Asia Trip 2016 – WK 3

This week was mainly spent in Malaysia as we roamed around various places food hopping and sightseeing! Sightseeing adventures were great despite the hot heat (I’m just glad that it wasn’t humid). We also visited some temples which was so interesting as we don’t get so much history like this in Australia. Nevertheless, quite an enjoyable time and would love to visit this beautiful country again!

Monday 1st February:

Today I woke up feeling quite sick. I think it’s because of the heat yesterday as it was too hot. I felt dehydrated and my nose was blocked. The perks of travelling to many places in such a short amount of time 😆

I think it was due to the very hot weather mixed in with the air conditioned room in my hotel. The stark change from the very hot to cooling temperature probably was too much for my body to handle hence I got a fever and cold.

But I didn’t feel that sick in the morning/afternoon so I went to see Penang Hill and Kek Lok Si. Gosh! I walked too much as my feet was on fire!

 The views from both places were spectacular as they both overlooked the city and we could even see the other side of Malaysia! (Penang is an island)

The village neighboring Kek Lok Si is called Ayam Itam village where it’s speciality is its Ayam laksa which is a crowd favorite. Unfortunately, my health declined at this time so I couldn’t enjoyed it and just ordered chao kuay tiao and herbal soups.

After that, we went to visit Kek Lok Si (a buddhist temple).


IMG_5006.jpgThen went back to our hotel where we bought more herbal medicine (shop located just a minute away) for me to have to get better quickly and sleep soundly. It definitely worked and I felt much better.

By this time, it was around 9pm so I just walked out to find some dinner XD I wasn’t really hungry but the sight of food stalls cooking amazing food couldn’t stop me from quickly ordering my fave Chee chong fun and some noodle soup! The noodles was so silky and lovely! Best dish of the day! Couldn’t say the same for the Chee chong fun as the skin wasn’t as smooth as I had wanted.

We strolled around the vicinity to digest the food and saw some more street arts including Mr Bean and Marilyn Monroe (street arts & mural post will be up soon!)

Tuesday 2nd February:

Woke up around 8am and went out for some breakfast. The streets were filled with lots of people despite it being a early morning – very different from Australia. Markets were open with stalls selling fresh meat, fish, clothes, footwear, food and many more! It’s a bustling atmosphere and I enjoyed it!

For breakfast we ordered a traditional Chee chong fun which was so much better than last night and also ordered a Mee Jiang Kueh. Very yummy and will definitely miss it when I leave!

Mee Jiang Kueh


Chee chong fun with sauce


2nd round with just sesame oil

After breakfast, we had walked around the vicinity which is a huge marketplace and bought some food to bring back to our hotel for more snacks XD. We also tried some porridge that looked pretty popular with the locals and we’re glad we did as it was delicious! You would think that porridge is boring and not much texture but Penang porridge is absolutely the best! Lots of texture, different flavours and I love how it is all freshly made on the spot!

After being well fed, we went back to the hotel to refresh ourselves before getting ready to go out again for another sightseeing trip around Penang! We took the CAT bus (free central bus) to Fort Cornwallis and explored the place before going to the Buddhist Temple at Lorong Burma to see the famous reclining Buddha.

There’s also another temple opposite the road which was pretty spectacular. There are chronological stories of the Buddha’s life depicted in pictures that are hung along the walls.


After that, we walked a bit around the vicinity to find food to eat for lunch, which was difficult as most places open late. Luckily we found this place which had wonton mee! Too bad it was disappointing..

Won Ton Mee

Then we travelled to Batu Ferringhi which is known for water sports and its beach. Growing up around the beautiful Australian beaches, I already know what to expect but was very VERY disappointed. The water was dirty (I suspect from the sewage), sand is filled with litter and even cigarette butts!  Also, I dislike the fact that locals always had to keep coming up to us to pay them to do water sports. I get that it’s probably their living but I wanted peacefulness and quietness. It’s too commercialised here as there are so many stalls crowded around the entrance selling souvenir goods.

So we quickly left and headed back to George Town for dinner then back to our hotel.

Wednesday 3rd February:

Today is our final day in Penang as we will be traveling to Ipoh (another city in Malaysia) via the long Penang Bridge.

It was kind of sad to leave this town as I love the food they offered and the people were quite friendly! They were so helpful to us when we asked for directions and they even recommended good eateries and places to see!

For breakfast, we had traditional yum cha which was delightful! Ordered our favorites and was amazed at the wonderful flavours from each of the dishes! Every bite was savoured and I will miss this as it is much better than what we have in Australia!

Then we went back to the hotel to pack our bags for our next food fest at Ipoh!

View of Penang from Penang Bridge


beautiful view from Penang Bridge


Ipoh already

After arriving in Ipoh, we went straight to the hotel to check in and refresh ourselves. The hotel we stayed in was very nice and the staff was welcoming. We stayed at the top floor and had a wonderful view of the city as well as the river. After refreshing ourselves, the hotel staff was nice enough to drive us to one of the local favourites called Lao Wong for dinner. This place is known for its chicken and I’m so glad we went here as it is so tender and very yummy! Love it!



