Hwarang 화랑 – 2016 Kdrama

Most awaited KBS drama for 2016, Hwarang 화랑 lives up to expectations of being lively, humorous and charming. Based in the Silla Dynasty, this drama depicts a group of elite men in Seorabeol, the capital city of Silla Dynasty.

Main Cast
Park Seojoon as Moomyung (Sun-woo rang)park-seo-joon-hwarang
Go Ara as Ahro

Park Hyungsik as Sam Maekjongpark-hyung-sik-hwarang
Choi Minho as Sooho


Hwarang is literally ‘Flower Knights’ so the men casted in this drama as Hwarang are a group of pretty boys. Seojun plays the male lead while Hyungsik plays the 2nd male lead, leading to a love triangle between them and Go Ara who is the female lead.hwarang_1

So far, the ratings are high for this drama and I’m truly excited to go on this journey as this is going to be my first time seeing a drama set in Silla. But since there are flower boys, I hope it won’t be too cheesy (probably will) and cliche hahas.

There has been a lot of hype and from the first episode, I was so excited to see Kwangsoo’s cameo appearance, though it was too bad that he won’t be there for the whole 20 eps.

Let’s keep our hopes up everyone!!

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