[Recaps] Princess Weiyoung 錦綉未央 – Ep 40 & 41

omg…we’re already in the 40s!!!! This is going to end super duper quick but more drama for us! YIPEE!


Weiyang: Previously Xin’er but takes on Weiyang’s identity to exact her revenge

Tuo Ba Jun (TBJ): Bright & compassionate man who doesn’t care about royal politics and is the Emperor’s favorite grandson.

Tuo Ba Yu (TBY): TBJ’s uncle. He’s cold and ruthless but I think he’s slowly liking Weiyang.

Changle: Weiyang’s oldest sister who hates Weiyang because she thinks she stole TBJ from her.

Changru: Weiyang’s younger sister who’s in love with TBY.

Li Mingde (LMD): Weiyang’s 2nd brother who used to have feelings for Weiyang.

Chengde: TBJ’s servant and likes Juntao.

Bai Zhi: Weiyang’s loyal servant.

Jun Tao: Weiyang’s bodyguard & the one who knows her true identity. Currently missing.

Changan: TBY’s servant

Ep 40: This ep begins with the Older Prince colluding with his servant about framing TBY and that they don’t have to worry about Weiyang since time is running out (she only has 1 day left).

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 2.14.04 pm.pngThen we see Weiyang analysing the poisoned fabric with Baizhi’s help. Seems like she’s out of options and doesn’t know what to do. The next day, the eunuchs arrive to see if Weiyang has found the real culprit. Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 2.15.01 pm.pngMeanwhile, the Older Prince tells the Emperor that he only requires a day to find out the true culprit. Then the eunuch comes in saying that Weiyang has found the culprits and asks if the Emperor could go and see her so that she can explain. The Older Prince gets anxious and tries to dissuade his father from seeing Weiyang by saying how she’s distrustful. But the Emperor says that he will personally see her to see whether she’s telling the truth or not. On his way, he meets with TBY and TBJ who were waiting outside, and tells them to follow him.Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 2.19.05 pm.pngThe Emperor then arrives at Weiyang’s workplace. He immediately asks her who’s the murderer which Weiyang says that the murderer is here. She then explains how this outfit was able to go through security checks and she found clues from the outfit. She then asks all the maids to show her their hands and immediately grabs the head maid’s hand, “It’s you”. The head maid accidently reveals herself and Weiyang proceeds to explain how she knew it was the head maid through flashbacks. However, the head maid acts arrogant saying that it was not her while the Older Prince badmouths Weiyang. Weiyang remains composed and says that she has another evidence. She brings out the small bag which contains the poison saying that this bag must have been created by the culprit. Hence the threading and that specific material can lead us to the culprit. Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 2.23.05 pm.pngThe eunuchs then presented the materials to the Emperor and tells him that they found those cloths from the head maid’s room as well as from one of the other maids. Weiyang then says that only the head maid will thread this particular yarn (found on the small bag) since she doesn’t trust the other maids to do it. Having nothing to say and defend herself, she quickly begs the Emperor for her innocence. Then the Princess arrives and presents evidence that it was the head maid’s doing. She then gets dragged away and we see the Older Prince looking agitated. The Emperor then praise Weiyang and asks her how did she get the guts to risk her life like this. Weiyang says that since she lost loved ones, she’s not afraid to risk her life. The Emperor then promotes Weiyang as the head maid who will be in charge of Huan Yi. Meanwhile, Changru watches the whole situation in frustration before leaving the place. However, little does she know that Baizhi saw her.Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 2.36.18 pm.pngAfterwards, Weiyang gratefully thanks the Princess for finding the evidence to help Weiyang proclaim her innocence. She then tells the Princess that she wished she was an ignorant woman who is poor and humble so that she doesn’t have to live like this. While she is talking with the Princess, TBJ watches her from behind a pillar, listening on their conversation. Then TBY comes into the scene praising the Princess for her fast work in the investigation. But then they notice TBJ who spoils their mood by acting cold towards Weiyang. TBY then purposely gets closer to Weiyang saying how he will not let her feel wronged while putting his hand on her shoulder.

