[Recaps] 芸汐传 Legend of Yun Xi: Ep 15-16

Ep 15
Consort Yi makes the most of the current situation: Empress Dowager begging her. Her smile during this whole experience shows how much she is enjoying this but she does bring out her ten seasons cicada which is what the Empress Dowager is after.

Next, the Princess’ face is recovering after drinking the medicine Han Yunxi brewed. Yunxi immediately leaves especially after seeing that they don’t care about her anymore since she has done her job. She walks out of the palace to see Long Feiye waiting for her, “Are you picking me up?”. He replies: “If I don’t pick you up, I’m afraid you will not know the way back home”. Hearing this, Yunxi cutely says that she misses home and wants to go back promptly. He then asks: “You only miss home?” But Yunxi teases him and talks about how she also misses food. They then return home by riding on the horse together.

At the entrance of their home, they are greeted by Consort Yi. She tells Yunxi in a solemn tone to quickly rest and to ensure that she does not return home so late. Her expression changes when she addresses her son. They then leave to go inside and Yunxi is happy because Consort Yi purposely came out to receive her!

Later, Concubine Qin is stopped by Concubine Xiao. They exchange “friendly” words and they realise that they are both on their way to see the Princess who has just recovered from her poison. Concubine Xiao tries to be on the Princess’ good side but is slighted subtly by the Princess. The Princess’ tone changes to a happier one when she sees Concubine Qin who compliments her beauty. Concubine Xiao becomes jealous and tries to put Concubine Qin down but the Princess continues her compliments. Concubine Qin is modest in front of the compliments but praises the Princess wholeheartedly and that she is suitable for General Mu. Hearing this, the Princess is happy that Concubine Qin supports her love for General Mu. Concubine Qin then gifts the Princess with gifts, and the Princess shows her like towards her even more. Seeing this, Concubine Xiao angrily leaves but not before trying to leave some face for herself.

Back to Yunxi, she is sorting out the numerous presents to give to her maiden family. She plans on visiting her family since this will be the first time since she is married. Jing’er tells her that Long Feiye must accompany her since this is the first time or else she will be slighted. But Yunxi shrugs her shoulders in response as she doesn’t care. Hearing this, Jing’er can’t refute Yunxi but she quickly leaves to tell Long Feiye about it.

Later, the 1st Madam and her daughter from the Han family are waiting for Yunxi and her newlywed husband to arrive. Yunxi arrives in a carriage alone but is greeted harshly by them as they expected to see Long Feiye arrive as well, “Why is it only you?”. Yunxi doesn’t care about them and asks about 3rd Madam and Yunyi (her younger brother). The younger sister tries to embarrass Yunxi since she is here alone without her husband while her mother watches on with pleasure. She continues to make a ruckus in public but then Long Feiye arrives. Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 10.30.57 pm.png

A while later, Yunxi’s father arrives and immediately kneels before Long Feiye like the other family members. Long Feiye speaks to them with his back turned as he expresses his disappointment in their behaviour towards Yunxi. The 1st madam and her daughter become scared after hearing this, but Yunxi’s father apologises on their behalf. But Long Feiye becomes even more angrier and lectures them for not treating Yunxi, the eldest daughter, with respect and also since she is now an Imperial Princess. Yunxi speaks on their behalf and Long Feiye relents but does not let them off easily.

He also subtly sends a message that the youngest daughter will have no chance with him even if Yunxi did not marry him. Hearing this, Yunxi smiles and Long Feiye smiles in response to her. Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 10.37.16 pm.png

Qishao gets ready to meet with Yunxi as they planned to meet today for a meal. He wears a new outfit and makes sure his hair is on point. He tells his servant that he is meeting a friend and to not wait for him as he might not come back tonight. They become curious about his friend but he does not reveal anything, “Since you are so curious, I will not tell you”. But his servants figured out that he is meeting Yunxi and they are unhappy about it since she is married to Long Feiye, the Duke of Tianning.

Later, Yunxi is being waited upon her younger sister who is being obedient in front of Long Feiye. She complains to Long Feiye that this is not a punishment for her younger sister but for her instead since she is so uncomfortable. But Long Feiye does not heed her opinion saying this is the punishment since he knows Yunxi wouldn’t want him to be too harsh. Hearing this, Yunxi takes back her words and Yunyi speaks on Long Feiye’s defence. Yunyi teases Yunxi who runs away. Seeing this, Long Feiye laughs and chuckles by himself.Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 10.46.33 pm.png

Yunxi accidentally runs into her father and quickly turns away. Unfortunately, she is stopped by him when he calls out her name. And so, she has no choice but to face him. He then thanks her for saving 3rd madam’s pharmacy and their Han family’s reputation. However, she doesn’t accept his thanks as she is still hurting from his lack of love since she was born, “Do you only care about your reputation?”. He defends himself saying that if he didn’t treat her so harshly, the 1st madam and her daughter will treat her worse. But he’s not consoling her as she is still angry and so she leaves him alone.

