My experience with Oscar Wylee

It’s nearly the end of 2015 and I thought I could treat myself to a new pair of glasses. Since I went on their website by chance a few months ago, I could finally have a day to go to their store at City located along Sussex St to check out the frames.

It was quite a spacious store and minimally decorated. Felt comfortable and thank goodness for the air conditioner as outside was humid and hot!

As I wanted to get second opinions from family and other friends, I deposited $200 in-store to take home 5 pairs of frames for 5 days.

I actually love this type of service as instead of trying them for a few minutes each in the store, I can comfortably put them on in my own home and have a feel of what it is like wearing them on a daily basis.

Overall, love this concept of taking them home for a few days and thanks to that, I’m actually going to buy one in the beginning of next year =)

After the trial, you are given options on how to return them. You can either ship them back (but you have to pay the postage yourself) or return it in-store. I did the latter since I was meeting a friend for movies nearby so it was convenient. Also, I received my deposit a few days later in my bank account.

Hence, it’s legit and definitely worth a try. I urge you to have a look at their website as there are some really cool frames. And if you buy one pair, they will donate one pair to someone in need. Isn’t that amazing?

Check out their website here =)



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