Artistic Creations in Malaysia: George Town, Penang & Old Town, Ipoh

Earlier this year, I went on a family vacation to Asia visiting a number of places including the lovely Malaysia. Despite being known for its local delicacies for food and cultural attractions, both Penang and Ipoh showcases many wonderful and creative street arts & wall murals all around their town.

In Penang, the creative arts are mostly situated in George Town. Many of them are so cute, humourous and very much fascinating! These arts are definitely creative with some allowing us to be part of the art (Mr Bean, Marilyn Monroe, etc.).

Below, are the photos I’ve personally found and taken in George Town!

Ipoh also has wonderful street arts showcasing areas of what the town’s known for as well as a bit of their history. A lot of these can be found in the alleyways as well as just in plain site behind some buildings. 

It’s a pity that I couldn’t find all of them in both Penang and Ipoh, but it was a great hide and seek activity! There were also some which I didn’t get to take due to time constraints but when I go back, I will definitely finish this hide and seek game in both Penang and Ipoh!

P.S These street arts and murals are such great tourist attractions and is a fun family-friendly activity! I wish Sydney has this as well!

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