[Recaps] 芸汐传 Legend of Yun Xi: Ep 17-18

Ep 17
Tang Li keeps on praising Mingxiang in front of Long Feiye but he pays them no heed. His subordinate comes in to report that he has already transferred the medicinal ingredients to Yunxi’s courtyard and that the pharmacy is already set up. Tang Li questions them about the pharmacy but Long Feiye ignores him and asks about Yunxi’s whereabouts. His subordinate nervously informs him that she is at the pill valley before quickly leaving. After hearing the news, Long Feiye seems to be angry since he shouts at Tang Li to quickly copy the phrases.

Meanwhile, Concubine Qin reads the secret message given to her by the Crown Prince. She shows the message to her nanny which says that Concubine Xiao is plotting against her and she must be careful. Her nanny advises her to tell the Emperor since her life is at stake but she refuses and destroys the message, “Let me think about it”.

Yunxi arrives at the entrance of her manner drunk. Qishao and her have fun laughing together as he tries to bring her inside. Long Feiye abruptly walks towards them and sees Yunxi having a fun time with another man. He immediately takes her hand to pull her away from Qishao but then they soon have a tug-a-war with Yunxi in the middle. Long Feiye threatens Qishao with his life to let her go and so he does. Long Feiye immediately carries Yunxi princess-style and walks inside the manor.

Inside the manor, Jing’er comes out with Mingxiang and Tang Li. They are shocked to see Yunxi’s drunken state. Long Feiye turns to leave with Mingxiang following behind. But Yunxi shows her jealousy but pulling Mingxiang away and jumping into Long Feiye’s arms, “He is mine”. To further claim her territory, she kisses him in front of everyone. Long Feiye stands still in shock before being forcefully led by Yunxi back to her room, “I want to have a son”.

Alone in their room, Yunxi lets out her inner feelings about him as he probes her further.  But before she could confess her love, she falls asleep. And so, Long Feiye looks after her this night as he makes sure she sleeps soundly.

Yunxi soon have nightmares about her mother being forcefully taken away from her, “Please don’t take my mother away”. Hearing this, he tries to comfort her and grasps her hand tightly, “I won’t go anywhere”.

The next morning, Mingxiang gets up early. The nanny walks in and they have a conversation about Long Feiye’s feelings towards Yunxi. Mingxiang becomes even more disheartened when the nanny tells her how Long Feiye shows his caring nature towards Yunxi despite the rough start to their relationship, “Relationship is best to be cultivated over time”. The nanny doesn’t stop and tells her how the people outside are talking about how they might have a little prince next year since their relationship is sweet. The nanny then goes to bring the soup to Long Feiye. But he tells them to not go in since Yunxi is still sleeping and instructs them to come later.

Yunxi wakes up to Jing’er’s loud voice who is instructing the servants to place Yunxi’s items carefully in Long Feiye’s room. She is confused about why she is in his room and questions Jing’er, “Why are you moving my things?”. Jing’er tells her about what happened last night but Yunxi still refuses to move in. Seems like she is afraid that Long Feiye will kick her out with her stuff and she doesn’t want to face this embarrassment. But Jing’er tells her that if he was to kick her out, he would’ve done so last night.

Mingxiang interrupts their conversation and shows her caring nature to Yunxi. She also lectures Yunxi by saying that Consort Yi dislikes seeing people drunk before leaving them alone. Jing’er then fans the fire and asks Yunxi whether she still has thoughts of moving out. In response, she angrily says “Not moving”.

Later, Yunxi is sorting out her stuff in Long Feiye’s room when he comes in, “How are you here?” She confidently tells him that she has moved in here but then he tells her to move out with her things. But she refuses and threatens him subtly with divorce.

She then goes out to tell Jing’er what happened. Jing’er was surprised as she thought Yunxi would’ve been thrown out, angering Yunxi slightly. Jing’er defends herself saying that she wanted to know whether Long Feiye has her in his heart or not. Jing’er also compliments Yunxi for her ability to make Long Feiye agree to her decisions.

In the palace, Concubine Xiao visits Concubine Qin, “I wonder why older sister came here?” They exchange friendly words and Concubine Xiao tells her that she is here to give her some pastries to try. Concubine Qin thanks her and politely gives her tea.

