2016:CNY Travels

We always have a family vacation every year but it has been a while since we’ve all travelled together overseas as a family. I guess, just making sure that we have enough holiday leave to cover our trip, to see whether the time suits everyone, etc. there are a lot of things to consider when going on a family trip.

So this year, since we only had a month of vacation, we decided to just travel around Asia, mainly Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. Since my mum’s side of the family primarily reside in Singapore, we mainly stayed there for most of our trip, especially during the Chinese New Year festivities.

In Thailand, we mainly stayed in the Pratunam area in Bangkok which is a huge shopping district! There are so many fantastic malls and markets especially the Chatuchak market which is only opened during weekends. Love this place and will definitely want to come back soon to update my wardrobe!

In Malaysia, we visited three cities: KL, Penang and Ipoh. We stayed in Malaysia for a week, spending a few nights in Penang and Ipoh whilst only one night in KL. Penang and Ipoh was amazing especially when there was a lot of things to see, eat, drink and eat! I especially adored Penang for it’s culture and friendly locals.

In Singapore, we met up with so many of our family and friends. We had an amazing time having a lovely catch up with all of them as for some of us, it has been quite a number of years since we last saw each other. Also, the hawker centres all over Singapore pleased my stomach so much!

Overall, this trip has been so much fun and I’ve taken so many amazing photos to capture the moments! I’ve been posting up my travel diaries which you can see Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4 & Week 5.



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