Bosco Cafe @ Te Kuiti, NZ

Industrialised cafe situated in Te Kuiti, I presume this place is a local favourite as it was hard to find seats when we arrived. There is plenty of parking available at the front and back of the restaurant which was good as there were so many foodies.

We got seated ourselves and had to order and pay for our food at the counter. As a tourist, I loved that they had free wifi for patrons (you need to ask them for the password) which was one of the reasons why we came here lol.

long black

We quickly ordered coffee as we had a long drive and needed a pick-me-up as well as some grub to sate our hunger. I think the reason why it took me so long to write up this review is because I could not find many photos…I blame myself. Why am I so weak in front of food? I should have picked up my phone instead of my fork.

But I do have shots of our beloved coffee which comes with a small slice of cake (I think it was carrot cake?)

humongous cup of latte!

I think because this place was crowded and there were a lot of patrons, the food took quite a while to arrive. I actually finished my cup of coffee before our meals arrived..that is not good.

I ordered the fish and chips (love it)! The portions were generous and it took me quite a while to finally finish it!

fish and chips
big breakfast

We ordered other foods (which I’ve forgot due to lack of pics) but I will say that they also took some time to arrive but portions were huge.

I wouldn’t mind another opportunity to come back here as the food was good but I just hate the waiting game. I think its because it was a full house so the kitchen was very busy. But still! No customers would like to wait too long for their food!

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