Yi is used as a bargaining chip in front of the Crown Prince’s army. LFY rushes in after hearing news that his mother has been held hostage by the Emperor. LFY then surrenders since his mother’s life is in the Emperor’s hands. Consort Yi tells LFY to do what he has to do and runs out from the soldiers to jump from the castle’s walls, “Don’t worry about me!” The death of Consort Yi awakens LFY’s poisoned state and the Emperor couldn’t believe that LFY was actually a poisoned man. Both sides begin to attack each other.

Meanwhile, Yunxi waits for Consort Yi to come back but Gu Beiyue tells her that she has already passed away. He then explains what is happening outside of the palace. Concubine Qin also gets news about LFY’s army coming in and she becomes anxious. All of the Emperor’s concubines are also anxious to escape. The Emperor soon gets news of the Empress Dowager’s death and rushes to see her. She has suicided by drinking poison because she can’t accept this situation of them losing against LFY. Concubine Qin comes in to persuade the Emperor to escape and protect himself.

Next, it seems that LFY and his men have successfully taken control of the palace with the Emperor escaping to Xijing. LFY reports his success to his Imperial parents and also decides to bury Consort Yi with the late Emperor. LFY then assumes his role as the rightful Emperor of West Qin. However, LFY’s health is poor and Tang Li quickly goes to get Gu Beiyue to look at his health. Seems like Gu Beiyue is at a loss but gives him a pill to wake him up. LFY questions why Gu Beiyue is still in the city when he should have already left to the place he sent them to with Yunxi. Gu Beiyue explains their situation and so LFY asks him to stay here and cure the soldiers who are injured. He also tells LFY how Yunxi is finding a way to cure him.

Meanwhile, the Emperor questions the Crown Prince of his actions who tells him everything and all of his anger that has been bottled up inside of him. The Emperor is heartbroken to find out the truth of his anger and that it was his actions that forced him to change to this manner. The Crown Prince soon dies from poison as the Emperor tries to stop him. But it is too late.


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