[Recap] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌 – Ep 21-22

Ep 21
Ru Ge reports to senior brother that the lanterns have surrounded their camp while Madam Yan confronts Huang Zong who is alone and leaves her unconscious.

The next morning, Ru Ge tries to leave the camp to bring back more medicine for the injured. However, senior brother orders his men to stop her if she does try to leave. He tells her that this is for her safety and he can’t risk her life. And so, he blocks her movement by hitting her acupuncture points. A letter soon comes to the Prince from outside and he realised that the lanterns were from Anye Jue who wants him to give her Ru Ge in return for the army’s safety.

Meanwhile, Yin Xue wakes up from his slumber as the ice encasing his body cracks open.  His disciple runs around trying to find him and finally finds him. Yin Xue knows about Anhe Luo and Wo Kingdom – which is why he woke up to try and fix the matter. However, he is still not fully cured because 100 years has not passed. Yin Xue does not listen and insists on leaving.

It is night at the army camp and the lanterns are still trapping them in. The lanterns suddenly start to extinguish one by one because of Yin Xue. This shocks Anye Jue who is furious to see this happen. Yin Xue’s disciple comes out of hiding and Anye Jue could not believe that he knows their magic and that Yin Xue taught him. He pretends to show them that he does, with Yin Xue doing the magic in the background. Yin Xue soon loses unconsciousness because he used up a lot of his energy and his disciple helps him seek refuge in the army camp.

The next morning, senior brother releases Ru Ge and updates her on their situation. They believe that it was Yin Xue’s teacher who helped them against Anye Jue. Ru Ge goes to meet them to pay their respects but Yin Xue does not want to reveal his identity and disguises himself as an old man. They then leave the place with Ru Ge’s help but then hear and sees the fight between their army and the Wo’s army. Ru Ge passes them her Flaming Hills token for their safety saying that she can’t accompany them anymore as she has to help her army.

Ru Ge makes her way back to senior brother who is relieved to see her safe and sound. However, more and more lanterns make their way towards them, blasting their way around the camp. But then, snow arrives as Yin Xue comes back to save them. Anye Jue believes that this is by Yin Xue, “Are you not dead yet?”, before retreating with the Wo’s.

The guests all leave World Swordless City as Zhan Feng and his wife arrive back to the Flaming Hills. Brother Yi secretly informs Zhan Feng what has happened while he was not here, saying that Ru Ge’s father most probably made these preparations against him. Seems like the time has come for Zhan Feng to step up and he’s sad that he has to do this.

Night falls and Zhan Feng becomes resolute. He heads to the training grounds with Brother Yi and is invited in by the master.

Ep 22
Zhan Feng gets straight to the point and asks him how did his parents die. Brother Yi suddenly comes in and stabs the master in the back while Zhan Feng worries about his master, “Leave Anye Luo”. Zhan Feng becomes mad at Brother Yi for killing their master and mourns for his master. Brother Yi takes Zhan Feng away and goes back to bomb the training room to get rid of the evidence. Everyone who has heard the bomb go off rushes to the training grounds. Brother Yi uses this chance to create an alibi for both Zhan Feng and himself.

The next morning, Ru Ge hears the news of her father’s death from the Chief of Qinglong Hall. He explains to both Ru Ge and senior brother what has happened, and Ru Ge faints from shock. She later regains consciousness and rushes back to the Flaming Hills. She changes to her mourning clothes and goes inside the hall where they are holding the memorial. Everyone gets up to acknowledge her as she pays respect to her deceased father. Brother Yi uses this chance to inform her that although the previous sect leader announced that she will be the next leader, she is too inexperienced and everyone else agreed that Zhan Feng should be the leader for now. She looks around the room and realises that everyone in the room agrees with him. However, Brother Ji is the only person who objects as he doesn’t want to go against his master’s will.

Dao Wu Xia chips in his opinion (which is of course in Zhan Feng’s favour) and subtlety states her incompetence in public. Ru Ge then publicly announces that Zhan Feng will be the Deputy Sect Leader of the Flaming Hills and leaves the room.

Later, she visits her father’s death place and cries openly. Zhan Feng arrives to tell her that there are some gunpowder remnants here and it is unsafe. She tells him how it is weird how no-one noticed that there were bombs buried here and of course, he doesn’t say anything.

Back in her room, she asks to see the Chief of Qinglong Hall. She asks him if anything happened while she was away and so he tells her about the master’s last request. He tells her that Zhan Feng arrived on the day her father died. She then excuses him saying that she has a headache.

The next morning, Zhan Feng takes charge by ordering that everyone who is a minister and including Qinglong Hall’s Chief must attend the morning meeting. Chief of Qing Long Hall refuses to go saying he’s unwell and that he only answers to the Sect Leader, not the Deputy. Brother Yi tells Zhan Feng about Qinglong Hall’s Chief’s refusal to come which angers Zhan Feng as it seems like his title means nothing. He threatens to ruin the Chief while the others try to calm Zhan Feng down. And so, Zhan Feng orders Brother Yi to be Chief of Qinglong Hall for now as replacement.

Brother Yi immediately assumes his new position and soon accesses all of the secret documents. It doesn’t stop there as Zhan Feng orders the soldiers to stop Brother Ji from attending the meetings.

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