Then Changle arrives…omg..is this a party?Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 2.51.35 pm.png

Then they quickly cut scenes to Changru and her servant talking about Weiyang and how she always survive death. We also see Baizhi in the background eavesdropping on their conversation but accidently knocked onto a bamboo post. Changru then slowly walks over to Baizhi (who’s still hiding behind that post) while her servant quickly grabs Baizhi’s arm. Baizhi then confronts Changru about her lies and tells her how she knows that they stole her key to Weiyang’s chest and how they framed Weiyang previously. Changru immediately slaps Baizhi’s face by saying that she’s speaking nonsense before getting her servant to grab hold of Baizhi who bites the servant’s hand. Changru then gets the bucket and repeatedly hit Baizhi’s head, with the intent to kill her. Hearing the eunuchs’ voices, Changru and her servant flee the area, leaving Baizhi by herself.Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 3.01.27 pm.pngBack to Weiyang, she gets informed that something bad has happened to Baizhi. Weiyang immediately runs to Baizhi and sees her unconscious. When asked about Baizhi’s health, the doctor just shakes his head. Oh no! Weiyang is going to lose another friend 😦Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 3.09.59 pm.pngMeanwhile, Changru and her servant was hiding behind a wall, listening in on the situation. Baizhi spots Changru hiding behind the pillar and points to her direction but too bad Changle was in between them and everyone believes that she was pointing at her. As Weiyang pleads Baizhi to stay strong, Baizhi tries to tell Weiyang the truth but loses strength and eventually passed away.

In anger, Weiyang goes to Changle who was guarded by her maid so she slaps her instead. Changle then tells her maid to slap Weiyang back and even TBJ reciprocated her order. But TBY quickly stopped them and told Weiyang to be more rational. Changle then says that she did not murder Baizhi and that there’s no purpose to hurt her. Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 3.15.20 pm.pngThen its dinnertime for TBJ and Changle. She tells him how happy she is that he’s accompanying her to eat. As she talks about his mother, TBJ tries hard to remain composed (since he knows it was Changle who killed his mother). Seeing his change of expression, Changle misunderstands that TBJ believes Weiyang’s words and that she killed Baizhi. TBJ then tells her that this matter will be investigated thoroughly and she will be innocent. Happy again that TBJ ‘believes’ her, she then asks him whether he can stay the night and he just got up to leave. Again, she brings up Weiyang..god she’s not confident in this relationship..Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 3.18.42 pm.pngMeanwhile, we see Weiyang alone in the dark thinking about Baizhi and their past. She then proceeds to walk to the well. Thinking that she was going to jump in, TBJ was about to run out to save her but another maid saves Weiyang and tells her that Baizhi wouldn’t want this. However, Weiyang is still in grieving mode and can’t think rationally at this point. Chengde then tells TBJ that he has informed the Princess who is on her way here. Right on time, we see the Princess quickly running to Weiyang and trying to comfort her saying that she must be strong. Weiyang just says that the people who loved her has already left her and that the person she loves hates her. She then tells the Princess to get away from her because the other people who were close to her are no longer on Earth 😦

The Princess then gives Weiyang soup to drink in order to let her sleep peacefully. Weiyang drinks it and then lies down on her bed. Meanwhile, TBJ plays the guzheng as Weiyang drifts off to sleep.Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 3.29.55 pm.png

Ep 41:

Dressed in her head maid’s outfit, Weiyang still looks sombre. The Princess quickly greets Weiyang and is happy that Weiyang is now rational. Meanwhile, Chengde tells TBJ to rest after playing the guzheng for the whole night for Weiyang but he tells him that he’s fine.Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 3.40.29 pm.pngNext, we see the Emperor giving his oldest son the death glare as he walks into the room. As soon as the Oldest Prince greeted his father, the Emperor accused him of hurting his nephew (TBJ). The Oldest Prince quickly says that he’s innocent and that he has done nothing to hurt his family. But as soon as the Emperor says that he has a witness, the Oldest Prince becomes baffled.

Meanwhile at TBY’s residence, he says how the Oldest Prince believed that all the assassins he sent to hurt TBJ has been killed but little did he know that TBY saved one for today. Oh, paybacks a bitch.

Back at the palace, the Oldest Prince continues to say that he’s being set up by someone. He then brings up TBY and that he’s the one who’s framing him. Angry that he’s not admitting fault, the Emperor slaps his son. Then Weiyang’s dad arrives bringing in more trouble for the Older Prince. Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 3.42.50 pm.pngAt the Li’s Household, Weiyang’s mother expresses her concern for her daughter since she’s alone in the palace now that Baizhi has passed away. The grandmother consoles the mother saying that Weiyang is smart and she can survive. Then Changru arrives and the grandmother asks her what she knows of Weiyang. Changru tells them how Weiyang is not doing well since Baizhi has passed away and that the person who did this to Baizhi was Changle. – damn she’s good at acting innocent and framing others.