Back to Jing’er, she is having a meal with Long Feiye’s subordinate when Gu Beiyue arrives. Seeing him, she brushes off the subordinate and makes him leave her alone with Gu Beiyue, saying that he will take care of me when I’m drunk (since he’s a doctor). The subordinate then goes to Tang Li and over exaggerates her relationship with Gu Beiyue, inciting jealousy. Tang Li immediately goes to see them to find Jing’er drunk and scolds her for drinking in public. Gu Beiyue quickly leaves with the excuse that he has work to do since Tang Li is here and will take care of her. But she quickly holds on to him and Tang Li lets out his jealousy. When they both calm down, he explains to her that he needs  to help Long Feiye first and once that is completed, he will return back to the sect. They have a pinky promise.

Later, Yunxi goes to Long Feiye to invite him to see the Lantern Festival together tomorrow. He keeps quiet and she tries to guilt trip him, “I’ve never seen lanterns being lit up for over 10 years now”. Hearing this, he finally agrees to go with her tomorrow. She tells him the meeting place before leaving. Once she’s gone, Long Feiye suddenly feels pain in his chest. Tang Li tells him that he should not go out for the next few days since Long Feiye always go through this every month. But Long Feiye has pressing business as he has a meeting tomorrow with a Lord and he must gain his trust. He also tells Tang Li that he will still go to the Lantern Festival tomorrow, “Don’t worry”.

Meanwhile, news of Concubine Qin being poisoned reached the Emperor. Gu Beiyue is treating her right now and is analysing her blood with the other doctors, “This poison is difficult to solve”. The Emperor soon arrives and Gu Beiyue immediately tells him his diagnosis, “She is poisoned with multiple poisons”. Her life is not in danger but there is still some poison residing in her body and he does not have the antidote since he does not know what type of poison she has contracted. He recommends the Emperor to enlist for Yunxi’s help as she has solved numerous problems concerning poison. And so, the Emperor instructs his men to get Yunxi to the palace promptly.

The doctors all leave and the Emperor asks Concubine Qin how she suddenly got poisoned. She remains silent but her nanny tells him that Concubine Xiao came to visit her earlier today and that as soon as she left, Concubine Qin got poisoned. Concubine Qin tries to not implicate Concubine Xiao but they innocently says how she gifted her pastries. The Emperor immediately instruct his men to investigate this case and promises to give her justice.

Yunxi is getting ready for her night out with Long Feiye as she chooses her outfit carefully with Jing’er’s help. But then, one of the Emperor’s men arrive to inform her that she must leave for the palace immediately to diagnose Concubine Qin. Consort Yi tries to protect Yunxi and tells the eunuch that she is still young and is not a doctor. But Yunxi proclaims her confidence to cure the poison. Nevertheless, Consort Yi pulls her aside to tell her that if she doesn’t cure Concubine Qin, she will be the cause of rife between the two countries and she won’t be able to help her. Knowing that Consort Yi is trying to protect her is heartwarming but persuades her mother-in-law to let her go.

Ep 18
Yunxi is off to the Imperial Palace and is immediately put to work. She sniffs the poison and the Emperor hurriedly asks her whether she can cure Concubine Qin or not. She is confident and immediately writes a prescription for Gu Beiyue to follow. He reads over the prescription and tells the Emperor that they have everything except for one which is located in the Pill Valley. The Emperor tells him to quickly go and retrieve it. Since her job is done, she asks to leave but he stops her, “Once Concubine Qin is better, you can go”.

Hearing this, Yunxi has no choice but to stay put. However, she is longing to leave asap for the Lantern Festival with Long Feiye. The Head Eunuch arrives to report to the Emperor that a maid has died from poisoning and has a sachet of poison which is exactly the same as Concubine Qin’s one, “So there’s physical evidence but the person is dead.” Concubine Qin slowly persuades the Emperor to drop the matter, making her seem like a magnanimous person for letting Concubine Xiao off. She then allows Yunxi to leave, “I want to be with the Emperor alone”. Hearing this, she immediately leaves and runs back home.

