The Way We Were 归去来 – Ep 1 & 2

Ep 1
This episode begins with the Ning Ming who is about to graduate. He reminisces his college days as well as the first day he saw Miao Ying, whom he already deemed unattainable since she’s beautiful, rich and has a bright future. Miao Ying is the most popular girl in college and of course, he falls in love with her as well. We see him ‘stalking’ her in broad daylight, copying her playing the instrument, and even doing rock climbing. Then one day when they were climbing a mountain in icy conditions, she suddenly lost her hold and he miraculously saved her from falling down to her death. However, he is in a dire state and was taken to a hospital.Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 6.37.39 pm.png

We then have a time skip to 1st January 2013. It was on this day that he developed his courage to confess his love for her in public using a billboard screen. It says that she does not need to know who he is, as he just wants to love her.

A few days later, he was about to confess to her that it was him that told her he loves him  but is interrupted by a phone call. It was her boyfriend and so, he realised that he lost his chance.

But then, he had to pull out the same stunt again during the graduation ceremony as he shows a video of her in front of everyone. We then realise that she knows that it was Ning Ming’s doing through her flashbacks of remembering his words and that he will never confess his love for her.

Then, we see him returning home and working odd jobs while attending job interviews. He then remembers that Miao Ying is leaving China for the US and so, he went straight to the airport in the middle of his interview (definitely won’t get that job).

He arrives at the airport and begins to frantically look for her. He then accidentally bumps into someone and helps her put her luggage back on the trolley. It’s TANG YAN as Xiao Qing!!!! She ends her phone call but not before saying her flight number. Hearing this, he realises that she will be on the same flight as Miao Ying and asks her to help him give her a message since he won’t be able to see her. She agrees but then he says “never mind”.Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 7.01.11 pm.png

On the flight Xiao Qing (XQ) awakes from her nap and goes to the toilet. She then goes out of the toilet to hear someone moaning in pain. She goes to the source and sees Miao Ying clutching her stomach and feeling unwell. XQ diagnoses her (despite not being a doctor) and tells the flight attendant that she suspects Miao Ying has appendicitis. The flight attendant goes to make arrangements and tells them that there is an ambulance waiting to bring her to the hospital once they arrive. The flight attendant asks XQ to stay with Miao Ying since she has medical experience as a first aider. Thus, the girls develop a friendship and they find out that they’re going to the same university and from the same hometown.

Miao Ying reveals that her bf, Shu Che, will pick her up when they arrive. She asks XQ to help grab her luggages through the customs and her bf will collect them afterwards.

They soon and and XQ goes to collect the luggages. Shu Che calls her to tell her where they can meet and she rushes towards him. The luggages falls off the trolley due to her abrupt stop.

Ep 2
XQ and Shu Che meet for the very first time and he leads her to his car. She tells him that he does not need to drive her to her destination as she can take an uber after they visit his gf at the hospital.

Shu Che drives at fast speed which caught the police’s attention. He asks whether she has a licence and she says that she has a Chinese one. He drives them to a side road and switches seats with her, asking her a favour to help him tell the police that it was her driving and not him. He explains in Chinese that his licence has been taken away and that the situation will get even more complicated for him, but for her…he can help her pay the fine. However, the policeman was able to understand everything and arrests him on the spot.

And so, they bought him and XQ to the police station to explain the situation. Shu Che’s lawyer soon comes to help them out. XQ is free to go since she’s a witness but Shu Che will need to stay in the station for the night. The lawyer tells Shu Che privately that he will apply for bail tomorrow morning but Shu Che is worried because he’s afraid he can’t afford it. The lawyer says that he can speak to his father but Shu Che refuses, “I can handle it on my own”.Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 8.09.55 pm.png

XQ exits the police station and gets in Shu Che’s car since the police officers gave her his keys. She listens to her mother’s voice messages who is very worried about her. She texts her mum of her safe arrival and proceeds to head to the hospital Miao Ying is at. She enters the hospital and is stopped by Cheng Ran (Miao Ying’s brother) who questions why she was driving Shu Che’s car. She avoids the questions as she tries to find out where Miao Ying is at. However, he wouldn’t stop asking her questions and so she tells him how she met his sister.

She then locates a receptionist who tells her where Miao Ying is located. We see the lawyer already at Miao Ying’s room. The lawyer seems to blame Shu Che’s situation on XQ which is stupid because he’s the one who’s been driving without a licence in the first place. Anyways, Miao Ying tells the lawyer that she will pay for his bail and he leaves. XQ explains the whole situation to clear up any misunderstandings before she leaves as well. Cheng Ran goes after her to help drop her off to her place but is stopped by his wife who sprays his eyes. And so, he is off to the emergency room while his wife questions XQ. XQ explains that they’re not flirting and leaves the hospital.

XQ arrives at the house she is supposed to be staying at and her roommates are not pleased. They complain of her very late arrival and the fact that their plans had to be cancelled because they had to wait for her and she did not give them any notice. She hurries inside to get settled to her room but not before her roommate going over the ground rules and boundaries. Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 8.39.41 pm.png

Later, XQ unpacks her luggage and is feeling hungry. She goes out to see her roommates having wine and tells them that she is starving but has no food. Her roommates ‘graciously’ lets her use their food and she says that she will pay them back. For the packet ramen, 1 egg and pot, she owes them $8 so far. The bf gives her chopsticks and some scallions for free which disappoints the gf. Damn, she’s such a calculative person.

Next, XQ finishes her meal and does a FaceTime with her parents who were worried sick for her. After their call, XQ gets ready to have a shower and leaves her room. She is startled by a high pitched scream and finds her landlord, Monica, in a promiscuous situation on the couch with her friend. Monica introduces herself to XQ before getting back to her friend.

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 8.44.19 pm.png

The next day, Shu Che’s father arrives in America and is updated on his situation by their lawyer.

Thoughts: So far, I feel like this drama is stupid. I’m quite disappointed with how the events have been played out and hope that it will get better. 

3 thoughts on “The Way We Were 归去来 – Ep 1 & 2

  1. Hi Lydia! I just thought it was a little bit rude of you to say this chinese drama is stupid because you have only watched EP 1 and 2, in my opinion, i think The Way We Were is one of the best Chinese dramas in the whole of China. I highly recommend you to continue watching all 50 episodes of this chinese drama. Sometimes, you cannot jump to conclusions, you have to give things a try. Please reconsider this Chinese Drama, I think it has a very good plot. The actors are quite good too. I also hope in the future you will write those recaps of every episode of The Way We Were. If you do, i will be very happy and it will make you a good blogger, able to make your fans and readers happy!! Thanks so much!!!


    1. Hey Lucy, I respect your opinion and I’ll tell you that Tang Yan and Luo Jin is one of my fave OTPs. Saying its stupid was a bit harsh on my part but I seriously had to force my eyes open to watch both eps. Perhaps I’ll try again in the future 🙂


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