Nail Diaries: March Edition 2016

This month was quite relaxing for some reason (probably because assignments have not piled up yet or I’ve been procrastinating too much…) to do my nails! Since I had some spare time and I’ve been going out a lot, I wanted to show off my nails and the best way to do that is NAIL ART!

Week 1: OPI Toucan Do It If You Try

This is actually not as hard as it looks. I put a nude base on all my nails and suddenly decided that I needed a pop of colour! Hence the orange.

I used a nail art brush to draw the diagonal lines across some of the nails before adding a few more strokes. Pretty easy and doable!

I’m quite keen to repeat this style again but in different colours..since winter is coming up soon, I might be using more warm colours (we’ll see how I go).

Wk 3: OPI Heart Throb, OPI Black Oynx

This week was just a lazy, but chic art. I put two light pink coats on my nail. Then using a nail art brush, I carefully made thin strokes on the top of my nail (using the white part of my nail as a guide) to create the French tips.

Tbh, this took my more time than the first one which was surprising since this French tips looks the simplest.


With OPI nail polish, I was able to keep the nail styles for around 2 weeks each which I was glad as nails do take quite a bit of time to get them perfect!



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