[Recaps] 芸汐传 Legend of Yun Xi: Ep 25-26

Ep 25
Jing’er arrives at Qishao’s place to look for Yunxi. After swiftly persuading Qishao, she finds Yunxi in a room looking happy because she thinks Jing’er is here on behalf of Long Feiye. Jing’er tells Yunxi that he’s only doing this to protect her. Hearing this, Yunxi becomes excited again. Jing’er then tells Yunxi that she’s here this time to enlist her help for Mingxiang who has been fostering beauty’s blood for so many years. Yunxi is shocked that Mingxiang would go through such lengths for Long Feiye and Yunxi is determined to help minimise her pain and cure her once they obtain the beauty’s blood. And so, she goes to leave after saying goodbye to Qishao but he stops them because the Qin manor is surrounded by General Mu’s soldiers on the Emperor’s behalf, “not even a fly can fly in”.

Long Feiye’s subordinate reports to him that the rumours of him being a poisoned person originated from the 2nd prince, and thus, the Emperor. Long Feiye informs them that they will not do anything for now but just spectate and see how the scene unfolds.

Next, the Emperor is telling the Empress Dowager his plans for Long Feiye. He purposely got General Mu to surround Long Feiye’s manor because he knows that Yunxi saved his son’s life and thus, he is indebted to her. But if he goes against the Emperor’s order and lets Long Feiye go out, he will be punished and is in a hard position. But if Long Feiye does go out, he will inevitably lead them to the poison master and that is what the Emperor is waiting for. After the talk, he goes to see Concubine Qin to check on her health. He takes her outside and brings her to a lavish residence inside the palace. She is amazed because this place resembles her place back in her maiden country and the Emperor has purposely built this for her.

Soon, news of this newly built residence reaches Concubine Xiao and she’s mad. The fact that he is also conferring Concubine Qin the title of Imperial Consort adds fuel to the fire because she has been aiming for that position for so many years. Back to Concubine Qin, she is thinking about the political affairs and resolves that she cannot be physically involved with the Crown Prince and 2nd Prince’s fight or else she will lose the Emperor’s favour, “I can only act when the time is right”.

Meanwhile, Yunxi is trying to look after the poison master by bribing him through food. Jing’er told her previously that if Yunxi cures the poison master, it will help Long Feiye in the end. And so, Yunxi is trying her best. She creates medicine to help him and plays games to keep him happy. Qishao’s servants informs him about Yunxi secretly going and coming back the past few days and they know that she has been seeing the poison master. He tells his servants that there is no need to tail her now because they don’t want to alert Long Feiye and that there’s ample time. The next day, Yunxi is still troubled about the poison master as she still can not concoct a cure for him. She asks Qishao for help and he secretly knows that this is for the poisoned master. She begs him for help and when he “reluctantly” agrees, she quickly goes off to write the prescription. She is busy while writing the prescription back in her room and doesn’t pay attention to Jing’er even when she says that it is Long Feiye’s birthday today. Jing’er is surprised by her lack of reaction but leaves for the Qin manor.

She secretly gets inside the Qin manor but accidentally bumps into Mingxiang who in shock, releases the fireflies from her pouch. It was Long Feiye’s birthday present which she has prepared all afternoon and now it is no more. She apologises and then goes to see Long Feiye. She tells him that she’s suspicious of Qishao having ulterior motives towards Yunxi, trying to incite jealousy. She also gives him the antidote Yunxi made for him to go inside the Pill Valley safely and not get poisoned through the gateway. He takes it and leaves her alone with Tang Li.

Back to Yunxi, she gathers the ingredients she needed with the help of Qishao. Then, a bell rings, informing Qishao that there is someone trespassing his valley. He immediately goes off to find the trespasser who is Long Feiye’s subordinate. He knocks him unconscious and was about to lock him up before Long Feiye arrives, “Gu Qishao, I am here to find Yunxi”.

Next, Long Feiye is brought to see Yunxi. She quickly explains that it was because of him that she’s here, “Don’t be angry”. She also explains that the poisoned master’s poison is tricky and that with Qishao’s help, it will help her find the cure faster. They then get closer and she hugs him. But then they get interrupted by his subordinate and she quickly leaves the room in embarrassment. Later, after getting what she needed to goes to find Long Feiye to give him her present. He smiles at her and then sweetly kisses her forehead.

Poor Qishao sees this as he walks by…Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 8.56.32 pm.png

Ep 26
The Crown Prince, although under house arrest, plans to share his punishments with the 2nd Prince who made fun of him earlier. He secretly sends news to Long Feiye about 2nd Prince’s crimes. Long Feiye reads the message and is amused by this since the brothers are fighting each other.

Meanwhile, Yunxi is having a drink with Qishao and reminisces the events that happened last night with Long Feiye. Her expressions are obvious and Qishao subtly makes fun of her. He recites to her a poem and she becomes shock, “Don’t tell me you actually like me?” He nods his head to affirm his answer, “I really like you”, and she quickly refuses him saying that she’s a married woman. He jokingly tells her that he’s just tricking her and she calms down. He then gives her the pill she wanted and she tries to kiss up to him to learn his skills.

