[Recaps] 芸汐传 Legend of Yun Xi: Ep 23-24

Ep 23
Long Feiye goes to pick up Yunxi as they will need to go to the palace to celebrate the Empress Dowager’s birthday feast. Yunxi then goes to greet the Empress Dowager alone who gives her her mother’s pouch, “If you want to see your mother…you must help me do one thing.” The Empress Dowager immediately tells her that in the banquet later, Long Feiye will get hurt and that Yunxi must do the tasks she wants her to do. The Empress Dowager also brings Yunxi to see her mother but is separated by a veil. Yunxi tries to get closer but is stopped by the soldiers, “You can only go up to here. If you want to get closer, you must be good and complete the tasks.” With no choice, Yunxi has to comply to orders and leaves to make preparations. The Empress Dowager is soon praised by her servant who tells her that she was lucky to have found a person to impersonate Yunxi’s mother.

Meanwhile, Mingxiang keeps on bringing up her worries about Long Feiye entering the palace to Consort Yi. She raises her anxiousness and she even mentions Yunxi’s identity as the Empress Dowager’s spy. Consort Yi tells Mingxiang that if Yunxi does harm Long Feiye, she will know what to do with her. Hearing this, Mingxiang smirks.

Back in the palace, Concubine Qin is leading the dance performance in front of her audience. Everyones’ eyes are on her except our OTP as Yunxi is worried about what will happen and Long Feiye is concerned about her, “Are you uncomfortable?” After Concubine Qin’s performance ends, a guest comes up to suggest sword dancing/fighting for the Empress Dowager. The Emperor uses this opportunity to get Long Feiye to go up and perform. Long Feiye tries to decline politely but they are adamant to see him do the sword dance with another. Yunxi quickly gets up and tries to stop her, “Your body is still not healed”, but he tells her not to worry while caressing her head.

Long Feiye skilfully evades the blade but then gets kicked to the ground. Yunxi runs to him and helps him stand up. The Emperor fakes his concern and goes to summon a physician but Long Feiye stops him saying that he has his wife.Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 7.47.05 pm.png

Yunxi goes to treat Long Feiye and remembers the Empress Dowager’s words. She slowly puts in the noodles to the acupuncture points the Empress Dowager told her to and we can see Long Feiye slowly go through a transformation. Meanwhile, the Emperor is on his way to see the scene. He hears Long Feiye in pain and was about to go in when a man with white hair flies out and aims his sword to his heart to stab in. But the Emperor was saved by Concubine Qin as she gets stabbed instead. Soldiers all gather to fight against him. Suddenly, Long Feiye comes out to join the fight, surprising the Emperor as he thought that white-haired man was him. Long Feiye fights with the man but the man has already fled.

Seeing his plan foiled, the Emperor has no choice but to take care of his Concubine who is fairly weak. He carries her to her bed and she uses this opportunity to tell him her request which is to look after her mother country, Xi Qiu. He promises her he will do it and rushes Doctor Han (Yunxi’s father) to treat her. Doctor Han tells the Emperor that he can save her since the sword luckily missed her heart. He then goes to write up a prescription.

Meanwhile, the white-haired man is fleeing the Emperor’s soldiers and from a close shot, we see that it is Long Feiye’s subordinate in disguise! He successfully runs away from them due to the escape bombs by Tang Li.

Back to Consort Yi, news of Long Feiye’s injuries from the palace reaches her. Mingxiang blames Yunxi, inciting Consort Yi’s anger towards Yunxi, “Even if it was not her, I would not let her continue to live here in this manor.” Meanwhile, Yunxi is back in her room but is in a sad mood as she is regretful of her actions but has no choice since this is the only way she gets to see her mother, “I hope you will forgive me, sorry”.

Consort Yi chastises Long Feiye in front of Mingxiang and Yunxi for protecting the latter. She tells them her abhorrent hatred towards Yunxi since she is always bringing harm to Long Feiye and that she is an unlucky person. However, Long Feiye tells his mother to trust him one more time before helping Yunxi up and taking her away. He brings her to his room before pushing her away. She tells him that she didn’t know that he was one of those poisoned man and she explains to him how the Empress Dowager threatened her, “If I didn’t do this, you, me and my mother would be dead.” Long Feiye tells her that her mother did die 10years ago but she doesn’t believe it as she saw her mother’s silhouette thanks to the Empress Dowager. But he tells her that he personally witnessed her die in front of him.

He recounts to Yunxi about the time he was in prison with his mother and other people. His mother died while trying to protect him from drinking poison. However, he was still forced to drink the poison and was one of the few people who survived. They kept on feeding him poison for four yearsand this is how he became the poisoned man. Then one day, Yunxi’s mother helps him escape prison but then was killed by the soldiers. Seeing her die has aggravated him and he transferred to the poisoned state (white hair, red eyes). He defeated all of the soldiers easily.