Later, Qishao arrives at the meeting place and waits for Yunxi. To amuse himself, he does a bit of role play of how Yunxi will act when she arrives. Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 10.52.56 pm.png

Back at the Han residence, everyone is seated for a formal gathering with Long Feiye and Yunxi at the head. The youngest daughter is still serving Yunxi who is smirking at the sight. The youngest daughter is furious that she has to do these menial tasks and seeing the hot bowl filled with soup, she plans to burn Yunxi. However, Long Feiye quickly saves Yunxi with his quick reflexes as his hands gets in touch with the bowl instead. The youngest daughter quickly pleads her innocence, “I didn’t do it on purpose”, but Yunxi slaps her hard and punishes her to kneel outside for burning Long Feiye. Yunxi then checks on his hands to see bubbles forming and immediately treats it with care in her room.

He looks around in her room as it is the first time he is here and she reveals that her mother used to live here, “It is only here that I have the family homely feeling”. She then goes towards the portrait of her mother and introduces Long Feiye other, “Mother, I’ve married and this is my father”. Long Feiye stares at the portrait in shock as he recognises her, his adopted mother. He goes back in time to how she tried to protect him from the soldiers who wanted to capture him. Unfortunately, she gets stabbed fatally by them and pushed off the cliff.

Back in present time, Long Feiye immediately kneels before the portrait and proclaims his loyalty to her daughter, “Madam, I will definitely look after your daughter well”. Hearing this, Yunxi grins.

It is nighttime and Qishao has been waiting for hours. He is disappointed that she has not come and had forgotten about their promise.

Ep 16
Long Feiye joins Yunxi on her bed, startling her as he was never this close. He is adamant on spending the night together with her and lies down on the bed. Seeing that she is not lying down as well, he tries to rile her up and teases her in order to get her to lie down as well. He is successful but still continues to tease her. A while later, they are both asleep and Yunxi accidentally puts her hands on top of his injured one. Feeling the pain, he opens his eyes and tries to remove her hands but hits it again. She then puts her leg on top of his body in a strong manner, hurting him. Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 11.32.35 pm.png

The next morning, Yunxi wakes up to find herself sprawling on top of Long Feiye. She screams at the sight and quickly runs away, waking him up. She then meets up with 3rd Madam who tells her that her husband seems like he adores her. Yunxi also secretly returns the birth charm to 3rd Madam stating that she’s still young and doesn’t need this charm in order to have babies. But 3rd Madam does not want her to return it but Yunxi is embarrassed. The 3rd Madam then brings up today’s date to remind Yunxi that she has been married for so long yet there are no news about her pregnancy. But Yunxi suddenly remembers that she has made an appointment with Qishao and quickly leaves.

Yunxi runs out to the noodle place and asks the boss if he has seen Qishao. The boss tells her that Qishao has waited for her from day to night and she leaves disappointedly.

Meanwhile, everyone in the Han manor including Long Feiye are waiting for her to return. The 1st madam tries to get Yunxi in trouble and 3rd madam says that Yunxi left quickly because she had a pressing matter to attend to. Yunxi quickly runs towards Long Feiye seeing that she has kept him waiting outside. She explains why she left before apologising for making him wait. They then enter the carriage together while her maiden family respectably sends them off.

In the carriage, Long Feiye remains expressionless. Thinking that he is mad, Yunxi further explains that she just remembered about meeting her friend and was worried that her friend might still be waiting for her which is why she left, “I also thought that you would’ve returned home”. He then questions on what type of friend it is since that person must be so important. She explains that this friend has helped her a lot and that she never got the opportunity to express her gratitude. They then start to have a conversation and he says that he will open a pharmacy for her. Hearing this, Yunxi becomes excited and he says that he will get his subordinate to help her open one.

Next, Qishao summons his servant to throw away the rabbit, the one he used to treat so preciously because of Yunxi. He complains of the smell and his servants can clearly see that he is angry. They believe that it must be because of Yunxi.

Later, Long Feiye and Yunxi arrive back at their manor to find Consort Yi happy because of her guest, Baili Mingxiang, daughter of General Baili. Mingxiang goes to greet Long Feiye and explains why she is here. However, he is cold to her despite Mingxiang showing her affection in front of everyone. With no one regarding her, Yunxi sits on one of the seats while the others talk to Mingxiang. When asked about where she is to stay, Mingxiang asks Consort Yi to let her stay here since it will be troublesome if the Emperor gets wind of her being here. Mingxiang then turns to Yunxi to ask about her but Consort Yi does not introduce them to each other but asks Long Feiye to escort Mingxiang to her room. Everyone soon leaves, leaving Yunxi with Tang Li who tells her that Mingxiang grew up with Long Feiye.

Meanwhile, Crown Prince is with Qishao and tells him that the 2nd Prince is targeting Concubine Qin. He wants to know whether he should tell the Emperor of this news or not. Knowing that the Emperor is disappointed in the Crown Prince due to his Imperial Uncle, Qishao advises the Crown Prince to not do anything since he doesn’t have physical evidence against the 2nd Prince. But the Crown Prince does not want to let go of this opportunity. Hearing this, Qishao tells him that he can make use of this situation instead.

