[Recap] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌 – Ep 5-6

Ep 5
Ru Ge meets with Ying Yi who suddenly changes her act. Ying Yi tells Ru Ge that she hates her because if it wasn’t for her, she would’ve been the owner of the Flaming Hills already. But I’m so proud that Ru Ge did not lose her cool and makes Ying Yi loses it instead. Ru Ge slaps Ying Yi, “This is for Bi Yi”, and notices that there are servants behind them, “You can’t slap me back and make any moves because there are people watching from behind”.Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 9.46.44 pm.png

In his room, Yin Xue seems ill. He dismisses his servant. Ru Ge walks towards his door and asks whether he’s in. Yin Xue, not wanting Ru Ge to see him in this condition tells her that she should be somewhere else. Ru Ge tells him that she’s afraid that Zhan Feng will announce their break up publicly and disappoint her father. Yin Xue tries to comfort her. She then leaves and Yin Xue’s servant tells him that he should not attend tonight’s event. Yin Xue says that he should despite him sweating and feeling unwell.Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 9.51.24 pm.png

Meanwhile, Ru Ge’s father pays respect to Zhan Feng’s parents, “19 years has passed”. He tells them that he has not brought up Zhan Feng well since he has hurt his daughter, “I will finish this matter up tonight”.

At the banquet, everyone is having a merrily time. Yin Xue arrives and sits next to Ru Ge, knowing that there are eyes watching them.

Zhan Feng also arrives with Ying Yi and instructs her to sit right next to them. The other people tell him that this is against their customs but Zhan Feng does not budge.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 9.59.51 pm.png

Ru Ge’s father gets up to make an announcement to everyone about their marriage which will happen next month. Everyone raises their glasses to congratulate the couple but Zhan Feng immediately says “No”. Hearing this, Brother Ji tries to stop Zhan Feng while Brother Yi tells Zhan Feng the consequences of his actions if he continues does this road. Ru Ge’s father takes a seat, “Give me a reason”.

Just as Zhan Feng was about to explain himself, Ru Ge quickly takes this chance to say “Because I don’t like him”, shocking everyone in the room. Her father tells her to don’t protect him but she says that she’s only protecting herself, “I beg you dad, I can’t marry him”.

Just when you thought its over, Yin Xue just had to get up to say that Ru Ge likes him instead. And so, the engagement between Zhan Feng and Ru Ge is broken.Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 10.02.21 pm.png

Back in his room, senior brother asks his servant whether he would’ve been able to help Ru Ge even more if he was not in his current state. His servant tells him that the situation is over and should not blame himself.

Meanwhile, Ru Ge is by herself in her room. The next day, Ru Ge goes to see Zhan Feng. She asks Zhan Feng whether he even liked her. Zhan Feng remains silent as Ru Ge tries to get an answer out of him, “Say what you were going to say last night”. He forcefully kisses her and mocks her. She returns a box carrying petals and tells him that their relationship is just a senior brother and junior sister before leaving.

After that, Ru Ge walks to a nearby pond as Yin Xue looks over her.Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 10.12.10 pm.png

At court, the lords are exclaiming the Yin Xue are mocking them with the servants and gifts he brought here from the brothel. Ru Ge’s father said that Yin Xue has already talked to him about it and that those gifts are for Ru Ge, “He wants to give her an unforgettable Double Ninth Festival”.

Later, senior brother asks his servant for ideas for a perfect gift for Ru Ge. The servant says that he does not know a girl’s heart. He then says that since Ru Ge is now no longer engaged with Zhan Feng, senior brother can ask for her hand in marriage. However, he does not seem confident due to his current physical state.Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 10.23.05 pm.png

Back to Ru Ge, we note that she’s a bit sick. Her servants asks her where she wants to go to celebrate today’s festival and she says that she wants to go to senior brother’s place. Her servant, Bi Yi, brings up Yin Xue as he has sent her many gifts for today. Ru Ge makes up her mind, “Let’s go to Li Courtyard then”.

The scene then shows Ru Ge arriving at the Li Courtyard. Yin Xue brings her around the courtyard, “Why are you so nice to me?”. They talk about what happened previously and he says that what he said then was real. Thinking that he’s lying (given his track record), she tells him that she does not know whether he’s telling the truth or not.

Yin Xue’s servant arrives with something that the Madam (from the brothel) received and was instructed to be given to him. Yin Xue sees the painting and realises that it was from An Ye Luo. His face turns grave and looks at Ru Ge.Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 10.29.58 pm.png

Meanwhile, servants are decorating Zhan Fang’s courtyard as instructed by Brother Ji. Zhan Fang tells them to stop and orders that they will not celebrate the Double Ninth Festival from now on.