Ep 24
Yunxi leans on Long Feiye’s shoulders while listening to him. He hugs her while trying to comfort her after knowing how her mother died by those soldiers. She becomes frantic and he had no choice but to knock her unconscious and carry her to his bed to rest. He caresses her cheek but then Mingxiang comes in to tell him that his subordinate has returned. Long Feiye goes to see his subordinate and they are happy with the results of their plan since the Emperor can’t doubt his identity anymore.

Qishao also gets news of what happened in the palace and is disappointed to find out that it has failed to realise Long Feiye as a poisoned man. Back in the palace, the Emperor has been caring for his concubine all night. She finally wakes up and he tells her to be careful of her health since she is still weak. Then his soldiers comes in to report on their findings after chasing the “poisoned man” from last night. They show him the white-haired wig and he remembers how his eunuch told him that Long Feiye returned home with being escorted by his subordinate. He then believes that this was set up by Long Feiye and orders his guards to put him under surveillance.  The soldier also reports on the suspicious place he saw while following the fake poisoned man and reports that there are still people researching about poisoned people. Hearing this, the Emperor becomes serious and the soldier says that it is the Crown Prince. Meanwhile, Concubine Qin is eavesdropping on their conversation.

Yunxi regains consciousness and gets up. Mingxiang soon arrives and throws Yunxi’s stuff at her, implying her to get out. She arrogantly says that Long Feiye wants Yunxi to move out but Yunxi does not believe her. Long Feiye then walks in and Yunxi goes to clarify things with him. His response aligns with Mingxiang’s request and Yunxi leaves. She walks back to Han manor but doesn’t enter it. It suddenly rains but she doesn’t even seek shelter. Her step-mother and step-sister sees her but doesn’t even help her but badmouth her loudly. Hearing this, Yunxi walks away and then meets Qishao.

Qishao brings Yunxi back to his home and his servants look after her. They tell him that because of the rain, she has a fever. He goes to have a look at her and hears her calling out for Long Feiye in her feverish state. He then goes out to prepare medicine for her but not before reminding his servants to look after her well.

Next, the Emperor visits the Crown Prince in his secret place where he is trying to change people into poisoned men. He catches him red-handed and the Crown Prince immediately begs for forgiveness. He uses the excuse that he is scared for his life and position after his uncle died and that the 2nd Prince is more favoured than him. He then arrests his son and puts him in imprisonment. The Empress Dowager then arrives to convince the Emperor to not act rashly because they still have to consider Long Feiye whose power is probably equivalent to the Emperor’s. Knowing that the Emperor is doubting Long Feiye’s identity, she then tells him how she also doubts it as well. She advises the Emperor to spread rumours in town about Long Feiye not being of royal birth as well as being a poisoned man to see how he will act in response. The Emperor agrees and makes arrangement.

Soon, rumours spread around and Qishao hears it when he was on his way to see the Crown Prince. Instead of seeing the Crown Prince, Qishao meets with his servant who tells him that the Emperor found out about the Crown Prince’s involvement. Rumours about Long Feiye are soon heard by Tang Li who tells Jing’er that Yunxi must have done this. Jing’er defends Yunxi and even Long Feiye defends Yunxi in front of Mingxiang when she confronts him, “She is my wife”. We then realise that Long Feiye purposely kicked Yunxi out of his residence so that she wouldn’t shoulder anymore pain. Tang Li and Jing’er comes in and Long Feiye tells everyone that this news was most likely spread by the Emperor.

Long Feiye then goes to see the Emperor and the Empress Dowager who has been waiting for him to come. They express their fake concern and how they don’t believe in the rumours but can’t do anything to control it since it has gotten so big. The Emperor then tells his to stay in the Palace so that he can be protected.

At night, Mingxiang begins to feel weak and ill as blood start pouring out of her mouth. Tang Li sees her in such a weak state and becomes worried. She tells him that she’s fine as long as Long Feiye doesn’t find out. Tang Li brings her the medicine and she feels better. Seems like this is a common occurrence since she is cultivating the beauty’s blood for Long Feiye.

Later, Qishao is carefully brewing medicine for Yunxi. His servants inform her that she has just woken up but is ignoring them. Qishao smiles and tells them to take care of her while he finishes brewing this medicine, “She’s just in a bad mood.”

Long Feiye…ah..Long Feiye. Why do you do this to Yunxi? I know that you care about her and don’t want to hurt her but is pushing her away the only solution? She is suffering from a heartache and I hate it how a lot of guys do this in dramas!

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