[Recaps] Princess Weiyoung 錦綉未央 – Ep 42 & 43


Weiyang: Previously Xin’er but takes on Weiyang’s identity to exact her revenge

Tuo Ba Jun (TBJ): Bright & compassionate man who doesn’t care about royal politics and is the Emperor’s favorite grandson.

Tuo Ba Yu (TBY): TBJ’s uncle. He’s cold and ruthless but I think he’s slowly liking Weiyang.

Changle: Weiyang’s oldest sister who hates Weiyang because she thinks she stole TBJ from her.

Changru: Weiyang’s younger sister who’s in love with TBY.

Li Mingde (LMD): Weiyang’s 2nd brother who used to have feelings for Weiyang. He’s now the Prince of Rouran and is also known as Prince Yuan Lie but I’m still going to refer to him as LMD to limit confusion.

Chengde: TBJ’s servant and likes Juntao.

Bai Zhi: Weiyang’s loyal servant.

Jun Tao: Weiyang’s bodyguard & the one who knows her true identity. Currently missing.

Changan: TBY’s servant

Chiyun Nan (CYN): Great General who framed the Hexi King. Also Da Furen’s nephew.

Li Ang: Also known as General Jiao, minister of Ran Rou Kingdom. He’s the one who has been protecting LMD a lot of the times. 

Ep 42: This begins with Weiyang looking at the hairpin which she shares with Changru as she doesn’t want to believe that her lovable sister is Baizhi’s murderer.Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 11.32.15 am.pngNext, we see TBY going to a secret location where a man, covered in bandages, is seen laying inside the hut. no! It’s CYN! What is TBY going to do with him?Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 11.34.12 am.pngThen, we see the Princess feeling guilty for not protecting Baizhi well. She tells her servant how she feels a bit responsible for her death as she could’ve gotten more people to look after her. Looks like she’s only feeling guilty because she’s afraid LMD will not forgive her for not protecting Weiyang well. Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 11.36.17 am.pngThen we see LMD as the Prince of Rouran arriving at the Capital with the familiar Li Ang (the person who saves LMD countless times) and Princess An Le. His arrival as the Prince of Rouran surprises many including TBJ and Weiyang’s father. When asked by the Emperor his purpose of coming to Da Wei, LMD brings up marriage between Rouran and Dawei to unite these two neighbours. Li Ang then requests the Emperor to allow marriage between the Khan and his daughter, the Princess. Seems like LMD was not told of this beforehand, as he looks shock and argues with Li Ang later in private.Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 4.31.31 pm.pngAfterwards, the Emperor goes to see his daughter to talk to her privately. He gifts her with a jade rabbit which was gifted to him by Rouran. When the Princess hears that, she gets excited as she knows that LMD is one the Princes of Rouran and is now here in the Capital. The Emperor tells his daughter about marrying her to Rouran which the Princess quickly misunderstands and thinks that he meant LMD, not the Khan. So she quickly agrees to the marriage as per the Emperor’s wishes who is surprised to see his daughter so excited to marry. But then the Emperor tells her that she will be marrying the Khan, LMD’s dad, which shocks her and makes her feel betrayed since it wasn’t LMD who asked to marry her. The Princess then quickly refuses to marry to Rouran which displeases the father who tries to persuade her that this marriage can ensure peace between both states. The Emperor then tells her that whether he marries her off or not, it’s not her decision but his.Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 4.48.14 pm.pngNext, LMD surprises Weiyang who now knows of his true identity from the other servants. They have a happy reunion together as Weiyang tells LMD that he will always be her little brother, regardless of his identity. LMD then apologises to Weiyang for not being by her side during her hard times but quickly consoles her, “These times will go by quickly”. He then says that he has a big present to give her. Guess what the present is????Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 4.57.35 pm.pngIT’s JUNTAO!!!!!!!!!! I’M SO GLAD SHE’S ALIVE!!!!!!! Juntao then explains how she’s with LMD and that LMD brought her back here to see Weiyang. Then a servant comes in to tell LMD that the Princess requests to meet with him. Knowing that the Princess would’ve heard the news of marrying his father, LMD tells Weiyang everything before leaving to see the Princess. He also tells Weiyang that Juntao should follow him since she will be in danger if she’s left alone in the palace. Weiyang agrees and Juntao tells Weiyang that if she has problems, she can tell LMD who will tell her.Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 5.00.14 pm.pngSeeing LMD infuriates the Princess since she has to marry his father. LMD pleads with the Princess to give him some time to fix this as he never wanted her to marry his father. However, the Princess doesn’t believe him and runs away.

