2015 reflections

This year has been rather eventful! Met new people, faced challenges, seen beautiful things and became a bit more mature. I think we always say that “gosh, this year flew by too quickly” – but I seriously think it’s true. Even yesterday’s XMAS celebration felt like it happened eons ago. However, I’m thankful for 2015 despite the tragedies people around the world may have faced as the message of us being stronger together and more united has surpassed the fear the terrorists wanted us to submit to. Also, this year has allowed me to understand the true meaning of friendship and the fact that it is pointless to act happy if you are not truly happy. Thus, taking a step back and having a personal ‘me’-time enabled me to figure things out slowly and discover what truly makes me happy.


Since I’ve graduated from secondary schooling, I haven’t had any jobs nor experience. Though I’ve been tutoring students, I wanted to have a real job…one which I can put on my resume. This year, I was lucky enough to come across an ad looking for piano teachers around my area. I was ecstatic! I can finally receive income and experience for teaching which complements with my degree. Through work, I met new people, discovered superannuation, taxation headaches and gained experiences in life. Signing a contract to my new job made me feel mature and more of an adult unlike having a drink when I turned 18.

With work, I am now able to afford things on my own instead of relying on my parents. For example, I bought my own Macbook Pro, transportation fees, outings with friends, paid for my own shopping (both instore and online) and even treated my parents to dine out for dinner, luncheons, etc.

Can’t wait for next year as I’ll be getting a pay rise!!! YIPEE!!


I’ve heard many stories on how 2nd year of uni will always be better than first year. I guess it’s due to the previous year being like a trial where we test on what habits are prone to make us study harder, which app is great for uni life, whether I should take notes from paper or my iPad and even whether buying ebooks or hard copy books are better. There are always pros and cons even when searching on Google. But, I find that you will always doubt yourself unless you actually try them all (or most of them).

Nevertheless, you meet new people in every class. I actually did a 3rd-year unit which was quite intimidating, but I enjoyed it. My group were nice and we did rather well in our presentation despite the technological difficulties. Also, I began to understood more of my own friends. I guess, next year, I might not want to be in the same group presentation as them as the stress levels are quite high, and we’re too comfortable with each other. Like they always say, personal and business matters/relationships must be kept separate.

I can’t wait for next year as I will be going out of prac and actually teaching in schools. Pray that the students won’t give me too much grief and that they’re understanding of my lack of experience. I’m only there to learn!!!!!


Spending time with my family is definitely important to me and we usually try to schedule outings in everyone’s free time to spend time together outside, having fun and eating great food. This year, we went to wonderful places around Sydney especially Wollongong where we had such scrumptious food from Litani’s. I also went to a nudie beach during our hike around Sydney Harbour National Park where I saw things that were quite shocking yet interesting hahas.

We went to our first Spanish restaurant together called Casa Asturiana which is located in the heart of CBD. The experience was authentic especially with the loud yet fun entertainment from their professional dancers.


I’m getting OLDER! GAHHH! Ever since my 18th birthday, I don’t feel as much joy in celebrating mine. It’s just adding another year to my age and reminding myself that I’m already an adult. This year, my birthday felt like other ordinary days so I didn’t make a big deal out of it. Just had simple luncheons and dinners with friends and did a catch up with each other’s lives. My 21st is next year, and people are already asking me what my plans are and where I’m going to hold this joyous event. Why is 21st such a big deal? All I feel like doing is staying at home in my PJs, probably cooking or watching movies with friends. Dressing up, putting on make-up is too much effort. I should’ve persuaded my mum further to have a bigger party on my 18th as now I don’t even care about my birthday that much.. Too late. Maybe, I’ll do a pyjama cocktail party~ bring in the drinks! hahas!


This year, I attended my first ever wedding! Thank goodness it was a great day, not too sunny and not too windy which was great for my hair. I have to say, weddings are definitely special. You can’t help but smile at the groom who’s nervous to take the next big step and even when the bride gets out of her chariot. When they say ‘I Do’, you feel a burst of happiness in seeing them smiling and looking forward to the next chapter of their life. Weddings are special and beautiful. I can’t wait to attend another one =)


  • Upgraded my driving licence! Although I’m not a full black licence yet (have to wait another year or two), I’m glad I’m already on my P2!! YAY!
  • After postponing this for so many months, and probably a few years, I’ve finally completed my Grade 8 Piano Exam!!!!! I did great and now I’m hoping I can complete the theory component next year in order to obtain my certificate. Also, I might be planning for my AMUS in the near future, but I don’t think I might be doing it so soon as I’ll be quite busy at uni since it’s the final years of my degree. Nevertheless, so happy of what I’ve achieved =)
  • An accomplishment that’s not my own is my baby brother’s graduation! He finally graduated from secondary schooling and is now on his way to becoming a full-time university student! CONGRATS!

I think I’ve accomplished a lot of other things including attaining a higher GPA than last year, broadening my knowledge in my studies, becoming independent (well sort of), more confidence in driving and especially in reverse parking XD. ALSO, I can now put on makeup successfully by myself!


Had our usual traditional BBQ with family and friends at the comfort of our own home. It was a joyful day celebrating the Birth of Christ with the people we love. Also, made a delicious pina colada. Perfect for the summer day.

 The video might hurt your ears XD

Well, that’s a wrap up for 2015, here’s hoping 2016 will be just as great, if not better than this year.

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year ! Take care and stay safe!



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