[Recaps] 芸汐传 Legend of Yun Xi: Ep 13-14

Ep 13
Since Han Yunxi is soundly asleep, Long Feiye arranges for a horse for him to quickly ride to the Imperial Palace. When Han Yunxi wakes up, Long Feiye’s subordinate tells her what happened and she immediately follows. They meet with Long Feiye who tells him that she’s here to help him get a true confession from Yuzhe. She uses poison to get Yuzhe to confess the truth in front of everyone, making Long Feiye and everyone else be proud of her.

And so, Yuzhe confesses the Crown Prince’s actions in this situation in front of the Emperor. The Emperor immediately gives her a death sentence and his men takes her away. Although the matter is finished, Long Feiye says that this case is still suspicious as there must be someone backing up the Crown Prince. He tells the Emperor that Imperial Uncle must be involved and the Emperor immediately summons the latter.

The Imperial Uncle arrives and pleads guilty. However, the Emperor is only disappointed that the uncle fell in Long Feiye’s trap and now the Emperor can’t even help him out of this mess. The uncle gets thrown into prison and the Crown Prince visits him, “I’ve implicated you uncle”. The uncle lectures the Crown Prince on how he should act in the future in order to keep his position as the Crown Prince and become the Emperor.

Later, Long Feiye accompanies the Emperor on a stroll around the garden. The Emperor tells him that Imperial Uncle will be punished and passes an Imperial Decree to execute the uncle for committing these heinous crimes. The Emperor tells Long Feiye to oversee this and he accepts. Next, Long Feiye goes to see the Imperial Uncle to deliver his sentence. He also passes him a secret while the Imperial Uncle is suffering from poison, “I am a descendent of Qin Xi”. This shocks the uncle as he realises that Long Feiye is here for revenge on behalf of his people and now he can’t do anything about it since he’s going to be dead.

The Crown Prince angrily goes to see Qishao because of his uncle’s death. Qishao pleads his loyalty to the Crown Prince who now has no one capable on his side since his Imperial Uncle is no longer here.

The next day, Han Yunxi is shopping with Long Feiye. She playfully puts a newly bought hat on his head and they have outside together. They seem to be closer as she is able to playfully tease him and he compliments her, “You are kind”. However, Qishao sees them from behind and is thankful that Han Yunxi has not suffered after the incident.

Back in the palace, the Emperor is with the 2nd prince. The father instructs his son to be prepared to move the poison, “Transfer once every half a month”, since Long Feiye knows about it. However, Long Feiye receives news of this from one of their spies over at 2nd Prince’s side.

Next, the Crown Prince is a bit doubtful of Qishao since he wants Yuzhe to be alive. Although Qishao has pledged his allegiance to the Crown Prince, the latter does not want Yuzhe to live. But he rescues Yuzhe from prison anyways and gives her to Qishao, secretly giving her another pill instead of the medicine Qishao gave him for her. And so, Yuzhe is now in Qishao’s residence but has not regained consciousness. Qishao figures out with his servant that the Crown Prince has fed Yuzhe poison since his medicine should’ve awoken her by now. Despite knowing this, Qishao knows that it is not the right time to go against the Crown Prince. Thus, he decides to save Yuzhe first by detoxifying the poison.

After detoxifying Yuzhe and leaving instructions for her after care to his servant, Qishao goes back to his room to find a guest. It is the Crown Prince of Northern Li. He tells Qishao of their Imperial Father’s words, “Useless person”. Hearing this, Qishao defends himself saying that he has gotten the Crown Prince of Tianning on his side and under his control. The next step of their plan will go through once they retrieve the poison for the scorpion drug.

Next, Qishao goes to town to eat noodles. Han Yunxi surprises him but then hurries to leave saying that she is only here to buy medicine. He teases her saying that although she proclaims he is her saviour, she still has not treated him to a meal yet. And so, she says that they will meet here 10 days later and she will treat him to a meal before leaving.

Later, we see relief being given to the common people as they get free food and criminals are given justice. Tang Li praises Long Feiye for his actions as the common people trust him and are praising him for helping them.

Ep 14
Tang Li goes back to the past where he and his family were running away from the soldiers but ultimately, surrendered to them. He remembers being locked in prison with Long Feiye who was comforting him. Long Feiye’s Imperial Mother has sent for help and when they arrived, she arranged for her son and Tang Li to escape first. But Long Feiye does not budge and the help left with Tang Li, leaving him with his mother. Remembering this has made them more resolute in avenging their people and his Imperial mother.

Next, Concubine Qin riles up Concubine Xiao’s anger as she “accidentally” trips her over. She shows off how she spends every day with the Emperor and Concubine Xiao leaves in anger. Concubine Qin then goes to see the Emperor and gives him a massage. She acts innocent in from of the Emperor who knows about Concubine Xiao’s cruel words to her. The Emperor seems to have gotten a negative opinion on Concubine Xiao now thanks to Concubine Qin. Concubine Qin then brings up Long Feiye and confesses her dislike for him since he killed her father. By telling him this, she is saying that she is wholly on his side and that he can trust her.

Later, Concubine Qin secretly write a message to send to Qishao. She instructs her nanny to deliver the message secretly. Qishao’s servant retrieves the message and gives it to Qishao. He reads it and then thinks aloud in front of his servant of a person that will be helpful for Concubine Qin in the palace. They know that Crown Prince could be helpful but this is dangerous since Concubine Qin has no direct relations to the Crown Prince and they could not meet easily. He leaves this matter alone saying that he will think about it some more.

