A’Pieu Hanok Village – Nail Polish Review

Everyone! Welcome to the best smelling nail polish ever! Even my brother (who hates the smell of nail polishes) admitted it was nice 🙂I absolutely love the smell of this – literally smells like candy. I find myself smelling my nails as a little pick-me-up (weird I know but you will understand when you get this).

I purchased this from one of my hauls from YesStyle. The link to the website is here but unfortunately they’re not selling this product anymore 😦 If I had known this, I would have bought the other colours since they are also not sold anymore…

But good news is….

I tried on this nail polish over two different shades:

  1. bare nails + base coat
  2. base coat + OPI Black Oynx

It was an effortless look applying this nail polish over my bare nails. I got so many compliments and I believe this is quite an elegant and lovely look for office, business, etc.

Over to the black base – It was fun putting these on and I felt it was a perfect look for night outings. It is basically party in your nails!

Overall, I love this nail polish as it has so many positives! It lasts for a few days, doesn’t chip easily (as long as you have a good top coat), is pretty and smells damn good!

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