[Recaps] Princess Weiyoung 錦綉未央 – Ep 54 (end)


Weiyang: Previously Xin’er but takes on Weiyang’s identity to exact her revenge

Tuo Ba Jun (TBJ): Bright & compassionate man who doesn’t care about royal politics and is the Emperor’s favorite grandson.

Tuo Ba Yu (TBY): TBJ’s uncle. He’s cold and ruthless but I think he’s slowly liking Weiyang.

Changle: Weiyang’s oldest sister who hates Weiyang because she thinks she stole TBJ from her.

Changru: Weiyang’s younger sister who’s in love with TBY.

Li Mingde (LMD): Weiyang’s 2nd brother who used to have feelings for Weiyang. He’s now the Prince of Rouran and is also known as Prince Yuan Lie but I’m still going to refer to him as LMD to limit confusion.

Chengde: TBJ’s servant and likes Juntao.

Bai Zhi: Weiyang’s loyal servant.

Jun Tao: Weiyang’s bodyguard & the one who knows her true identity. Currently missing.

Changan: TBY’s servant

Chiyun Nan (CYN): Great General who framed the Hexi King. Also Da Furen’s nephew.

Li Ang: Also known as General Jiao, minister of Ran Rou Kingdom. He’s the one who has been protecting LMD a lot of the times.

Lady Wen: Changru’s and Changxi’s birth mother. 

It’s finally the last episode of Princess Weiyoung! We came a long way and I’m excited to recap this last ep. LEGGO!

Ep 54:

From the end of last ep, we know that TBJ didn’t take the last antidote because he wanted to give it to Weiyang. Knowing what has happened, Weiyang asks TBY “Why did this happen?”. TBY tells her that in this world, there’s only one antidote and she has taken it. As Weiyang worries about TBJ, the Head Eunuch tries to escape but LMD quickly throws his sword at him, killing him in the process. We also see Changru, carrying a sword, secretly arriving at the scene as she glares at Weiyang.Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 12.37.35 pm.pngQuickly, she runs towards Weiyang with her sword out in front of her. But TBY sees her coming and immediately protects Weiyang as Changru’s sword goes through his chest instead. Changru becomes shock because she just harmed someone whom she wanted to save, “Why did you take the knife for her?”. This moment between them is quite bittersweet as we see that TBY does care a bit for Changru especially since she has given birth to their son, “Changru…I’m sorry I burdened you”. As he says those last words, he passed away as Changru tells him that she won’t make him be alone and that she will accompany him. So she hugs him tightly and the sword goes through her chest.Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 12.42.09 pm.pngAfterwards, TBJ gets checked by a doctor who tells him that he can only be saved by the antidote but he can suppress the poison from taking TBJ’s life for now. The doctor also tells him that he will get at least 5 more years of life, no more than 10. LMD tells TBJ not to give up and TBJ tells him that he won’t give up until the last moment.Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 12.51.57 pm.pngNext, it’s the grand wedding between TBJ and Weiyang! After so many obstacles, they are finally together in matrimony! Still dressed in their marriage clothes, TBJ hugs Weiyang from the back as they lie down together on the bed. TBJ tells her how he waited for so long for this moment, I guess they can’t believe that they are together and they are married to each other! Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 12.57.53 pm.pngAfterwards, we see LMD rushing to see the Princess who is still unconsciously lying in bed. LMD pleads the Princess to quickly wake up. Oh no, is she dead?