Soon we see Han Yunxi being scolded by Long Feiye’s mother, Grand Imperial Consort Yi.  Han Yunxi knows that she’s only getting scolded by her since Long Feiye is not here but of course, as a daughter-in-law she has to grin and bear it. Consort Yi continues with her harsh words against Han Yunxi but Han Yunxi talks right back. However, this action makes her get punished but Han Yunxi doesn’t care. And so, she gets locked up in a room with no food to eat.

Meanwhile, the Princess is scared of the rashes that have suddenly formed on her face. The Imperial doctors has no cure for it and the Princess is at a loss. Then, Gu Beiyue diagnoses her and tells her that she has been poisoned. He tells her that he has no method to cure her but Han Yunxi can do it. Hearing this, the Princess has no choice but to seek Han Yunxi’s help. However, Han Yunxi does not appear since she has been locked up by Consort Yi.

Speaking of Han Yunxi, Consort Yi sends her maid to let Han Yunxi out of the room. Hearing this, Han Yunxi becomes excited but makes things hard as she complains of her stomach being starved, “How can I see the visitor if I’m starving?”. And so, food arrives and Han Yunxi takes her sweet time. Consort Yi’s maid tries to hurry her but Han Yunxi continues to eat very slowly. After eating her full, she is taken to the sitting room whereby Consort Yi is seated with the Empress Dowager and the Princess (who is veiled up).

Han Yunxi immediately knows why the Princess has seek her since she was the one who poisoned the Princess in the prison. Han Yunxi does not make things easier for them and feigns sickness from her experience in the prison. She feigns cough and acts weird. However, the Princess is in a hurry but the Empress Dowager stops her before she begs. Knowing their desperation, Consort Yi drags this matter and Han Yunxi even steps in, “I’ll see you in the palace once I get better from this cold”. But the Princess begs Consort Yi and the Empress Dowager also begs Consort Yi to let them take Han Yunxi back to the palace. In the end, Han Yunxi accompanies them to the palace.

On their way, the Princess becomes very agitated and stops the carriage. She goes to Han Yunxi and reveals her face (that is covered with rashes). She orders Han Yunxi to quickly cure her but Han Yunxi takes advantage of the situation and becomes “dizzy”. She coughs and feigns weakness. But then the Princess quickly takes off her veil, revealing to everyone her rashes as they point fingers at her. She scratches her face while her servants and the Empress Dowager tries to stop her by tying up her hands. Hearing this commotion in her carriage, Han Yunxi smirks.

Once they arrive at the palace, Han Yunxi is “unconscious” and is being diagnosed by Gu Beiyue. He helps her in front of the Empress Dowager by stating that Han Yunxi is suffering from a serious cold and exaggerates her illness. Hearing this, the Empress Dowager has no choice but to help Han Yunxi first before curing the Princess. After securing three days for Han Yunxi to rest, she makes use of it and rests soundly.

Later, she goes to see the Princess with the Empress Dowager in tow. The Princess’ rash has made her go crazy as she keeps on itching it. Han Yunxi exaggerates the Princess’ rash by saying that it is contagious. Hearing this, the Empress Dowager quickly leaves and instructs Han Yunxi to help the Princess. Han Yunxi tells the Princess that she can cure it but she is missing an ingredient, 1000 year old blood jade. The Princess agitatedly tells Han Yunxi that her father’s newest concubine has it and gave the Empress Dowager it. The Princess begs Han Yunxi to quickly go and retrieve the pill, saying that she will take responsibility for anything that will happen. Hearing this, Han Yunxi goes to get it but Gu Beiyue is confused about why she needs this pill.

On her way to the Empress Dowager’s residence, Han Yunxi thinks to herself of this good opportunity she just made. She secretly goes through the Empress Dowager’s things to find clues of her mother. The Empress Dowager arrives and the servants are agitated because they were bribed by Han Yunxi to let her search the room. Seeing this, Han Yunxi comes out of the room but not before grabbing her alibi, the 1000 year old blood jade. Seeing her here startles the Empress Dowager, but Han Yunxi informs her that she is here on the Princess’ orders. However, the Empress Dowager does not believe her easily but Han Yunxi does not give in and leaves.

Han Yunxi treats the Princess’ rashes using the 1000 year old blood jade to soothe her itchiness. The Empress Dowager soon arrives while Han Yunxi is writing a prescription. When asked about how the Princess got poisoned, Han Yunxi does not give them any face and tell them that she probably got it from prison because it is so dirty there. She then gives the prescription to Gu Beiyue who tells the Empress Dowager that the prescription is fine but they don’t have the ingredients. Hearing this, the Empress Dowager becomes worried but Gu Beiyue tells her that there are two left of this ingredient in this world: one is in Northern Li’s Empress’ hands and the other is in Consort Yi’s hands. Han Yunxi fakes shock at this news while the Empress Dowager’s face turns sour as she does not want to beg Consort Yi for this rare ingredient.

And so, the Empress Dowager wants Han Yunxi to get the ingredient from Consort Yi on her behalf. But, Han Yunxi does not make things easy and subtly threatens that she can’t do it because she will have to reveal the Princess’ illness which will ruin her reputation. Left with no choice, the Empress Dowager goes to personally retrieve the ingredient.

Begging for it was not easy but Consort Yi is loving the situation she is in since she has the upper hand. She does not make it easy for the Empress Dowager who is hating her position.

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