Back at the Li Courtyard, Ru Ge’s servants are helping Dao Liexiang with finding someone. It seems this involves Lei Jing Hong as he’s trying to find someone.

Night befalls the village and the lanterns are lit up. The four have an enjoyable time together. Soon Ru Ge and Yin Xue are left alone to have their own conversation in a good mood. They agree for Ru Ge to ask him questions and for him to answer every single one of them.

Seeing them together, her maids are happy to see Ru Ge in a good mood because of Yin Xue. Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 10.44.13 pm.png

Meanwhile, Dao Liexiang confronts Lei Jing Hong, “You are trying to find your 2nd mother’s daughter right?”. He does not deny it and says that there’s no harm in not officially recognising her since she’s safe and treated well by Ru Ge.

Ep 6
The scene opens with FXX asking Guard Huang when the senior brother will come back to thank him for helping her to investigate her dad’s case.

We then see guards going into the Flaming Village to see the senior brother. Meanwhile the senior brother receives a letter which seems to shock him greatly. He goes to see the village master to say his goodbye and thank him for looking after him.

The village master asks senior brother whether his daughter is suitable to be the leader of the village. The senior brother is straightforward, “She is not suitable to be the leader now”. The village master then asks him on what he will do if he does pass of the leadership to Ru Ge, “I will help her to the best of my abilities”.

Later, senior brother is back in his room and is visited by Ru Ge, “Do you have to go?”. Senior brother reveals that his father is sick and hence, his sudden haste to leave. Ru Ge tells him to look after himself and that he can depend on other people instead of burdening himself.

She then passes him the wind chime, “Since you are taking away the wind chime, it seems that you won’t return”. He then asks her whether she will miss him, and she says that if he doesn’t return, she will find him in Luoyang.

They then talk about Yin Xue, and senior brother tells her that she can trust him since the master trusts him as well. Ru Ge feels a sense of disturbance due to senior brother’s sudden leave. Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 8.57.46 pm.png

Back to FXX, she receives news of an esteemed guest who is waiting for her. FXX becomes excited and goes to see her guest. She brings in a basket of flowers but is disappointed to find out that it is not who she was expecting. She realised that the person in front of her is actually Prince of Jingxian.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 9.07.46 pm.png

Back to the village, the meeting between the village master, Brother Yi and Zhan Feng has just ended and Ru Ge walks in. Ru Ge and her father goes to the ancestral room to pay their respects to Zhan Feng’s parents. Her father tells her that he wished to see her get married before her birthday this year but instead gives her the Flaming Hills token of the Flaming Hills village as her birthday present. Ru Ge does not dare to take it, “I’ve never been involved with the village’s business, the others are more suitable for this position”.

Later, Ru Ge tells her maids about her father’s wish as well as her worries, “Flaming Hills….it is the world number 1 sect. It has 15,000 disciples”. Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 9.25.52 pm.png

In Luoyang, Da Wu Xia offers the Prince of Jingxian a mystical ice lamp to gift to his Imperial father, “How dare you! Are you asking me to poison my Imperial father?!”. However, Da Wu Xia says that this is to be offered to Prince of Jingyan (senior brother) instead but the prince is not convinced. Da Wu Xia says that the reason this lamp is mystical is because once the Prince of Jingyan is poisoned, the lamp will turn into a normal lamp.

Meanwhile, senior brother is shown the dead body of FXX. His servant explains that she died by trying to attack the Prince of Jingxian when he tried to take her by force from the brothel. Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 9.26.35 pm.png

Back to Ru Ge, she goes to have tea with her father. She brings up the topic of the token and her father tells her that he understands why she’s worried. He guessed that she plans to leave the village again and she tries to persuade him to agree to it. She tells him that she wants to be free, she’s not happy and that she doesn’t want her dad to be bias against Zhan Feng, “I want dad to see his true ability”.

After spending time with her father, Ru Ge goes back to her place but sees Yin Xue, “I’ll help you leave this place”. Ru Ge does not believe him and tells him to convince her father to let her leave if he wants to leave with her.