Later, we see LMD bribing the Emperor’s eunuch with a jade item to help him dissuade the Emperor from marrying the Princess to his father.Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 5.04.40 pm.pngMeanwhile, Lady Wen hurriedly goes to her daughter and asks her why isn’t she marrying TBY and that a Rouran Princess is marrying him instead. Changru tells her mother that she was going to be his wife until this Rouran Princess shows up unexpectedly. Her mother then complains that Changru will become a concubine if she marries TBY and that her days won’t pass by easily.

Later, both Weiyang and LMD greet Granny Li who is really happy to see them. ThenLady Wen comes in with Changru fussing over how LMD has changed. We see Weiyang looking at Changru warily as she still can’t believe that Changru killed Baizhi and thinks that there’s an error.

Then, both LMD and Weiyang went to pray for LMD’s adoptive mother, “You are forever my mother”. After that, they both head to a room when Weiyang suddenly asks LMD if he’s actually going to let the Princess become his mother. LMD tells her that he will never accept it and that he will figure out how to get around this situation. LMD then asks Weiyang “Why did TBJ marry Changle?”. Weiyang doesn’t answer his question while LMD complains how he never thought that TBJ will hurt Weiyang so deeply. However, Weiyang defends TBJ saying there are a lot of complicated reasons so he shouldn’t be blamed. Then, Weiyang asks LMD for help concerning Changru.Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 5.12.38 pm.pngAfterwards, we see LMD arriving at his residence at Dawei to find Li Ang waiting for him. He warns the Prince that he shouldn’t forget his identity and purpose here at Dawei especially since he is now the Prince of Rouran.Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 5.45.29 pm.pngNext, we see all the royals at the Emperor’s banquet, including LMD and other guests. We see the Princess bickering with An Le who’s quite a straightforward character. LMD tries to control An Le but damn she keeps on talking and trying to pick a fight. Even some of the Princess’ answers surprises everyone. But the Emperor, TBY and others soon notice that it was Weiyang who has been helping the Princess to win the ‘argument’ with An Le. So An Le quickly complains how she is getting helped from Weiyang which is unfair. But LMD quickly stops her complaints before she gets in trouble and apologises to the Emperor who says that it’s just a game.Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 5.47.40 pm.pngAfterwards, we see the Princess gratefully thanking Weiyang for her help before TBY comes to praise Weiyang. The Princess then leaves, leaving Weiyang and TBY alone. Weiyang then asks TBY if there’s any hope to not let the Princess marry the Khan. TBY then says that no one will love to marry someone they do not love. Weiyang then tells him that he should treat An Le well once he marries her so that she can be happy. Then TBY asks her, “What about my happiness? Weiyang…the person I like is you”. He then says that if there’s one day, he will marry her and make her his wife. Weiyang politely refuses him saying that she never wants to marry him. But then…TBY grabs Weiyang’s hands and says “From today onwards…in this life, you can only be my woman and I can only be the one you like”. Gosh this is scary and the background music is not even helping. Is he actually threatening her?

Also, we see TBJ in the background watching them two as TBY leans closer to Weiyang.Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 5.59.52 pm.png

Ep 43:

