[Recaps] 芸汐传 Legend of Yun Xi: Ep 11-12

Ep 11
Long Feiye brings Han Yunxi to secret place where he has captured Yuzhe. She becomes suspicious that he knows of the Empress Dowager’s plan of using her and he is going to keep her here. Han Yunxi quickly follows after him as he leads her to Yuzhe. Yuzhe is poisoned and Long Feiye wants Han Yunxi to diagnose her. She immediately gets to work but is puzzled on how she contracted the poison in the first place. She then asks them if Yuzhe did anything weird before being poisoned and they said that she was on a hunger strike.

Han Yunxi then becomes suspicious of the rice porridge and gets a drop of Yuzhe’s blood into the porridge. The blood turns the porridge black and they figure out that she was already poisoned before she was captured with rice poison. This rice is only triggered by rice and Han Yunxi explains the consequences of this poison.

Meanwhile, Qishao still has no news of Yuzhe. They know that she is being secretly detained by Long Feiye but are unable to discover her whereabouts. He has no choice but to seek Han Yunxi to help him..

Back to Han Yunxi, she is back to her poison realm as she tries to study the rice poison. She then goes out and Qishao is out there waiting for her. He follows her and waits for her outside as she purchases some medicine. He stages a coincidental meeting and uses this chance to ask about what poison she has been researching lately. She doesn’t reveal anything about the rice poison and gives him a general answer. They then continue on their friendly conversation until a carriage nearly runs them over. That carriage is owned by Long Feiye and he spots them together. But he continues on his journey.

Later, Han Yunxi is in her manor trying to figure out how to cure rice poison. She is successful and quickly tells her success to Long Feiye who just walked into her room. And so, they both quickly go to administer the antidote to Yuzhe. On their way, Long Feiye is suspicious that someone (Qishao) is tailing them. He takes measures and was able to get back to the secret prison.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 5.47.12 pm.png

But then, Han Yunxi feels pain in her foot and Long Feiye immediately carries her princess-style on a seat. Han Yunxi feels that Long Feiye is quite unhappy and he says: “You must know that you are now a married woman”. However, she does not understand his words and so he becomes blunt, “Who was that man you met?”. Hearing this, Han Yunxi is excited at the fact that he is jealous but of course, he wouldn’t admit it. She tells him that that person is Gu Qishao and that he is a good person who helps her. He leaves it at that and they go to give Yuzhe the antidote.

Han Yunxi also gives Yuzhe acupuncture to draw out the poison. Yuzhe soon wakes up and is brought to Long Feiye who is staring at the cage holding a carnivorous rat. They torture her with the rat and she becomes afraid, shouting for help. However, he doesn’t stop until she says that she will confess. Yuzhe says that it was the Crown Prince.

The next day, Long Feiye seeks Minister Mu and reveals to him the outcome of the case he just investigated involving the Crown Prince. However, Minister Mu still has doubts since the Crown Prince is involved and this is serious. And so, Long Feiye tells Minister Mu his plan.

Later, the Crown Prince is being lectured by his Imperial Father. General Mu arrives for an audience and greets both parties. He reveals that he has captured Yuzhe and the Crown Prince immediately says that he caught the wrong girl. Hearing this, the Emperor realises that something is up but keeps quiet while General Mu explains. The Emperor tells him to continue his investigation and he takes his leave.

On his way back to the city, General Mu is stopped by the Princess who has a crush on him. She reveals her motive for stopping him as she wants to spend more time with him. However, he declines saying that he has important business. However, she becomes disappointed and tries to persuade him but he reveals that this is an important mission and he needs to do it asap. Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 6.31.22 pm.png

Meanwhile, the Crown Prince is showing his anxiousness in front of Qishao after hearing about Yuzhe’s capture. Qishao tries to calm down the Crown Prince but he is still worried and plans to do something big. He refuses Qishao’s help and quickly walks away. Qishao realises that General Mu and Long Feiye are probably working together to rile up the Crown Prince and it is working.

Back to Han Yunxi, Jing’er abruptly comes in to tell her about the market on West Street and that there will be a lantern event this evening. Jing’er quickly brings Han Yunxi out with her to experience these events. They roam around the city and have fun together.

