OPI Hello Hawaii Ya? – Review

How should I describe this?

It is currently among my top 5 for my go-to nail polish colours. It is perfect for daily wear and with a good base/top coat, this colours will last a while!

As it has been so cold and windy lately (winter season), I enjoyed having this dusky purple on my nails.

I even tried to do the half-moon circles (quite easy!) with this and it comes out well! Albeit my first time but this style seems to elongate my short nails.

Please keep in mind that I took these photos before cleaning the edges ☺️

But what is with the name? Hello Hawaii Ya? Hawaii does not even come to mind whenever I glance at my nails.


How to get half-moon nails:

I did try to do it myself with the brushes but it was hard to keep it unified (especially with my left hand). So I did some research and found out that all you need is this accessible office supply – paper hole reinforcements! I have a whole box of these from my HSC year but did not even use it so might as well use it for my nails right?

  1. Apply your base coat.
  2. Place the paper hole reinforcement (just as pictured) at the base of your nail so that only a little is covered. Make sure that you press down tightly so the nail polish won’t run underneath it.
  3. Apply your nail colour x2.
  4. As soon as you apply your second coat of nail polish, remove the reinforcements from L-R or R-L. Do it swiftly so it will be neat 🙂
  5. Apply top coat.

I would do steps 1-5 one hand at a time so that the painted half-moon nails won’t be ruined when it’s wet. Let it dry before attempting your other hand.


Don’t worry if its not as neat as you would like as it is easy to clean up 🙂 Just get an old make up brush, dip it in the nail polish remover and tidy up the line. Voila! It’s done and now it is time to show off your nails!

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