This ep begins where we left of in Ep 42 as TBJ watches TBY getting closer to Weiyang. Can’t stand to watch this any longer, TBJ tells Chengde that he wants to tell Weiyang everything: TBY was behind his mother’s death and is not a good person. However, Chengde advises TBJ against it saying that if he tell Weiyang about TBY, she won’t be able to behave rationally in front of TBY and will expose everything.Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 11.30.41 am.pngLater, LMD scolds An Le for behaving inappropriately at the banquet and for arguing with the Princess. An Le tells him that she just wanted to teach them a lesson for underestimating them and their Rouran people. Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 11.37.13 am.pngThen LMD gets summoned to the Princess’ room where she’s throwing a tantrum, “I don’t want to marry into Rouran”. LMD tries to console her by saying that he won’t let her marry his father and that he can take her away from this place so that she can do whatever she likes and won’t be forced to marry someone she doesn’t want. The Princess calms down and says that she’s willing to do anything as long as she’s with LMD. Seeing that she’s happier now and not as upset, LMD begins to feed her food because she hasn’t eaten the whole day. Then he leaves saying that its getting late but not before the Princess hugs him and confesses her love for him. LMD smiles at her confession and hugs her in return.Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 11.44.01 am.pngBack to Weiyang, she gets confronted with Princess An Le and her servants. She quickly walks to Weiyang’s workplace and orders her servants to break everything. An Le tells Weiyang that she’s doing this because Weiyang has insulted Rouran and called them 蠕蠕 (squirming, wiggling, etc.). Weiyang tells An Le that she is mistaken as Weiyang has never insulted Rouran but An Le doesn’t believe her. An Le tells Weiyang that she knows about her helping the Princess that day at the banquet and still hasn’t forgotten about that incident. She then leaves, leaving Weiyang and her servants upset at the mess she has caused. However, Weiyang says to herself that she has never talked bad about Rouran and wonders who will set her up like this.Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 11.46.30 am.pngThe scene immediately cuts to Changru combing her hair as she receives news from her servant that An Le has caused havoc to Weiyang in public. Honestly, Changru! You need to resort to this?! How low can she get? Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 11.52.01 am.pngNext, we see Weiyang standing at the place Baizhi died. She sees Changru coming and smiles at her. Changru walks to Weiyang and asks her whether she’s fine after An Le’s incident. Weiyang then purposely brings up Baizhi and we can see Changru looking startled, “You still have not given up?”. Weiyang replies to her saying that she will never give up looking for Baizhi’s murderer. Weiyang then tries to make Changru feel guilty by saying how they’re good sisters before leaving. As she watch Weiyang leave, Changru says in her head that a good show will start soon and you definitely must be careful.Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 11.56.36 am.pngAfterwards, Weiyang sees the Princess sitting down by herself. Weiyang brings up LMD which flusters the Princess as Weiyang knows the Princess likes LMD. Then An Le arrives while the Princess tells Weiyang that she will avenge Weiyang after hearing what An Le did to her. Weiyang tries to stop the Princess but both An Le and the Princess already decided to battle.Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 11.59.25 am.pngThen, we see them dressed in their fighting outfits as they decide on what to bet on. If An Le wins, she wants Weiyang to be hit by the rod 50 times and if An Le loses, her maid can get hit. The Princess refuses saying that its their fight and they shouldn’t involve others but An Le tries to instigate the Princess, “Are you afraid of losing?”. The Princess then tells An Le that if An Le loses, she won’t hit her maid but tells An Le that she can’t bring trouble to Weiyang. But the Princess soon loses and An Le quickly orders her servants to hit Weiyang 50 times. Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 12.05.54 pm.pngAn Le smiles as she watches Weiyang gets hit while the Princess feels guilty. Then LMD runs in to stop them from torturing Weiyang and scolds An Le who just leaves. The Princess quickly apologises to Weiyang which LMD says that it was her fault for being so immature. Weiyang however defends Princess saying that the Princess did this to protect Weiyang. She also says that because the Princess really likes LMD, she has been protecting Weiyang because he asked her to.Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 12.07.53 pm.pngLater we see LMD threatening An Le that if she troubles Weiyang again, he won’t think of her as a sibling. Then, TBY gets news of Weiyang’s situation with An Le and finds it suspicious that An Le is already hating Weiyang. Seems like he has a plan for An Le, “We still don’t know if she’s [An Le] is going to be my wife or not”.Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 12.11.17 pm.pngAfterwards, we see An Le getting sick of being guarded by her father’s servants despite being in the palace. She gets rid of them by throwing treasured items everywhere before running away by herself. Meanwhile, Changru watches the scene and plans to do something to An Le, “Weiyang, I’ll help you release your anger”.

As An Le roams around the palace freely, we see a suspicious figure following her. She becomes wary and tries to run away but is immediately surrounded by two eunuchs who knocks her out unconscious. Back to Changru, when her servant sees a kite flying, she tells Changru that their plan is successful and that they have already organised people to knock down Weiyang’s alibi.Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 12.15.47 pm.pngWe see a maid asking Weiyang to follow her which she did for a while before realising that the maid is acting weird. So she tells the maid that she’s busy and that she will go back to work. On her way, Weiyang sees Changru who’s shocked to see Weiyang here. She then asks Changru to accompany her to a walk since they haven’t seen each other in a while. As they walk, Weiyang tells Changru how everytime she finds herself in trouble, there’s always Changru helping her and that she’s happy to have Changru as her sister. Feeling uncomfortable, Changru leaves saying that she has stuff to attend to.

Afterwards, Changru glares at her servant who apologises that she didn’t know Weiyang would escape that maid. Changru says that luckily Weiyang bumped into her and not someone else.Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 12.20.20 pm.pngLater, the Emperor gets news of An Le’s disappearance and orders his men to quickly find An Le. As we see everyone including LMD trying to find An Le, the screen gives us a close up shot of Changru feeling content as she plays chess. Her servant then comes in saying “Let’s hope that they will find An Le’s body soon”. Changru then says that her mother was right, she can never become a concubine – basically she’s killing 2 birds with one stone as she’s going to frame this on Weiyang and she can have TBY by herself.

