[Recaps] 芸汐传 Legend of Yun Xi: Ep 19-20

Ep 19
Yunxi is furious about Long Feiye’s attitude to her as she was just saving him from getting poisoned! Jing’er comes in to comfort her and Yunxi tells her everything. However, they are still confused about why Mingxiang wants to poison Long Feiye.

Meanwhile, Mingxiang prepares another bowl of medicine for Long Feiye. Yunxi arrives to give Long Feiye a dessert she prepared for him. He dismisses everyone and smiles at her while trying her cake, “Taste is not bad”. She urges him to eat more but he’s not hungry. While trying to persuade him, she accidentally lets out the word “antidote” but then changes it to “have” (both words are spelt the same in Chinese but have different tones), “You have to eat it quickly”. Hearing this, he takes the plate. Before leaving, he graciously explains to her why Mingxiang is brewing “medicine” for him and that she doesn’t need to worry about him.

Concubine Qin’s plan seems to be all planned out but she’s anxious that it might not be successful. She seeks Yunxi’s help by getting the Emperor to summon her to come and diagnose her. But the Emperor does not seem to want to enlist Yunxi’s help due to her status as the Duke of Qin’s wife and that Concubine Qin is not poisoned. But she continues to persuade him saying that she’s more comfortable with Yunxi since she’s also a woman and that she needs Yunxi’s help to help him sire a son. Hearing this, of course the Emperor will help Concubine Qin since he wants a son.

Back to Yunxi, she goes to see Long Feiye but is stopped by his subordinate. He praises her dessert, scaring her into thinking that he ate it but he put her worries to rest, “The Duke didn’t offer so I can’t say I want it”. Then a servant from the palace arrives to order Yunxi to the palace to treat Concubine Qin. Yunxi goes to the palace and Concubine Qin asks her for help to find a special ingredient. Yunxi looks at the prescription and wonders if Qishao might have it. She tells Concubine Qin that she will go and find it now for her.

Yunxi arrives at Qishao’s place and he is happy to see her again. She brings out Concubine Qin’s prescription and asks whether he has that ingredient. He looks at it and tells her that he will help her gather those ingredients. Later, they have a friendly conversation about how she became a doctor for Concubine Qin. He asks her to stay longer but she says that she can’t since she has to make dessert (for Long Feiye). And so, she leaves. But Long Feiye and his servants goes to look at the prescription to find a hidden message from Concubine Qin. He finds current news about the 2nd Prince and the Emperor’s actions. His servants says that they must act quickly and that the Crown Prince must take action now.

Qishao goes to find the Crown Prince drunk in a tea house surrounded by women. Qishao tries to bring up the Crown Prince’s ambition by bringing up Concubine Qin’s relationship with his Imperial Father. However, the Crown Prince seems to lack motivation but Qishao riles him up and threatens his position as Crown Prince. The Crown Prince realises that he must protect his status as the Crown Prince or else he will die, “I don’t want to die”.

Later, a servant from the palace goes to see Long Feiye on behalf of the Emperor’s orders. Long Feiye and Yunxi must enter the palace. He is confused about why Yunxi must enter the palace but the servant tells him it is on Empress Dowager’s orders. Meanwhile, Yunxi is making a new batch of desserts and secretly puts medicine in the dough. She is then told about the Empress Dowager’s summons and hence, had to leave. Mingxiang arrives to the kitchen and smells medicine from Yunxi’s dough. Mingxiang is afraid that Yunxi is poisoning Long Feiye and immediately takes a piece of the dough as evidence.

Long Feiye is with the Emperor who asks him about his health. Meanwhile, Yunxi is with the Empress Dowager to question her about Long Feiye’s health. Yunxi informs her that she does not know the extent of his sickness and the Empress Dowager says “Perhaps he doesn’t want you to know his secret?” Yunxi brings up Mingxiang as the reason why she can’t find out his illness since Mingxiang has been making the medicine and taking care of him. Hearing this, the Empress Dowager subtly hints that Yunxi might be divorced soon since Mingxiang is Consort Yi’s favourite.

Ep 21
While Long Feiye and the Emperor are playing chess, they’re armies are secretly moving against each other to secure the Poison man. The Emperor soon leaves but not before getting the Crown Prince to accompany Long Feiye and ensure that he knows his every step. Long Feiye knows what the Emperor is up to and subtly persuades the Crown Prince to help him instead.

Meanwhile, the Empress Dowager tells Yunxi that her mother’s existence is a secret. She tells Yunxi that if others know about her mother’s existence, they will kill her. Hence, it is thanks to the Empress Dowager that she is able to live until today.

