The Journey Of Flower 花千骨 *Spoilers

I’m really enjoying this drama especially since both Zhao Li Ying and Wallace Huo are in it!

I love Zhao Li Ying from 杉杉来了 AKA Boss & Me ~ and Wallace Huo from all of his other dramas ehehe~

Like all Chinese dramas, their CGI’s are so laughable! A great one is the fake dumpling in one of the episodes 哈哈哈哈 很好笑啊.

Due to my very poor Chinese skills, I have to wait for the english subs to come I can only understand a minimal amount of what is being said with no doesn’t help that the actors speak historical Chinese (which is even harder!).

Some eps were a bit slow but I still love watching the interactions between the characters especially Tang Bao and Shi Yi (they’re so cute~)

I’m now up to ep 46 and DONGFANG 死了!(He died~) I’m trying not to cry but it’s so hard! I love watching him as a character who has learned to get out of his hatred & revenge plot because of ZLY. And freaking Ni Man Tian! Gosh I want her to be out of this drama already…her jealousy is really starting to bore me…Also, she killed her uncle and fellow disciples & she still hasn’t gotten punished for it yet?

There’s 54 episodes in total so we’re nearly done~ I hope ZLY won’t have to suffer anymore…especially after the deaths of her father, Sha Qian Mo & now Dong Fang!!

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