Wildpear Cafe @ Dural

I was in the area when I passed by this cafe and decided to have lunch here. It was very crowded (lunch hour) and we had to wait 15 minutes for a table for 2. Since it will take around that time to get to the nearest shopping centre, we decided to wait and to see whether the hype was a disappointment or not.

When we got seated at our tables and were given our menus, we were quick happy with the amount of choices we got in addition to the lovely winter specials they had up on the board. However, it took a while for our dishes to come (probably because it’s a full house) but we were disappointed with their time management.

Around 30+mins our food finally arrived! 😑 

Panfried gnocchi with broccolini, crisp kale and parmesan

Despite the disappointment with the timing, we were quite satisfied with their food. The gnocchi was well flavoured with the greens and the parmesan added a nice touch of flavour.

The fish and chips were also nice, however, the portion was small. Only two pieces of fish but the chips kind of make it up for that. The chips were crunchy and I loved the tartare sauce (wanted more of it)!

Fish and Chips
Spiced Hot Chocolate

Last, but not least, my lovely spiced hot chocolate! This drink was not sweet but spicy! It was perfect for the cold weather and I loved it 😁

It was nice and warm, however, I did burn my throat at times (hot+spicy) because I drank it a bit too fast 😋

Overall, a lovely place for good food and a comfortable environment to dine in. However, waiting for food was horrendous and service was slow, which was quite unfortunate.

I would love to come here again…but I’m not sure whether I can be bothered to wait for that long..maybe next time, I won’t set foot into the place when it’s during rush hour.

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