Luckily the Princess calls out LMD’s name, rendering him speechless. He becomes so happy that she is finally conscious, “I promise you that I will marry you”. Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 1.01.56 pm.pngThen it’s morning and Weiyang helps her husband with his outfit. TBJ tells her to look after her elders well as he won’t be able to see them since he has a court meeting. Such a sweet moment! Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 1.05.16 pm.pngNext, we see Changle all by herself in a ruined room. TBJ soon arrives as she looks at him in hatred straight at him, “What are you doing here?”. She asks him why is he tormenting her like this, “Why don’t you kill me?”. She then tells him that he probably can’t kill her since he still does not have evidence that she’s his mother’s killer, “Then I’ll tell you. It is me who killed your mother”. It seems like she hasn’t repented for her crimes as she admits her doing to TBJ and explains how she did it. As she tries to make him kill her, TBJ shouts for his servants to come in as they brought in a jug of poisoned wine with a cup. She then tells TBJ that he must kill her personally, not like this but TBJ tells her that she’s not worth it for him to do it. He then leaves and Changle gets poured the poison wine, who drinks it and dies.Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 1.12.36 pm.pngMeanwhile, we see Chengde watching Juntao who’s dressed as a girl! She’s so pretty! Oh they’re married!!!!!! “Juntao, did you come to see your husband?”.  Oh they’re such a sweet couple as Juntao becomes shy.Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 1.19.41 pm.pngAfterwards, we see TBJ in his study going through his work duties. The poison is clearly taking a toll on him as his complexion is not looking good and he is spitting out blood. He quickly hides evidence of the blood as he hears Weiyang telling their son to go in and see him – so many years has passed!! His son quickly tells him how he can write his own name now while TBJ teases that his son’s writing is much like his mother’s. His son then dismisses himself as he wants to go out and play.Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 1.25.02 pm.pngThen Weiyang looks at TBJ and becomes worried as he doesn’t look too good. TBJ plays it down and says that he just misses her. They talk about their son and how TBJ still hasn’t fulfilled his promise to her. We then see that she meant writing lessons as he still teases her about her bad writing even though she’s only writing his name, “It has been so many years and it is still ugly”. He then takes the brush from her and begins writing but Weiyang then notices the blood. However, she knows that he’s hiding it from her so as to not worry her. So she doesn’t say anything about it but helps him with writing as she now knows he is losing strength, “I’m doing it on purpose because it is only this way you can teach me forever”. – god I’m crying! Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 1.33.34 pm.pngAfterwards, we see that TBJ has become much paler than before and is losing a lot of his strength. The doctor tells TBJ that he is unable to suppress the poison any longer 😦 As the doctor continues talking about how he is lacking and can’t help TBJ any longer, Weiyang is secretly listening to their conversation. The doctor tells him that he had taken the antidote instead of giving it to Weiyang, TBJ won’t suffer like this but TBJ tells him that he will regret it if he takes the antidote himself. TBJ then requests the doctor to not let Weiyang know about this. – But Weiyang has heard everything and she is making me cry! 😭Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 1.34.22 pm.pngLater, we see them planting more flowers together in their secret garden! We also see the lanterns Weiyang drew many years ago for TBJ and has purposely hung it there for him to see. TBJ then says that he wants to hear her play the guqin.Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 1.39.11 pm.pngAs Weiyang plays the guqin, we see her tearing up as TBJ recites their marriage vows. He then tightly grasps her hand as she holds his tightly as well. I think they both know that TBJ’s time is nearly up 😦Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 1.41.32 pm.pngTBJ continues to say their vows and we can hear that his speech is becoming slower and more laboured. He then leans his head on Weiyang’s shoulder and quietly passes away. Weiyang’s hands, shakingly, tries to continue to play the guqin as she continues reciting their vows.Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 1.45.56 pm.pngScreen Shot 2016-12-11 at 1.46.12 pm.pngScreen Shot 2016-12-11 at 1.46.22 pm.pngNext, we see Weiyang and her son walking up the steps to the entrance of the palace. Everyone bows to them as they greet both of them as the Emperor and the Emperor’s mother. In the background, we hear TBJ’s voiceover asking Weiyang to look after the country and their family. We also hear Weiyang’s reply to his request saying that she will let him see a glorious land. Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 1.49.23 pm.pngScreen Shot 2016-12-11 at 1.48.51 pm.png


It’s finally finished and the lead up to TBJ’s death made me tear up a lot! I like how they tied up a lot of loose ends as we see LMD and the Princess being together, Juntao and Chengde happily married and Changle finally gets what she deserves. It’s a pity that Changru died for TBY and didn’t show any remorse for her actions to Weiyang but I didn’t mind it as it was quite fitting for her to follow TBY to his death since she does a lot of things for him. One thing I want to say though is that I was secretly hoping that Weiyang could’ve been more of a bad-ass femme fatale since that was the impression I got from her from the beginning eps. So I was a bit disappointed in that aspect. But I love how TBJ and Weiyang defied the odds and got together, despite the fact that TBJ couldn’t live very long. But at least they have a cute son who is now the Emperor to continue his legacy.


23 thoughts on “[Recaps] Princess Weiyoung 錦綉未央 – Ep 54 (end)

  1. What a fantastic episodes I also thank u for giving us the updates of the movie . I hope we will get another fantastic movie to watch.


  2. Thanks so much for recapping this drama! I binged the whole thing but I couldn’t get through the angsty parts by myself so I needed to read what happened in advance lol. This really helped me. Feeling so sad about TBJ, really got attached to all the characters in this drama.

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  3. I wish all of them to act another drama again ,and i love the flims but i dont like where it end ,i want them to be together for life and have children.the flims makes me cry if i think about it


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