Later, the Princess is trying on one of the gifts gifted to her by Concubine Qin. Her servant praises her beauty and the Crown Prince arrives. She tells him about the gifts given to her by Concubine Qin and how they’ve become closer. The Crown Prince then tells the Princess how he has a gift for Concubine Qin which he wants her to help him give her. This is to thank her for helping to cure the Princess’ poison due to the 1000 year old blood jade.

Next, Yunxi is worried about Long Feiye being with Mingxiang since he has forgotten about her and their plans. Seeing her worried, Tang Li tells her to forget about waiting for Long Feiye since he won’t accompany here. Jing’er butts in and defends Yunxi in front of Tang Li. Jing’er then tries to persuade Yunxi and give her strength to face them confidently. But Yunxi does not dare until Jing’er mentions that her room can see inside Mingxiang’s room. And so, they leave to go inside Jing’er’s room.

Alone in the room, Mingxiang tells Long Feiye why she is here, “The poison boy you sent us has suddenly died”. But Long Feiye tells her that she didn’t need to personally come as sending a message is fine. He then asks about her health and she tells him that in two months the Beauty Blood she is fostering will be ready to save him. He tells her that the Beauty Blood is still a poison and he will let Yunxi diagnose her since he trusts her poison skills. Meanwhile, Yunxi sees them close together and walks away in a huff. Jing’er tries to lessen her anger by saying that it must be a misunderstanding but Yunxi does not listen.

Yunxi has a sleepless night and soon hears Long Feiye’s footsteps. He doesn’t walk into her room but stays outside before walking away. Yunxi is disappointed that he did not explain anything to her since he spent his time with Mingxiang. And so, she wills herself to sleep.

The next morning, Yunxi wakes up and Jing’er tells her to get ready. Jing’er provides Yunxi lots of jewellery to choose from so that she can upstage Mingxiang. And so, Yunxi is dressed in white and adorned with beautiful jewels as she is led by Jing’er towards Long Feiye and the others. Everyone turns their head to see Yunxi and Mingxiang greets her half-heartedly. Jing’er puts her in place but Mingxiang innocently says that she has been coming here since young so she is very comfortable here. Yunxi then puts her into place saying that since she is married to Long Feiye, Mingxiang needs to address her appropriately. Long Feiye subtly smiles when he hears Yunxi confidently saying that she is his wife. Jing’er then tactfully leads Tang Li away to leave the couple alone.

But Mingxiang stays and sits down next to Long Feiye, starting a conversation about Jing’er and Tang Li. Yunxi then makes move to leave but then Long Feiye finally opens his mouth and asks her “Where are you going?”. She tells him that she is going to buy medicinal materials and Long Feiye makes moves to accompany her. But Mingxiang was a step faster and says that she also wants to buy medicine and will go with them. Both Long Feiye and Yunxi become disappointed and Yunxi promptly leaves saying that it is not necessary for her to accompany her. Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 12.17.30 am.png

Yunxi angrily leaves to her room, “He clearly planned to go with me but once she arrived, he goes the other way”. While she is angry, her other sides (angel and devil) come out to say that she has no right to be jealous since she had a motive for marrying him. Then another side of her speaks up to say that she is his wife and it is reasonable for her to be jealous. Yunxi shakes them off and decides to go for a walk to cool down her anger. She decides to see Qishao to apologise for standing him up the other day.

And so, she arrives at Qishao’s place but is stopped by his servants. She explains that she is here to apologise to Qishao but they draw out their swords to stop her. Qishao arrives in time to tell them to stop and dismisses them. She can tell that he is disappointed and tells him how she went to see him yesterday but he had already left. She then pleads forgiveness and of course, he forgives her. He then brings her to the kitchen to cook for him. And so, she goes to prepare the dishes while ordering him to get the fire ready. He is surprised that she has easily prepared the ingredients and asked whether she often cooks for herself. She affirms it. But when he asks whether she has cooked for Long Feiye, she says no. She also admits that she is hiding in his place to avoid Mingxiang and Long Feiye.

She then questions how he knows about Long Feiye since she has not mentioned him to her before. He explains how he knows of it from town since they are both well-known and compliments her in the process. She then goes back to cooking the food.

Meanwhile, the Princess visits Concubine Qin who welcomes her warmly. The Princess immediately shows the Crown Prince’s gift for her and Concubine Qin accepts it graciously. When she opens the gift, she discovers a secret message.

Back to Yunxi, she is having a meal with Qishao as they drink wine.


These two eps are progressing smoothly 🙂 I love how Long Feiye is able to laugh in front of Yunxi and his facial expressions are so clear cut. Qishao’s disappointment towards Yunxi was only short-lived but I’m glad because I love watching their close relationship. I can’t wait for the next ep to see how Long Feiye will show his jealousy in front of them!

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