Hub by Reuben & Moore @ Macquarie Centre

Prior the renovation, this place was just named ‘Reuben & Moore’ and the reviews were not so great. As I’ve never been to this place, I’ve always had an interest in dining here. Today, I was glad to have the opportunity to have lunch with my friend at this place. It was a perfect place to have a catch up especially since they allowed us to stay for a few hours to eat and talk.

Their menu was quite pleasing and there was quite a bit of variety to choose from. I especially liked their drinks menu and the fact that they make the juices straight on the spot. My friend noted the fact that their menu was quite healthy yet nourishing.

Since I was craving cous cous, I ordered their cous cous salad with different vegetables (should’ve taken a photo of their menu) and an iced tea – pineapple, mint, agalove & cucumbers. The drinks were disappointing. To think I paid $7.5 for a small glass which basically tastes like diluted flavoured water. Not worth it.

However, the cous cous salad was amazingly good! The flavour, texture and the way it was cooked was spot on. The carrots were perfectly seasoned and cooked, which was the same for the other vegetables incorporated into this dish.

Overall, I’ll definitely come back for the salad as well as to try their other dishes but not for their drinks. Also, I have to mention the fantastic service given to us by the waitresses and waiters. Very friendly, amicable and accommodating.

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