Meat ball soup

We also ordered a few more dishes but unfortunately, they were not captured as the food disappeared too quickly.



After our enjoyable dinner, we strolled around and found out some shops which sells yummy snacks! The snacks we bought including crisp peanut candies are hard (or don’t exist) to find in Australia, so we savoured the taste and bought some back to the hotel for munchies.

Thursday 4th February:

Woke up around 9 in the morning to get ready for breakfast. Many locals were already eating as soon as we came out and we soon followed suit. We ordered quite a variety of food as we wanted to have a bit of everything.
After a heavy breakfast, we began our sightseeing adventure: street arts, food, drinks, historic buildings. We also walked around 25-30mins to Big Tree Tree. I admit, I was initially excited as I thought there would be an actual big foot or something (didn’t do any research as I wanted to be WOWed) but was majorly disappointed. I still don’t know why they call the place “Big Tree Foot” but locals mainly go there for Yong Tao Foo (which in my opinion wasn’t that good).

Dragon Fruit Juice at Big Tree Foot


So we walked back to our hotel which on the way, we stopped numerous times to eat 😅

We stopped at Old Town Cafe which is situated just next to its Boutique Hotel. I ordered a Ice Kachang with Rose Syrup as well as Coffee Lava. We also tried their coffee which wasn’t that fabulous as mentioned in reviews. Nevertheless, our main purpose was air-con and toilet XD

Ice Kachang with Rose Syrup


Coffee Lava

After leaving the restaurant in disappointment, we trekked to recommended eateries like Nam Heong (egg tarts) and Si Loong (kaya toast). The egg tarts was good, especially the pastry but unfortunately it lacked flavour. At Si Loong, the kaya toast was 马马虎虎 (so-so) as it was too sweet so don’t bother trying if you’re here – I make it better at home XD. We also ordered he Chee Cheong Fun which was OK, soft boiled eggs and egg custard which looked and tasted similar to creme caramel. Would’ve liked it but it was too sweet.

Kaya Toast and Coffee!!


For dinner we went to Sun Tuck Kee mainly for lou shu fun which delivered. We also ordered vegetables, meat ball soup and other noodle dishes. Their meat balls tasted quite special (might be handmade) as it doesn’t taste like store bought food! It was delicious nonetheless! 

This dish was amazing!!!!
lou shu fun

Friday 5th February:

It’s been to quick. We’ve only been here for a few days and suddenly it’s our last day in Ipoh. I’m kind of glad as there’s not much to do Today was our day in Ipoh before we head off to KL. We had our last breakfast in Old Town, Ipoh before we left. We ordered quite a variety including popiah, chee chong fun, yong tao fu, lou shu fun and more since we won’t have these type of foods in a while!

 After packing our bags and going down to the reception, we got driven to the terminal by our hotel driver. Since we still had time before we board the coach, we ordered some roti which was so damn good! We considered to order more dishes but decided not to as we don’t want to have an upset stomach during the ride XD

We arrived in KL around 3ish in the afternoon and straightaway we went to have lunch with friends.

For lunch, we headed off to a restaurant known for its Bak Kut Teh and realized that many celebrities including Jay Chou had visited this place. The food was delish and it was exciting to know that I had eaten in the same place famous people come to XD

After that, we went to take some souvenir photos (AHAHS) of the famous twin towers in KL. As usual, traffic was hectic and very busy!

 Saturday 6th February:

First morning in KL but last day here so we quickly went out for some breakfast and strolled around the vicinity. We went food hopping as there were so many things to eat from different places so we took our time to fill up our stomachs. I even ordered chee chong fun!!!! (I swear, it’s my favourite dish in Asia!)

After checking out of the hotel and lunch, we went straight to the airport as we don’t want to risk getting caught in the bad traffic especially during this time of the year. Luckily we arrived early..probably a tad too early to check in so we went to find some charging stations as my phone battery is quickly declining.

However, we couldn’t find any so we went to this fast food restaurant where we found enough power points to charge all of our devices XD. We also bought some food to eat whilst charging as I will feel guilty if I just use their power for free. Even so, I could sense the waitresses’ eyes on me and I felt like they would force me out if I didn’t buy more food. So hence I bought more…gosh I’m so timid, but I dislike confrontation in public places especially when I’m not familiar here, so if I buy food, I will have more of a right to stay there and use their electricity XD


Otherwise, we had a smooth flight back to Singapore which took less than an hour. YIPEE!

Sunday 7th February:

This morning, I woke up quite early to help get the place ready for my cousin’s 21st birthday party by putting up some decorations and blowing up balloons. It was interesting as the last time I blew up a balloon was probably in primary school..which is probably 10 years ago! Gosh I feel old!!

Anyways, the party was a blast though it was a bit too crowded but I met new people which was great! After that, we cleaned up and went to prepare the place for the big reunion dinner with family members in celebration for CNY!

Wonderful day for double celebrations!

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