Mereweather Surf Club

This place was bustling with people as soon as we were within the vicinity. I guess it’s because of the amazing view of the ocean, the $10 pizza or both!

The pizza was quite a decent size for $10 which surprised me! We ordered prawn, peri peri chicken, garlic & mozzarella and mushroom pizzas as well as calamari and chips with tartare.

img_6014.jpg So 4 pizzas and a side was quite enough for 6 adults!

We did not have to wait too long for the food to come out which was surprising as there was quite a crowd! Nevertheless, the food was flavoursome, delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve got to say, my favourite is a toss between the garlic and the chicken as they’re both simple pizzas but totally flavoursome!

Would definitely be one of the places to come and eat whenever you’re at Newcastle!

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