[Recaps] 芸汐传 Legend of Yun Xi: Ep 21-22

Ep 21
Jing’er visits Yunxi, who is still confined, to bring her food to eat and to tell her about Long Feiye’s current state. Yunxi is worried for him since he is still unconscious but Jing’er stops her from going out because she will be caught. But Yunxi begs her to bring her to him in order to find out the root of his illness.

Next, Mingxiang is keeping watch by Long Feiye’s bedside and Jing’er comes in to lure her away. She is successful and Yunxi walks in unnoticed. She takes a look at his pulse and mentally transports herself to another realm whereby she gains information about his illness. She is surprised to find out that he is poisoned by such a toxic one and reads that in order to combat it, she must fight it with another poison, “Beauty’s blood”. Meanwhile, Jing’er brings Mingxiang to an empty room and Mingxiang, sensing something was odd, runs back to Long Feiye’s room. Luckily, Yunxi was not there but she could not stop being suspicious of Jing’er who just shrugs her shoulders.

Yunxi walks alone on a path but is stopped by soldiers. They urge her to go back to town but when she tries to persuade them off, they suspect her of being an accomplice to the fugitive who escaped the palace today. Just as they were about to capture her, Qishao appears and saves her. He takes her hand and they run off to his place. She asks him about the Beauty Blood and he explains to her what this poison is. He tells her that although he doesn’t cultivate it as the person will be poisoned themselves, he does have another ingredient that works in the same way as the Beauty Blood. He promises to give her that plant if she promises him three things which he will tell her later. She agrees as long as it is not wicked and immoral. He brings her to a secret cave and helps her retrieve the plant. She then uses the plant to make the medicine for Long Feiye.

Meanwhile, Qishao asks his maids to investigate Long Feiye’s past because he feels that his past may be related to the plant Yunxi got from him today. He explains to them how he got to this conclusion, “The Beauty blood and this plant is used to poison the world”. He also tells them how Long Feiye’s physique is similar to the poisoned people and he is suspicious about their relationship.

The next day, Yunxi wakes up to see Qishao. She tells him that she must go back and thanks him for helping her. Meanwhile, the Emperor has arrived with a doctor to see Long Feiye. This alarms Mingxiang and his subordinate as no one should know of Long Feiye’s illness.

Then, we see the Emperor walking in and Long Feiye greets him. (HOW?) The Emperor makes a casual conversation about his health and his concern. His doctor takes Long Feiye’s pulse and informs everyone that there is no problem with Long Feiye, “Just a weak pulse”. But the Emperor does not believe it. Nevertheless, Long Feiye is in the clear and the Emperor leaves.

After that, Long Feiye goes to see Mingxiang and lectures her to not take such risk again. She explains that she had to use her beauty blood to wake him up or else the Emperor might use this opportunity against him. He tells her to rest as to rejuvenate herself. He then leaves and goes to ask his subordinate about Yunxi’s whereabouts. His subordinate tells him that Yunxi’s identity as a “spy” was founded out by Mingxiang and Consort Yi, thus, locked up. She has then been missing since she escaped her confinement. Long Feiye leaves without a word.

Back in the Palace, the Emperor questions the doctor again about Long Feiye. Seeing that the doctor is resolute in his diagnosis that Long Feiye is not poisoned, the Emperor has no choice but to believe him. His eunuch then tells the Emperor about the rumours going about in town about poisoned people, eliciting fear within the citizens. The Emperor then orders his men to find out the origins of the rumour as well as to investigate Long Feiye’s existence, especially his life after the fire.

Later, Yunxi runs back to the manor. Inside, she is stopped by Consort Yi, “You are finally back”. Yunxi explains that there was a reason why she left and came back now. However, the Consort does not listen, “I will not let you see Long Feiye”. Jing’er is in the background  seeing this and quickly runs to tell Long Feiye. He goes to see his mother and Yunxi. Consort Yi tells him that Yunxi is the Empress Dowager’s spy and asks about how he wishes to dispose of her. He defends Yunxi, saying that she is his person despite on the outside being the Empress Dowager’s spy. After hearing his explanation, she has no choice but to let Yunxi go.

Next, Long Feiye and Yunxi are alone in his room and she shows concern for his health. He tells her that she has her own things to worry about and then questions her about what happened. She tells him that she was at the Pill Fiend Valley to find medicine for him. He asks whether she knows about his poison and she explains what she diagnosed from him so far. He asks whether other people know about this and she says that she wouldn’t reveal his private matters to others. She then gives him the antidote she made for him which will suppress it for a while. He takes it and eats it immediately. She is surprised that he didn’t question her but he tells her that he trusts her. She then says that although she doesn’t have the exact cure, she will work hard to research more and find it for him. She soon accidentally reveals that she likes him and after realising it, makes up an excuse. But he pulls her into his arms and they have a sweet moment.