While this is happening, Yuzhe is escorted as a prisoner to somewhere. Qishao sees this but can do nothing in the public eye. Han Yunxi also spots Yuzhe being transported and runs after them. After Yuzhe and her escort turn into the alleyways, Qishao (masked) decides to make his move and brings along his men to fight the soldiers holding Yuzhe captive. Qishao plays his flute to bring upon the poisonous mosquitoes during the fight. Han Yunxi sees this and quickly runs out to save the soldiers when Qishao orders his men to kill. Seeing her here stops Qishao and he retreats. Han Yunxi was just about to chase after him but then Jing’er arrives. She quickly tells Jing’er to chase after him since she has martial arts skills and Han Yunxi goes to save the soldiers.

Jing’er catches up with the masked Qishao and immediately fights him. However, he is able to fight her off and runs away successfully.

Unfortunately, Han Yunxi is in a dire state as reinforcements arrive and based on the scene in front of them, they believe that Han Yunxi tried to commit murder against General Mu since they caught her with a knife. The soldiers do no listen and try to arrest her but Jing’er arrives in time to protect Han Yunxi. Just as she was about to reveal their identity, Han Yunxi stop her and allow them both to be arrested by the soldiers.Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 6.42.55 pm.png

Han Yunxi and Jing’er are in the General’s house and have their wrists tied behind their backs. The General arrives in fury and Han Yunxi tries to declare their innocence. However, he does not listen to her explanations and moves to execute them. But then, Jing’er stops him by revealing their identity, startling everyone else in the room. Then, Gu Beiyue walks into the room after diagnosing the General’s son and informs the General about his son’s ill state and that he is poisoned with something. Han Yunxi tells them that he is poisoned by spider poison. Hearing and seeing Han Yunxi, Gu Beiyue immediately gives his respectful greetings to her and guarantees her identity in front of the General who didn’t believe her earlier. He tells the General that Han Yunxi would not harm her son but merely try to extract the poison out of his body using the knife she was caught with earlier.

Meanwhile, the Princess of Qin also gets news of General Mu’s poisoned state and immediately sets off to see him. Han Yunxi and Gu Beiyue work together to cure General Mu but he suddenly spits out blood while unconscious. This worries everyone and Han Yunxi is confused because she clearly cured him of the spider poison. And so, she figures out that he is poisoned by something else which he had for a while.

Then the Princess arrives and makes matters worse by fighting with Han Yunxi. She tries to arrest Han Yunxi but the General tells the Princess that Han Yunxi is trying to save her son. Gu Beiyue even comes to Han Yunxi’s defence but the Princess is adamant in arresting Han Yunxi. Just as the Princess was about to hurt Han Yunxi with the sword, Long Feiye arrives.

Ep 12
Long Feiye’s arrival surprised everyone at the scene and the Princess quickly lets go of her knife. However, this does not stop Long Feiye from scolding her in public. But the Princess does not back down as she uses the Emperor and Empress Dowager’s name to force them to arrest Han Yunxi. But Long Feiye stops her and swears that no one, not even the Emperor, can touch Han Yunxi without his permission. Han Yunxi then steps in and tells the Princess to give her two days to figure out a cure for General Mu. Believing that she’s lying, she agrees to Han Yunxi’s request and promptly leaves. Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 10.23.13 pm.png

Meanwhile, the Crown Prince is getting scolded by his Imperial Uncle for acting without a plan. The Crown Prince stands by his actions but his uncle tells him that this is serious since there are a lot of eyes on this case, including the Emperor and Long Feiye.

Two days later, Han Yunxi is alone in General Mu’s residence still thinking of the poison he is infected with. The Princess arrives and confronts her, “Two days has passed, you must have found a detoxification method”. Han Yunxi does not answer her and the Princess seizes this chance to have her arrested. Gu Beiyue tries to stop the Princess but she is so stubborn. And so, Han Yunxi is sent off to prison and locked up in a prison cell. But it does not end there as she gets splashed multiple times with cold water on the Princess’ orders. Han Yunxi does not make a sound but secretly poisons the Princess as she leaves. We notice that the Princess is beginning to itch herself and this gets worse.

