[Review] My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness by Nagata Kabi

From first seeing the title in the shop I was astounded at first. They sell titles like that?! I was curious and the fact that it was manga intrigued me even more – It has been such a long time since I last read a good manga. It was interesting to read her life experience as a daughter who struggled to meet up towards her parents’ expectations yet could not achieve what is expected for her in society. It shows how hard it is for us to conform to expectations especially when every single one of us are so different.

It was funny that she sought a lesbian escort to help her explore another side of her in order to get rid of her bald spot. Her depiction of her experiences was humorous but made me reflect on myself. We’re still young and it is easy to have an identity crisis especially since we are just beginning to leave our nest. After so many years of being dependent on our parents and learning in schools, we are supposed to already know how to adapt to grown up life.

It was weird that the ending wasn’t a great HAPPILY EVER AFTER but it was realistic. I think that was the point Nagata was trying make; we just have to keep working hard on our own life.

But in the end I felt like there was not too much depth in her experiences. Probably because she does not allow her readers to connect with the book when she was portraying her struggles and her depressing state; I feel that she’s glossing over her experiences as it is a heavy topic.

Also, the title is a clickbait. There is not much sex involved, but it portrays her awkward experience with sexual pleasure. I mean, she was trying to combat her mental health by hiring a prostitute. It was cute but definitely awkward.


2 thoughts on “[Review] My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness by Nagata Kabi

  1. Erm, sorry if I come off as rude/preachy here, but… I really disagree with how you referred to the title as “clickbait”
    With all due respect, the term “lesbian” means alot more than just two girls having sex – it’s a sexual identity, and… like, all her awkward experiences with sexual pleasure ARE due to her being a lesbian lmao; which alot of lesbians and other w/w (like me) resonated with. And besides, it… literally has the word “loneliness” in the title, so I think it’s fair not to expect much sex at all?


  2. It’s fine, I apologise if I offended you. But each to their own views in this case. I respect yours and hope you respect mine as well. I will let you know that I grew up in a conservative environment but I have nothing against LGBT. That is not to say that I completely understand and know everything about different sexes and sexual preferences, because I don’t. This is just my perspective on what I have experienced and know in my twenty-odd years on Earth.

    I came across this book by chance, got intrigued from the title and immediately purchased it. Honestly, I did not buy it for the sex (there’s porn for that) but I thought this would be a book where she would pour out her insecurities and go in depth about her sexual identity. But she didn’t. Like I said in my post, she glosses over the details and as a reader, I was a bit disappointed. Hence, I referred to the title as clickbait.


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