After getting ready, Yunxi is outside and is in a joyous mood. She buys two sweet candies and waits for him. She waits until it is dark and her date is nowhere to be seen. She grudgingly walks back home slowly since it looks like he stood her up. She is disappointed and her head hung low as she walks inside the manor. But then she sees Mingxiang with Long Feiye and walks into the room. He bluntly tells her to move out, confusing her as he allowed her to move in yesterday. And so, she leaves them alone and Mingxiang innocently asks him, “If you let this go on, wouldn’t Yunxi misunderstand us?” He tells her that this is the only way to keep his poison away from her since he is currently in a weak state, “Yunxi you will understand one day. Everything I did today is for your own good”.

Back in her room, the servants are moving her stuff back in. Her nanny tries to comfort Yunxi but she is still uneasy. The next morning, Yunxi goes to see Long Feiye but is stopped by his subordinate who doesn’t let her in. Long Feiye then orders his subordinate from the inside to send her out and she leaves. Her misunderstanding about them grows as she thinks that they spent the night together since she can clearly see Mingxiang inside. But then, seeing Tang Li inside with them puts her in ease and she tells herself to stop thinking about these things.

Concubine Qin is getting better as she takes her medicine religiously to expel the poison. She takes a flashback to the day Concubine Xiao visited her and left. We see that Concubine Qin looks back at the pastries Concubine Xiao had given her and her expression becomes sinister. She secretly adds poison over the pastries and drinks it, without her nanny knowing. Back to the present, she explains how the maid from Concubine Xiao got poisoned with the help of Qishao.

Later, news of Yunxi being with Qishao reach Long Feiye’s ears and he is unhappy. Escorted by soldiers, he goes to see Yunxi with Qishao. She introduces Qishao to him but he tells him that they’ve already known each other. Long Feiye slowly sits down and talks about Yuzhe. Qishao doesn’t reveal his close relationship to her but Long Feiye bluntly tells him how he captured her. Qishao’s face turns slightly ashened and Long Feiye’s subordinate gets ready for a fight. Yunxi tries to stop Long Feiye from arresting Qishao, “He is my life saver”. This angers Long Feiye, “You want to protect him?”, and she explains that she is his friend and hence, will protect him. Qishao smiles at this and Long Feiye leaves. Knowing his temper, Yunxi also leaves.

They return back to the manor and Yunxi notices Long Feiye’s poor complexion, “Are you alright?” He tells her that he’s fine before walking off. Soon, we see Mingxiang pouring her blood in a bowl and adds liquid to it. This is then given to Long Feiye to drink and she leaves once he is done. Yunxi is secretly outside and is worried about what type of illness he has seeing that he has to take medicine, “Why doesn’t he let me help?” She then decides to see what type of medicine Mingxiang is giving Long Feiye in order to find out his illness. And so, she inspects the bowl Mingxiang gave to the kitchen servants to clean and finds out there is poison. She is confused but quickly goes to see Long Feiye.

She gets through the subordinate guarding his door and sees Long Feiye. She tells him that she is here to help him since it seems like he is poisoned. He tells her that there is no need and she doesn’t want to talk about the poison she discovered earlier since there is no direct proof Mingxiang is poisoning Long Feiye. She then leaves and the subordinate asks Long Feiye whether she knows about his poisoned state. Long Feiye replies that it is natural for her to know that he is poisoned since she is a master of poisons but she does not know what type of poison.

The next morning, Mingxiang is squeezing out her blood again for Long Feiye. After preparing the medicine, she leaves. But then, Yunxi secretly comes in to inspects the pot Mingxiang used to pour the liquid into the bowl. She doesn’t find it suspicious but then finds drops of blood on the table. She sniffs it and realises that it is the same smell she smelt yesterday, poison! Yunxi quickly runs out and quickly knocks the medicine out of Mingxiang’s hands before Long Feiye drinks it. She uses her silver needle to test the medicine for poison and when it turns black, she shows it to Long Feiye, “Look, there’s poison in this medicine”. But Long Feiye tells her to leave and uses harsh words to make her leave, “You treat me this way because of her!” Yunxi then states that from now on, she will not care about his situation anymore before marching out. When she left, Long Feiye spits out blood, eyes become red and veins started popping out on his face.

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