[Recap] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌 – Ep 47-48

Ep 47
Dao Lie Xiang gets sidetracked when she sees Lei Jing Hong, not noticing an enemy heading straight towards her. Lei Jing Hong quickly gets to her to save her from being stabbed. At the Flaming Hills, when An Yejue arrives with reinforcements, the disciples all retreat. However, she follows with her soldiers but are shot by arrows. They are ambushed from all sides but An Yejue still fights. Bi’er arrives and manages to injure her, “This is for Brother Ji”. An Yejue is weakened and Uncle Murong gives her a final blow and kills her.

Seems like World Swordless City also won against Anhe Palace as they are cleaning up the mess. Dao Lie Xiang invites everyone to her place to drink wine in celebration of Anhe Palace’s defeat. She then makes preparation to go to Flaming Hills and sees Lei Jing Hong when she leaves her estate. He accompanies her to the Flaming Hills.

Back to senior brother and Ru Ge, we realised how this is all going according to their plan through their flashbacks. They purposely failed their assassination attempt so that An Yeluo can ‘capture’ them and believe senior brother. He then goes to see An Yeluo who is still waiting on their good news. A disciple then comes in looking bloodied saying that all of their people have lost, even An Yejue has died. An Yeluo realised that he has been tricked by senior brother. They fight but senior brother is not strong enough to fight against him. However, An Yeluo does not kill him as he wants him to experience the feeling of losing everything.

Meanwhile, Huang Cong explains everything to Brother Ji who becomes agitated knowing that Ru Ge and her companions are locked up in Anhe Palace. He then holds a meeting with everyone, including Dao Lie Xiang and Lei Jing Hong after hearing of their arrival. Huang Cong reveals to them the map senior brother drew of Anhe Palace to help them. They then think of a plan to save Ru Ge and the others as Brother Ji orders everyone to go to Anhe Palace. Lei Jing Hong and Dao Lie Xiang offer their help to the Flaming Hills.

Later, Lei Jing Hong goes to see his second mother’s dead body. Although they were not too close, she did raise him but then, she killed his father. Brother Ji then goes to see Lei Jing Hong and they talk about Xun Yi and An Yejue. He then talks about how he wronged his wife, not knowing that she’s hearing all of this. He then turns around to find her staring at him before walking away.

Back at Anhe Palace, senior brother has been beaten up badly. An Yeluo receives updates from his disciple how the spies he planted had all been killed. He then visits Yin Xue who knows that senior brother has succeeded. He then brings his captives to the lower palace, along with Ru Ge.

Ep 48
An Yeluo finds out that Ru Ge has been faking her ‘forgetfulness’ this whole time as it was part of their plan. He praises her acting which fooled him and asks how she got back to normal. She reveals that it was because of Xun Yi and Yin Xue. He then talks about senior brother betraying her but she says that he never betrayed her. He then orders her to be locked up downstairs. Later, Xun Yi tells her that Anhe Palace has lost a lot of people so there won’t be many guards. She sobs and tells her that her mother had died.

Next, Brother Ji with the others are walking towards Anhe Palace. They see the mist as told by senior brother. They then bring the captured disciples of Anhe Palace and force them to allow them to enter. But they are ambushed by arrows and they immediately retreat to safety.

An Yeluo is then informed of their arrival and orders them to send them Zhan Feng’s head and kill them all. Xun Yi hears all of this and immediately tells Ru Ge. Yin Xue goes to see An Yeluo and brings up An Yeming. This angers An Yeluo who goes to beat up Yin Xue. He tells An Yeluo that if he’s killed, he won’t ever get to have An Yeming. This stops An Yeluo from hurting Yin Xue further who explains using Ru Ge as an example that he removed the memories from his past lover and put it in her, “I don’t believe it”. Hearing this, she shed tears and doesn’t wish to get close to him.

Later, he goes to see her in her room and explains how his body is now weak mainly because of the winter curse he got from senior brother. He tells her how he doesn’t want to die and that he wants to be with ‘her’ forever. Hence, he will turn Ru Ge to An Yeming and he will go somewhere else to find another person to put ‘her’ memories in so that they can be together forever. Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 9.33.40 pm.png

Afterwards, they meet with An Yeluo and Ru Ge tells him that she has two conditions and he straightaway promises her, “As long as your mother comes back, I’ll promise anything”. And so, she tells him that he can’t kill Zhan Feng nor her senior brother and her second condition is to see senior brother. But he tells her that she can’t see him until 10 days later and during these 10 days, Yin Xue is to bring her mother back.

Later, Ru Ge awakes to find An Yeluo sitting on her bed. She gets up suddenly telling him that she’s still Ru Ge. However, it seems like he’s crazy as he alternates between argerness and then his soft side. He then lets go of her then hugs her, “I’m scared Ming’er”. Yin Xue immediately comes in and tells him to let go of her as he’s scaring her. Hearing this, he gets up and leaves. He goes to her memorial tablet and remembers his past memory with her and they were here together.

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