Then she looks for Changle as Changru brings up Weiyang.Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 12.34.53 pm.pngLooks like Princess An Le has been found in the well. Everyone was shocked at the news of her death as it’s unexpected. Li Ang tells TBJ that it is Da Wei’s responsibility to find the culprit since this happened in their palace and that if they don’t give their answer soon, Rouran will not forgive them. A guard then discovers something and brings it over to TBJ who recognises it.Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 12.36.28 pm.pngThen we see them at Weiyang’s workplace saying that they have discovered a badge where An Le died which belongs to their department. They then ordered everyone to bring out their badge. As everyone brought their’s out, Weiyang couldn’t find hers which makes her suspicious and the number 1 suspect. TBJ says that the badge they discovered has no name so they can’t say that it’s Weiyang. They then ask for the maid’s alibi as Weiyang says that her sister Changru can confirm her alibi.Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 12.39.43 pm.pngLater, we see them assembled in front of the Emperor. The guards bring in Weiyang before the Emperor who can’t believe that she’s involved in this situation. Weiyang pleads her innocence but Li Ang would not have it and believes that she’s the culprit. Weiyang says that Changru can confirm her alibi as they were together at the time of An Le’s death. Changru then comes in acting scared and innocent. She hesitantly says that she saw Weiyang that day but lies about the location as she changes her answer. This infuriates Li Ang who believes that they did not even meet since Changru is not even certain about her answer. Changru then pleads to the Emperor that Weiyang is innocent even though she did not meet Weiyang that day, “I’m sorry I can’t help you”. Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 12.43.26 pm.pngWeiyang then tells the Emperor that she’s been telling the truth. The Emperor threatens Changru that if she does not tell the truth, he will punish her and her family. Changru cries and exclaims that she has not seen Weiyang that day and that she was with Changle the whole time. She then say to Weiyang “I can’t help you” – making Weiyang seem more guilty.Changle then arrives to the room. She tells the Emperor that she was with Changru at the time of An Le’s death. Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 12.51.36 pm.pngAfterwards, we see Weiyang in prison dressed in white as she’s still in disbelief that Changru did this to her. She looks back on her memories with Changru, now thinking that they’re all fake.Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 12.53.44 pm.pngNext, Changru timidly arrives at TBY’s place. He quickly grabs her hand and tells her how he warned her not to mess with Weiyang. Changru says that he’s misunderstanding her and that she’s not involved in this matter. TBY then angrily grabs her neck saying “You do anything just to achieve your purpose”. Changru still denies that she’s involved but TBY tells her that she must figure out a way to let everyone know that An Le’s death doesn’t involve Weiyang. Changru exclaims that she can’t do that especially after what she did with the Emperor. She then confirms that she has been working with Changle and threatens TBY to tell the Emperor since she has so many stuff on him. He lets her go in anger as Changru says that she wouldn’t do this to TBY but wants him to know that she’s better suited to be his wife as Weiyang won’t be able to help him like this. TBY replies “You’re right. [Weiyang’s heart and mine] might not be the same but she will always be my woman”. He then tells her why he likes Weiyang, “She’s the first person who made me comfortable and the only one who I will risk my life for”. This upsets Changru who says that she’s only like this because TBY taught her to be like this from the start. TBY walks away, breaking her heart.Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 12.55.13 pm.png


Ok, I’m not even that upset about An Le’s death since there was nothing to like about her but it is sad that she was used as a pawn in Changru’s plan to frame Weiyang as well as to get rid of her so that she can be TBY’s wife. I’m glad that her relationship with TBY is not working out as she doesn’t deserve happiness. She’s so poisoned and wicked!

Let’s get back to Weiyang. I’m glad that she now realises how evil Changru is but sad at the same time as it was the person whom she trusted the most that betrayed her. Also, LMD is back!!!!! I hope LMD and the Princess will be able to marry and be happy together if LMD can break the promise between the Princess’ marriage with his father.

Can’t wait to watch the next eps!

6 thoughts on “[Recaps] Princess Weiyoung 錦綉未央 – Ep 42 & 43

  1. This drama is starting to drag. I’ve vested too much time on this drama so I’ll likely finish it to the end, but gosh these framing schemes against Weiyoung is getting old. I’m a bit surprised the Emperor isn’t catching on. Weiyoung always end up in the mix.

    Happy Juntao is alive. She has unfinished business!!


  2. Hi! I love all your recaps of Princess Weiyoung and just sorta finished all of your posts! I depend to your recaps A LOT since I just can’t wait the subs lmao. Anyway, the story itself is good but I don’t remember how many times WY was framed to the point that I think “WY is managed to escape the death numerous time. Is she a cat?” ><
    Can't wait for the next recaps to be uploaded! Oh and I need OTP moment please, they should reconcile faster! I don't want WY keeps misunderstand TBJ it breaks my heart 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Will these people let Weiyoung live? I swear she keeps getting framed every episode and its getting annoying. Also, chang ru is damn obsessed with TBY. Omg i knew CYN would still be alive


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