Meanwhile, Consort Yi goes to see Mingxiang. She tells her how Mingxiang needs to take care of her health in order to “marry” into their family. She also says how she always thought of Mingxiang as her daughter-in-law and that she does not trust Yunxi any longer. She reveals to Mingxiang how Long Feiye defended Yunxi in front of her but she does not believe him, “He thinks I’m a fool”. Consort Yi comforts Mingxiang saying that when the time is right, she will get Long Feiye to marry her.

Back to the lovebirds, Long Feiye tells Yunxi about his last moments with her mother. Yunxi tells Long Feiye how she also thought that her mother passed away but after seeing her mother’s bracelet with the Empress Dowager, she begins to have hope that her mother is alive, “As long as there is a glimmer of hope, I will never give up”.

Ep 22
Mingxiang confronts Long Feiye about his trust for Yunxi. He tells her that Yunxi’s mother saved his life back in prison when he was a child and that this is fate. Mingxiang recognises that he might also be falling in love with her.

Meanwhile, Qishao receives information about Long Feiye from his servants. They suspect that since he returned 15 years ago which is when the poisoned people were missing, there must be a link between them. However, they have no hard evidence to support their claims. And so, Qishao leaves to find evidence which is Han Yunxi. He secretly goes inside her room and wakes her up. He gives her another ingredient inside the pouch which works wonders with the other ingredient she got the other time. Hearing this, she is so happy.

But, Long Feiye arrives and quickly confronts them when he sees Qishao. Yunxi tells him that she’s just chatting with a friend and while she says this, the scent from the ingredient inside the pouch seems to trigger Long Feiye somehow. Qishao then leaves them alone and Long Feiye suddenly grabs Yunxi for a kiss. Seems like he is jealous as he informs her that from today onwards, she cannot leave the manor without his permission. Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 11.01.33 am.png

Long Feiye returns to his room and he seems to be suffering from pain. His subordinate comes in to inform him that the men that was after the poisoned master was Qishao. He also tells him that Qishao has another identity, “The Crown Prince’s counsellor”. However, they know that Qishao can’t just be a counsellor and that there must be motive behind it due to his personality and behaviour.

The next morning, Concubine Qin receives confirmation of Concubine Xiao poisoning her to rid of her chances of siring an heir. However, it seems that Concubine Xiao has been using this poisoning tactic with the other Concubines. She then goes to see the Empress Dowager and Concubine Xiao with the Princess. The Empress Dowager asks about Concubine Qin’s health since she was poisoned for a few days. Concubine Qin slyly mentions the pastries Concubine Xiao gave her and the Princess conveniently mentions the poison of no pregnancy. Hearing this, the Empress Dowager begins to think and Concubine Xiao pretends to have a headache, and leaves.

Later at night, the Empress Dowager orders her servant to put a surveillance on Concubine Xiao’s residence. She also requested for a list of concubines that were sent pastries by Concubine Xiao. Seems like this is all going according to Concubine Qin’s plan as the Empress Dowager is suspicious of Concubine Xiao.

Back to Yunxi, she is sent boxes of herbal medicine by someone. She is confused, trying to figure out her who sent her these medicine. Next, we see Long Feiye reading and is interrupted by Tang Li who tells him that the poisoned master they rescued is becoming crazy and they have no way to control him. Long Feiye suggests they let Yunxi try despite their objections. And so, he goes to her and asks her to go out with him.

He brings her to another place where they are keeping the poisoned master. He tells Yunxi that he wants her to heal this man as he is important to him. She diagnoses him but needs to go back to research more. She then goes to see Qishao to gain access to his medicine valley in order to find the ingredients on her prescription for the poisoned master. Qishao takes a look at the prescription and immediately deduces that it is for someone who is insane and unconscious. She doesn’t reveal anything and goes to collect the ingredients.

Later, Qishao tells the Crown Prince that Long Feiye is mostly likely a poisoned man. He tells the Crown Prince of how he tested him using the plant he gave Yunxi as when it is close to poisoned people, they begin to get sick and get colds. And so, he has concluded that Long Feiye is definitely poisoned. Hearing this, the Crown Prince is excited to tell his Imperial Father of the news.

Back to Yunxi, she visits the poisoned master. The poisoned master becomes scared of her when he notices her mother’s bracelet. He gets away from her and hyperventilates from fear. She quickly gives him a pill to calm him down. Later, she gives him food to try to ease him into being comfortable with her.

The next day, Yunxi is gifted with chests of new outfits and jewels from Long Feiye. Seems like he caught wind of her conversation with Consort Yi who chastised her for not dressing like the Duke’s wife.


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