Later when they’re alone, Changru slaps her servant for nearly revealing herself to the elders when she flinched at hearing Baizhi’s name. Changru scolds her and says that even if Baizhi is before her, her face must stay the same. She then becomes worried about Weiyang who has already been promoted to Head Maid since she arrived in the palace, and that both TBY and the Emperor likes her. Hence, shes worried that TBY will marry Weiyang and all of her hard work will be gone to waste.Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 3.55.20 pm.pngMeanwhile, Weiyang looks at the key Baizhi gave her and misunderstands that Baizhi is saying that Changle stole it. Then a servant comes in saying that the eunuchs found a handkerchief and hairpin at the place Baizhi died. Weiyang then proceeded to wrap Baizhi’s belongings with the handkerchief with a cloth.Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 4.02.09 pm.pngThen, we see TBJ accompanying the Emperor for a walk in the gardens. Their conversation then turned to TBJ’s father who the Emperor claims was his favourite son. The Emperor talk about the what ifs and says how he regrets his actions in the past. The Emperor then tells TBJ that his oldest uncle has done a lot of wrong things but thinking about TBJ’s father, he can’t bear to kill another one of his son. TBJ tells his grandfather that he will support his decision.

Then the Oldest Prince gets an Imperial Order which says that he’s now confined to his residence and won’t be able to leave.Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 4.07.44 pm.pngBack at TBY’s place, we see Changru smiling as she arranges the food for TBY. She then congratulates TBY for the Oldest Prince’s demise and that now he’s no longer an obstacle to the throne. Changru then says how she personally made these food to help celebrate this occasion. TBY then takes a seat and eats the food as well as drinking the wine she keeps on pouring for him. Then we see him getting drunk while she’s still sober – I see where this is going.

Then we see TBY carrying Changru to bed in his drunken state.Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 4.12.37 pm.pngThe next morning, we see how their clothes are all flung around the room. TBY wakes up with a hangover, waking Changru who looks at him worriedly. He glares at her before hurrying picking up his clothes and walking out of the room.Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 4.16.21 pm.pngAfterwards, we see Changru accompanying Weiyang to the place Baizhi died. Again, she’s acting like a perfect little sister as she tells Weiyang to be strong. She then asks Weiyang if she has found the murderer and Weiyang tells her how Baizhi was pointing at Changle. Changru is surprised but glad that she was not suspected.Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 4.17.35 pm.pngThen we see Weiyang trying to go and see the Emperor before getting stopped by TBJ. He then drags her to someplace quiet telling her to be rational and that he has already got people to investigate who says that Changle did not kill Baizhi. Oh no! You’re the wrong person to tell her that!