Long Feiye suddenly makes his presence known by pushing Qishao aside when he got close to Yunxi. He tells Qishao off and grabs Yunxi’s hand to drag her outside. She tells him that he’s in the wrong for treating Qishao like that after he helped her make the pill to cure the poisoned man. But he’s jealous of the fact that she’s defending Qishao in front of him. Yunxi confronts his jealousy but he denies it. He then grabs her to kiss her.Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 9.14.14 pm.png

Later, Yunxi apologises to Qishao on behalf of Long Feiye. He is annoyed that she is doing this instead of Long Feiye but she explains that their both husband and wife so it makes sense for her to apologise as well. But he doesn’t like her explanation and thus, tells her that they should stop their relationship since Long Feiye always trouble him, “Go back home.” She tries to appease him and tells him that she will go for now and will come back to see him once he calms down.

And so she leaves the valley to find Tang Li waiting for her. She is surprised and he tells her that she is needed to help Mingxiang. Although Consort Yi detests her, if she cures Mingxiang, Consort Yi will be grateful and allow Yunxi to live in the manor again.

Meanwhile, Gu Beiyue is summoned to see the Empress Dowager. She wants him to look through the powder which belongs to Concubine Xiao. He tells her that that this poison is particularly harmful towards women and impact their chances of pregnancy. She then dismisses him after getting the information she needs.

Later, Yunxi goes to check up on Mingxiang who refuses her help. Yunxi persuades her to let her help her and Mingxiang grudgingly allows her to do so. Yunxi checks her pulse and they both assert their common goal: save Long Feiye. Next, Yunxi walks out of Mingxiang’s room and sees Long Feiye. He smiles at her and leans in for a kiss to which she dodges. She informs him that she has checked on Mingxiang and is now going to prescribe her medicine to ease her pain. After patting her head, he lets her go and he himself walks inside Mingxiang’s room. Seeing him walking towards another woman makes her a bit anxious..Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 9.44.23 pm.png

Yunxi then brews the medicine in the kitchen and sees Consort Yi sneaking inside to eat a pastry. Yunxi makes her presence known and Consort Yi tries to hide the evidence. Consort Yi questions Yunxi and she explains that she is brewing medicine for Mingxiang. She also tries to get information about Mingxiang’s sickness but Yunxi remains tightlipped about the beauty’s blood and makes up something. Consort Yi tells her that if she doesn’t cure Mingxiang, she can never come back. Hearing this, Yunxi is happy to know that she has a chance to come back and that Consort Yi is warming up to her.

Later, Yunxi brings Mingxiang the medicine and persuades her to drink it. The two ladies talk, not knowing that Long Feiye is outside eavesdropping. Yunxi then leaves to find Long Feiye outside but she doesn’t say anything. Instead, she sneakily opens the door to find Mingxiang drinking the medicine, “She’s drinking it.”

Back to the Empress Dowager, she is furious that Concubine Xiao has poisoned so many concubines in all these years to stop them from getting pregnant. She then goes to see the Emperor and asks about his decision to confer Concubine Qin as Imperial Consort. He tells her that Concubine Qin has saved his life and deserves the title. The Empress Dowager then tells the Emperor that there is a matter concerning Concubine Xiao in which he must take charge of.

Next, we see Yunxi being brought to the poisoned master and Qishao is secretly tailing her. Yunxi gives the poisoned master acupuncture and Tang Li comes in to ask about her progress. She tells him that nothing has changed and he tells her to rest. They then leave the poisoned master alone. Then a bird (Gu Beiyue’s) goes inside and wakes up the poisoned master. The bird returns to Gu Beiyue to inform him that the poisoned master is awake. The bird brings Gu Beiyue to where the poisoned master is located but the place is heavily guarded by Long Feiye’s guards.

Back to Yunxi, she is dozing off while reading materials on some poisons. Long Feiye comes in to tell her to go to sleep comfortably, and she wakes up from the sound of his voice. She tells him that she thinks the poisoned master is faking his illness. She also gives him an antidote to keep with him always which will help him in unfortunate situations as it will cure most of the poisons thrown at him. He is touched and she is embarrassed by her embroidery, “Since it was given to me, it is considered mine”. He then tells her to go to sleep as he is worried about her health but she tells him that she is going to keep researching. Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 10.03.50 pm.png

Meanwhile, the Emperor is investigating Concubine Xiao’s case after being informed by the Empress Dowager. He gathers evidence and couldn’t believe that Concubine Xiao has done so many harmful things. He asks about her current whereabouts and is informed that she is currently at Concubine Qin’s residence. Hearing this, he immediately goes to see her.

Concubine Qin receives Concubine Xiao and thanks her for the pastries. The Emperor soon arrives and immediately lectures Concubine Xiao. She pleads her innocence but he reveals evidence of her evil-doings. Hearing and seeing all of these evidence, she doesn’t have anything good to defend herself with. Even after Concubine Qin’s nanny reveals about eating Concubine Xiao’s pastries, the Emperor becomes even more furious and Concubine Xiao pleads forgiveness. Gu Beiyue is immediately summoned to look at Concubine Qin’s health and luckily, she can still get pregnant. The Emperor then locks up Concubine Xiao and Concubine Qin smiles in response.

Later, both Yunxi and Long Feiye goes to see the poisoned master. They act out that they have to kill him since none of her medicine are working on him in attempt to get the poisoned master sane. Yunxi acts like she wants to save him and gives him a pill to eat which he naively takes since he trusts her. Once he swallows it, he begins to feel pain and blood spurts out from his mouth.


Great acting from our main leads again! I’m so happy to see Long Feiye smiling more and more in front of Yunxi as well as outrightly expressing his jealousy. I kind of feel bad for Qishao because he is so pure-hearted and helps Yunxi whenever she requires his assistance. Too bad it is not to be.. 

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