What to Pack: essentials for luggage, carry-on

We always think there is plenty of time to pack luggage for the trip overseas yet that is not what my mum thinks. She has been thoroughly annoyed that I still haven’t packed my luggage yet. To me, it’s still too early. I usually do it a few days before, at most, a week. You never know what clothes you will wear before you leave especially since it’s summer here in Australia and it’s hot in Singapore. That’s right, humid Singapore.

I’ve already done my shopping, and just received my package from Uniqlo filled with pajama pants and airism singlets! BRING IT ON HUMID WEATHER!

I’m not going to bring too many clothes since I’ll also be spending a week at Bangkok for shopping which many told me that it is a shopping paradise so I’m definitely looking forward to stocking up on uni outfits!


Even though I haven’t packed, I still like to plan. Hence, I’ve created a checklist (pictured below) which has been organised into 4 columns: wardrobe, beauty, essentials & hand luggage/handbag.

NB: The checklist isn’t quite finished yet but it gives you an idea on how to organise and pack for trips =)

For trips overseas, I always make sure that my handbag is large enough to store a lot of things despite also having a hand luggage for extra storage. Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 11.05.26 am.png

In my wardrobe section, you can see that I’m not bringing many clothes as I want to leave more space in my luggage for my shopping from BKK XD Nevertheless, being minimal is great as you can mix & match outfits which is clean and simple AND you don’t need to worry about stressing on what to wear.

Since the place I’ll be staying in Singapore will have a washing machine and a place to hang up my washing, 5-6 pairs of underwears will be enough. I also brought disposable underwears (just in case) for massages (they recommend you wear disposable undies especially for oil massages) and I don’t want to do washing during hotel stays.


This section is quite large as I still want to take care for my face and body despite being overseas. Since I’m travelling a lot, it will be easier to bring my own hair straightener and hairdryer.  Of course, moisturising creams, face cleanser, my go-to BB cream and lip balms are essential for my daily routine.

Essentials: Top 3

  • PASSPORT! A definite must or else you won’t even be able to leave the country! Keep it safe & it will be wise to make a copy and having it signed by the JP.
  • Travel adapters & chargers! Self-explanatory, you wouldn’t want to be spending days tech-less, much less phone-less.
  • Medicine – it is highly recommended to bring your own medicine (ones you trust) as your body might not be used to medicine you never tried before (especially those from overseas).


I always ensure that I have spare clothes in my hand-carry for emergencies as well as extra undies. Since I’ll be on the plane for around 8 hours, my face will be dry due to the lack of moisture in the air. Hence, beauty mask! Some people also prefer a neck pillow but I find it tedious so I don’t bother about that. I’ll be spending my time drinking, eating and watching movies during the flight. And of course, my macbook will be with me as I’ll never put it in my checked-in luggage for ‘duh’ reasons as there are possibilities of it getting stolen or even damaged!  Its best to keep these things with you at all times including jewellery.

Hope this checklist help to eliminate some or perhaps most of your worries on what to pack for holidays =)




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