Double Helix

On 18th January 2018, I got my first cartilage piercings. I went to Castle Hill Piercing Studio and was pierced by the lovely Brittany. She was so patient and knowledgeable with the whole process which made me feel very comfortable. I was scared because I thought it would be very painful but it was just a pinch.

What I got:

  • double lobe piercings via inverness $50-60 per pair
  • double helix piercings via needle $65+ (+$10 for titanium)

Day 2: It bled a bit in the evening – I think because I accidentally knocked it. But I searched on Google and they said that a bit of bleeding is fine as it’s a normal healing process. So I’m not too worried about it.

Day 7: I can’t believe a week has already flown by! Well, my cartilage piercing is now no longer tender whenever I accidentally bump it slightly but it will pain when you do it hard (just don’t do it). It does bleed sometimes – I think because of my facial yesterday as she did accidentally rub against it a few times.

Day 11: Swollen, red and throbbing pain. It aches and I suspect it is because I slept on that side in the car (2 nights ago) and knocked it a few times.

Day 14: It has gotten much better because I have been taken ibuprofen as instructed by my piercer (contacted her and she gave me helpful advice on what to do). If it did not get better by this stage, my piercer told me to see her. But luckily, it has gotten better and the swelling has decreased.

Day 19: I’m still loving the look of my piercing and I’m following my piercer’s instructions by cleaning it with the after-care product twice a day. Can’t wait till the 6 months mark because then I can change out the earrings!!!!

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