What I hate the most

is being wrongfully accused.

It was the day after my exam and as post-exam tradition, I was relaxing (and preparing for my theory exam for piano). But it is now 8:30pm as I’m typing this and my mum just came back home from work. We’re not on good terms because we had a huge argument a few days ago and I’m still pissed off at her. She comes into my room to get her notebook (which she gave me a week ago to write down a shopping list of things to buy while she’s in Singapore). As she looks through her notebook, she realised that “something” was missing and quickly blamed me for it. She immediately accused me for ripping out her list of what she needs to bring to Singapore and began to hit me. I tried to defend myself and repeatedly told her that there was no such list when she gave it to me. She called me a liar and shouted that I’m a cunning person who would do something like this.

My dad and brother quickly came in and told me to not say anything to make the situation worse. So I shut up. But I couldn’t stop the tears coming out because I hate being in that position. It’s so unfair! Why do I have to go through this?

She then left my room to eat dinner whilst complaining about me (which I can hear because she’s shouting). Meanwhile, my dad was trying to comfort me as I couldn’t stop crying for 10 minutes..I guess I really can’t handle the fact that she could accuse me for just a piece of paper which she can rewrite again (my brother’s words).

My dad went around the house to find the list and he found it..on top of her luggage. He brings it to her and my brother immediately asks her to apologise to me. She wouldn’t.

I’m going to stop here. It has been 20 minutes since the incident and I’m alone in my room with a tissue box, laptop and a huge bottle of water. Blowing deep breaths didn’t help to stop the tears (google search) and my chest hurts. She still hasn’t apologised but I can’t forgive her. How can she do this to me? Her own daughter! She even shouted at me to move out of the house. I would move out if only I can afford it. But I’m definitely moving out as soon as I get a full-time job and stable income.

It’s definitely a big blow up over a minor thing. But I’m hurt and depressed. I’m genuinely looking forward to the day she leaves for a month because the house is always peaceful whenever she’s not here.



She came into my room and said “I’m sorry” (exact 2 words) before saying that this situation happened because of me. That was not even a sincere apology and she still kept on blaming me and listing my faults. Luckily my brother came in and stopped her from continuing to hurt me with her harsh words. 

I’m so sad and disappointed with her. I kept on tearing up for at least 40 minutes. I then decided to watch some videos to cheer me up and guess what? It worked!!! Watching Goblin especially the scenes between Gong Yoo and Dong Wook  cracked me up – my dad even said “You’re finally smiling”.

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