Review: OPI Suzi Takes the Wheel

It has already been a few days into Winter and since I just recently purchased a new colour to add to my collection, I decided to make use of it and start 💅💅💅!

Honestly, I’m quite lazy and don’t usually do my nails mainly due to the fact I’m a piano teacher – hence, I can’t grow my nails as long as I would like them to. And if I do, I would be a major hypocrite especially when I always complain to my students that their nails should be neatly trimmed and short before every piano lesson.

But enough about that, let’s get on to this beautiful colour I purchased the other day.

Isn’t the colour just gorgeous!!!! It’s OPI’s Suzi Takes The Wheel!! Perfect colour for winter and as you can see, it is quite pigmented in a greenish-grey tone which is different from all of the other shades I have.

Also, it didn’t take quite long to dry which I was glad and I hope that I won’t have any pillow markings when I sleep later on!

#PRAY the colour lasts and no pillow markings!

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