Of course Weiyang believes that TBJ is defending his wife and will trust Changle over Weiyang. He then tells her that there’s no point in telling the Emperor about Baizhi since she’s a maid and he wouldn’t bat an eyelid over her. Hence, she shouldn’t risk her life for this. But Weiyang just shouts that Baizhi may be just a maid to him but to her, she’s much more important than that, she’s her family. Weiyang then says that if the Emperor does nothing, then she will personally go and kill Changle to avenge Baizhi. TBJ quickly stops her and yells at her to be calm. Weiyang then questions his motives in helping her. TBJ then says that he doesn’t wish to see her waste her life like this before walking away.Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 4.20.26 pm.pngMeanwhile, TBY and his mother talk about the Empress and how the Older Prince is no longer in their way. She then subtly hints about TBJ and how he should take care of him so that he won’t be an obstacle. She then asks TBY about Weiyang and their relationship. TBY just tells her to don’t act rashly but the mother says that she’s only asking because she’s thinking about choosing a wife for him. Hence she won’t have him be associated with a lowly maid (aka Weiyang) and that she’s considering Changru who has been visiting her a lot lately. It seems like TBY has no objections yet..Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 4.26.26 pm.pngBack at TBY’s house, Changru pours tea for him as TBY talks how TBJ was quick in finding evidence against the Older Prince. Changru then proceeds to massage TBY’s shoulders as she gives her own two cents on the political affairs.Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 4.30.32 pm.pngAfterwards, we see TBJ trying to calmly play his guzheng in peace. But Changle keeps on wanting to accompany him so she personally plays with him. However, he has enough of it as he stops playing and glares at her before getting up to leave so that he doesn’t have to speak to her. But Changle was quick on her feet as she walks towards him and asks him why he stopped. He tells her that he’s tired and it’s getting late, so they should rest early. He then walks away as Changle questions his feelings for her.Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 4.37.37 pm.pngLater, we see Weiyang addressing her subordinates. She tells them that she’s going to change the policies so that the previous incident won’t happen again. She says how each and every one of them will be responsible for someones’s clothes so that if something happens, that person will be the one at fault. After sending them to work, Chengde comes in who tells her that TBJ is looking for her.Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 4.41.17 pm.pngChengde then brings Weiyang to see TBJ. Weiyang asks him why did he look for her. TBJ promptly asks her, “What is your relationship with TBY?”. Weiyang says that it’s none of his business but he just tells her to reply to his question. Weiyang changes the subject and says that she’s busy and was about to leave before TBJ grabs her arm to stop her. He tells her that this is important. Weiyang tells him that TBJ already has a wife so he shouldn’t be worried about this. She then tells him how before TBY and her didn’t have a relationship but now he cares for her a lot. TBJ tells her not to trust him too much while Weiyang asks, “Who should I trust then?”. Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 4.44.57 pm.pngLater, we see Changru ‘caring’ for Weiyang but in reality she’s fishing for information. When Changru’s servant wipes some dirt off Changru’s shoulders using the handkerchief (similar to the one found where Baizhi died), Weiyang notices the similarity and asks to see the handkerchief in closer detail. Weiyang says how she never saw this type of threat which Changru’s servant says that only she has it and that it is only she who can thread this. Weiyang then asks to borrow this for 2 days so that she can make one for herself. Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 4.49.04 pm.pngBack in her room, Weiyang quickly finds the other handkerchief and sees how both of the handkerchiefs are exactly the same. She then investigates into the matter and asks the eunuch who found the Baizhi whether he was the one who found the handkerchief. The eunuch affirms and tells Weiyang the exact place he found it. Looks like Weiyang knows who did this…and she asks the eunuch to not tell anyone about this. The eunuch then leaves while Weiyang goes over the new information. She then figures out that Baizhi was not pointing at Changle the whole time and sees a patch of dried blood on the wall. She then becomes baffled that it might be Changru.Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 4.52.52 pm.png


Can’t believe that Baizhi died, and cruelly as well! I thought that Baizhi will at least be by Weiyang’s side the whole time. I feel so bad for Weiyang as the sister she thought she could trust is suddenly the person who wants her dead. 😦

Hope the next ep will show Changru’s true colours to Weiyang and that she can avenge Baizhi’s death.

10 thoughts on “[Recaps] Princess Weiyoung 錦綉未央 – Ep 40 & 41

  1. Poor Baizhi 😦

    Poor Chengle 😦
    Perhaps she should learn a thing or two from Chengru on the art of seduction or treachery.


    1. haha nothing Changle does will be able to make TBJ fall in love with her especially since he knows that she’s involved with his mother’s death


  2. I just love coming home from work to read recaps. I was so excited for these two eps. It’s sad that they only person besides TBJ and JT who truly is loyal to WY is now gone. Can’t wait for stupid Changle and Chang Ru to get what they deserve.

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  3. OMG!! This site is exactly what I have been searching for since I’ve been watching this show. You are a GOD SENT! Thank you for these recaps!

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  4. ive been following your recaps for a while, since ep 20 and i want to thank you. i havent been able to find any fast subs for this drama anymore and i absolutely love it as well as tiffany and luo jin! thank you so much for recapping!

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  5. Thank you for recapping this! Love the show but if its Chinese historical drama…. 😭😭😭 😭

    Can I hope that this one doesnt ends with death or bittersweet ending like typical Chinese historical drama? 😢😢😢😢😢


    1. I so agree with you and holding on to that hope, too…however, the opening and closing scenes are leading us all to think otherwise. I hope that is their intention and the real ending is a happy one, which would be spectacular! Let’s all hope the best!


  6. Thanks for your recaps again!
    I really hope WY smarten up and finally realizes CR is betraying her. It is getting a bit frustrating that every episode recently has WY being set up by almost every character in the drama except for TBJ and the princess. I wish she would go on the offensive rather than the defensive recently.


  7. Thank you for your recaps & you are amazing for being so up-to-date with the drama episodes! I haven’t continued watching the drama since episode 16, so I read your recaps from 17 onwards. I liked Li Weiyang in the novel too much for her brilliance & coldness, so it was difficult to see the damsel in distress & emotional & slow Li Weiyang in the drama.

    I am glad she finally realizes what a snake Li Chang Ru is. Li Weiyang really needs to step up her game to make a believable Empress later.


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