Meanwhile, Long Feiye has sent one of his men to send the evidence to General Baili who will help him bring it up to court. This will make it easy to catch the Crown Prince and his Imperial Uncle, leaving them no chance to escape.

It is evening time and Jing’er quickly runs to tell Long Feiye that she thinks Han Yunxi is in danger since she has not seen her all day. This alarms Long Feiye especially when Jing’er tells him that the Princess was involved. Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 10.39.10 pm.png

Back to Han Yunxi, someone secretly poisons the guards to make them lose consciousness as they fall to the ground. That person is no other than Gu Qishao. He sees Han Yunxi suffering from the cold and immediately covers her with his cloak. He is apologetic that they are supposedly enemies in this life and gives her a pill to eat to cure her from he coldness. The guards soon regain consciousness and is confused, but Han Yunxi is left alone.

Han Yunxi soon wakes up and is surprised to find a black cloak covering her. She sees Gu Beiyue who has bribed a guard to bring him here. He quickly tells her that he followed her instructions and extracted General Mu’s blood which he gave to her. He tells her of General Mu’s symptoms and Han Yunxi figures out that he is poisoned with snake venom. She instructs Gu Beiyue to find the prescription on her desk and read the medicine for snake venom. As long as he gives the correct medicine to General Mu, he will be able to testify on Han Yunxi’s behalf and she will be innocent. Gu Beiyue then leaves and then soldiers bring Han Yunxi to a torture room.

The Imperial Uncle orders the soldiers to beat her in order to get a confession under torture. The Imperial Uncle leaves but not before telling the soldier to keep hitting her. As soon as he leaves the room, Han Yunxi realises that she felt no pain from the hits and realises that the soldier is helping her. After a while, she returns to her prison cell and the soldier that helped her talks to her alone. He tells her that he helped her because her mother saved his family and him from the plaque. He tells her that is going to help her escape and tells her the escape route. She escapes despite knowing that it is a scam which was planned by the Imperial Uncle.

Han Yunxi quickly runs to General Mu’s residence but is blocked by assassins. They close in on her with the intent to kill but is saved by Long Feiye! She runs towards him and hugs him tightly as she nearly lost her life. She reveals everything that happened to her in the prison and how they wanted her to confess that it was Long Feiye who was the mastermind. But then, she realises that she needs to save General Mu and so, he quickly flies her over.

They arrive at General Mu’s residence and Han Yunxi immediately goes to see General Mu. Gu Beiyue tells her that he administered the medicine but he is still vomiting blood. Han Yunxi gives him acupuncture. While this is happening, the Princess arrives to make a commotion. She tells Long Feiye that her Imperial Father already knows of Han Yunxi’s escape from prison and that this case has escalated to the court. However, Long Feiye stops her movements while Han Yunxi continues with her treatment.

General Mu soon regains consciousness and his father thanks Han Yunxi for curing his son.  However, the Princess is apologetic. Making use of this situation, Long Feiye asks how his wife, Han Yunxi, became a fugitive. Han Yunxi fights for herself using words and manages to win against the official and the Princess. The official begs for Han Yunxi’s forgiveness but Long Feiye punishes him severely. The Princess blames everything on the official and does not admit her fault. However, she is apologetic and Han Yunxi uses this chance to make fun of the Princess by drawing on her face. Knowing that the Princess cares a lot about her reputation and face, she screams at the mirror when Han Yunxi shows her her handiwork.Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 10.59.28 pm.png

Later, Concubine Xiao complains to her son, the 2nd Prince, about Concubine Qin who managed to gain the Emperor’s favour. Her son comforts her by telling her that Concubine Qin is a Princess from her state but has no political power in the palace. He also tells her that since she has him, the Emperor will not do anything to her. Hearing this, she feels rest assured.

Meanwhile, Han Yunxi and Long Feiye are returning back to his manor. He notices that she is asleep in an upright position which is uncomfortable and helps her lean against his shoulder.

These two eps have made my heart flutter. I love how Long Feiye is already melting at the sight of Han Yunxi at this stage even though he does not progress this fast in the book. Even though I’m reading the novel at the same time while watching this, there are still some differences as they did tweak a few things – very minor changes. Anyways, the way he pulls her into him at the end is so adorable and makes my heart skip a beat! 

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