We then see the father alone drinking tea and being visited by Yin Xue. They talk about their past agreement and we see that Yin Xue (who looks exactly the same) and the father (who was younger then) promised Yin Xue that he can take his daughter away in 19 years time. Yin Xue also says that Anye Luo will come out of seclusion soon and will take revenge on everyone, including the Flaming Hills. Yin Xue says that taking Ru Ge away will be for her protection as they will hide out at the Ethereal. Hearing this, the father agrees for him to take his daughter away.Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 9.39.36 pm.png

Back in the palace in Luoyang, the two brothers meet with the Emperor. The father gifts senior brother the lamp (plotted by Prince Jingxian) which should be beneficial for his weak health. The father also tells senior brother how there is a divine doctor who had cured deafness and he wants senior brother to let him treat it. The divine doctor is invited and introduces her as Madam Yan. Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 9.40.11 pm.png

Later, senior brother is on a carriage and is stopped by the crowd because there is smoke coming out from the brothel. Senior brother remembers his 3rd brother’s threats from earlier to stop investigating him or else not only will the lady from the brothel will die. He then instructs his servant to put the case on hold and to notify the brothel that FXX has left with a merchant and will not come back.

Then, we see Ru Ge leaving the Flaming Hills with Yin Xue. The father gives the token to Ru Ge, “This is my last request”. She finally accepts it, “I’ll return it when I come back”, and says goodbye to her father. We also see that the two guests are leaving the Flaming Hills.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 9.54.54 pm.pngAfter sending out his daughter, we see the village master alone walking around his room, thinking about Yin Xue’s words about Anye Luo.

Back to senior brother, he instructs his servant to let Madam Yan know that he doesn’t want her to treat him, “He only agreed just now to not let the Emperor worry”. However, she does not budge and forces her way in to see him. She tells him that she has been trying to assassinate Yin Xue for three years now and asks whether he’s curious about it. She tries to make a deal saying that he can ask her two questions but in return, he must let her treat him.

She lets him know that by treating him will she receive great merit since he’s the Emperor’s most favoured son. He agrees and he starts asking her questions: “Why are you trying to assassinate Yin Xue?” She says that he hurt her family. And so, he asks what type of person Yin Xue is. She replies that he has been alive for over 100 years and is not human.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 9.55.51 pm.pngLater when Madam Yan left, his servants advises him against the treatment as she cannot be fully trusted. However, he seems adamant to give it a go. He then informs one of his servant to report to his master exactly what Madam Yan told him about Yin Xue, “Ask for his opinion”. He also instructs her to stay by Ru Ge’s side and protect her while she’s there.

Meanwhile, Lei Jing Hong is following Dao Liexiang as she returns back to her home village. Her servants welcome her back home and she immediately tells him goodbye. A servant then tells Lei Jing Hong her brother’s message: “World Swordless City and Jiangnan’s Thunderbolt Clique are sects on 2 different paths. Please return to Jiangnan and stop bothering our Miss”.

However, Lei Jing Hong does not listen and tells his men that he plans to stay here for a few more days.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 10.07.28 pm.png

Ru Ge is carrying sticks to light fire as Yin Xue is sitting down. Yin Xue finally gets up to hunt for food as he creates an icy arrow and bow. Ru Ge compliments his bow which shocks Yin Xue as those were the exact words she said in the past.

Back in Luoyang, Madam Yan oversees the treatment. She tells him that the magical lamp is a good item and is very beneficial for his health. After putting in a few needles in his scalp, senior brother becomes shock as he hears sound, more specifically, the wind chime. But then, it seems he can’t hear again. Madam Yan explains that if he follows this treatment, he will be able to hear everything in three days.Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 10.08.05 pm.png

Is Ru Ge reborn or what? I’m seriously a bit confused. Anyways, I’m glad he can hear but I sense that something bad will happen soon….And what is with the male lead? Honestly…we don’t need him…Zhang Bin Bin is more than enough!

8 thoughts on “[Recap] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌 – Ep 5-6

  1. Whelp, from the start it wasn’t a flashback at all. It’s moving into the future. Ru He is probably a reincarnation.


  2. Honestly I love Zhang bin bin more, as well. He is more attractive than the male lead. But maybe we need to see him in a role like this too…

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  3. Thank you for all your recaps. I’m so glad to find someone like you who loves Zhang Bin Bin & Dilireba. I ship them too! And we have the same thought, I don’t feel any chemistry between Vic Zhou and Dilireba. Bin Bin as you said is more than enough ha ha ha

    I am looking for that story about the lotus what Zhan Feng did for Ru Ge. But I could not find it on your previous recaps or maybe I missed it. Please help….

    Thanks again.


  4. I’m sorry to say this but we need Vic Zhou in this, I know Zhang Bin Bin is popular at the moment but we need Vic Zhou here as well. But are equally handsome but maybe I’m getting older I like the older men performing the male lead more.


  5. Thanks for supporting our Zhang Bin Bin and Diliraba. Hope we can have a twist in a latter episodes that ends happily between Zhang Bin Bin and Diliraba. As long as they are together, so happy for both of them. Go for Zhang and Diliraba.


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