The Emperor’s and 2nd Prince’s soldiers have secured the Poison man in a carriage and are on their way back to the palace. Thanks to the Crown Prince’s help, Long Feiye was able to go out secretly to ruin their plans. Gu Beiyue is also here, secretly, after knowing that his master is here. He watches the scene unfold in the background as arrows soon ambush the carriage and a lot of the 2nd Prince’s soldiers are shot dead. Long Feiye (masked) appears and fights them. However, he feels weak and seems to not be in top health thanks to Yunxi’s medicine. Tang Li arrives to save Long Feiye from being injured by the arrows. The two then successfully work together to get the unconscious poison man from the carriage and leave.

Later, Yunxi is brought to a room which resembles her mother’s room. She is presented with items that belongs to her mother and she trusts the Empress Dowager. After gaining her trust, the Empress Dowager sends Yunxi out of the palace to await for further instructions. As soon as she left, the Empress Dowager praises her servant for preparing these items in advance in order to gain Yunxi’s trust to help her.

Back to Long Feiye, he instructs Tang Li to bring the poison man to the secluded court while he will return to the palace. However, Gu Beiyue is secretly watching their every move, trying to find out their identity and how to rescue his poison master. Long Feiye then feels pain again and his subordinate explains that it was because of Yunxi’s dessert which had medicine. And this medicine goes against Mingxiang’s beauty blood which is why his poison is acting up. Soon, masked men (Qishao) arrives and immediately rushes in to fight them. Long Feiye’s eyes turn red and his hair turns white. His poison has taken control of him and he soon fights the men, scaring everyone with his power. In the background, Gu Beiyue sees everything and is surprised to find that the man is a poisoned human. Qishao is also surprised and immediately retreats. Long Feiye then changes back to his human state and heads back to the palace as to not arouse the Emperor’s suspicion.

The Emperor is furious that his poison man has been stolen under his eyes. His subjects blame Long Feiye and the Emperor can’t believe that he lost. He then goes to see Long Feiye and doesn’t find him with the Crown Prince. The Crown Prince informs the Emperor that Long Feiye is in the room and the Emperor quickly summon his eunuch to retrieve him. The Emperor then becomes suspicious with the Crown Prince and ask about his conversation with Long Feiye. The Emperor’s eunuch soon arrives to inform him that Long Feiye is nowhere to be seen. Hearing this, the Emperor is mad and the Crown Prince immediately kneels before his Imperial Father.

Long Feiye arrives and settles everyone’s doubts. The Emperor then asks Long Feiye to stay longer to accompany him in a game of chess. Meanwhile, Yunxi instructs the servant to take her to her husband. She arrives and she greets the Emperor.  She goes to Long Feiye and secretly gives him acupuncture to improve his complexion, “I’m here to go back home with here”. Long Feiye then takes this chance to leave and Yunxi helps him by using his mother as an excuse. But the Emperor is unwilling to let them go but then the 2nd Prince arrives. After hearing the news 2nd Prince gave him, he is even more unwilling to let them go and even asks for Long Feiye to fight with one of his soldier. Long Feiye quickly ends the fight so that his health won’t deteriorate further. Seeing this, the Emperor is disappointed and has no choice but to let both Long Feiye and Yunxi return home. After they leave, the soldier Long Feiye fought with informs the Emperor that the moves he just made is different to the one he fought earlier. Hence, this eliminates suspicion on Long Feiye. But the Emperor is not convinced and questions his Crown Prince. The Crown Prince does not reveal anything to implicate Long Feiye and the Emperor is angry, instructing his men to find that poison man.

Next, Long Feiye has blood coming out of his mouth and faints. Meanwhile, Mingxiang creates trouble by telling Consort Yi about Yunxi’s secret relationship with the Empress Dowager. Hearing this, she is furious and plans to punishes Yunxi. Yunxi soon arrives back to the manor with Long Feiye. Mingxiang pushes her away and slaps Yunxi, “Long Feiye treats you so well and yet you are the Empress Dowager’s spy”. Yunxi defends herself saying that she is not a spy but Mingxiang does not believe her. Consort Yi arrives and instructs her servants to lock Yunxi in a room until Long Feiye gets better.

Consort Yi then goes to see her son and he quickly eases her worries, “Don’t worry and go back to rest”. Hearing this, she leaves but not before instructing everyone to look after him well. After she leaves, he spits out blood.

I seriously hate how they are all blaming Yunxi for Long Feiye’s ill health. Its not her fault that she’s trying to give him medicine to better his health. How would she know that all he needed is the Beauty’s blood to subdue the poison in his body? No one is telling her these things. And of course, she wants to help him hence she made the antidote.

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