The Fiddler [Part 2] @ The Hills

2nd time in less than a fortnight! It’s not far from home so dining here is definitely convenient especially when good food is served. There weren’t many people here tonight which is great as we got a good spot under the heater and could hear wonderful music whilst ordering and eating our meals.

I ordered a wine~ instead of a beer, and this lovely shiraz was recommended by the waitress. It was nice especially since I was having meat XD

Bleasdale Bremaville Shiraz

We ordered the chicken again XD as well as steaks and a pizza. We never had their pizza before so we were keen to give it a try! Their steaks were yum! I actually forgot which steak I ordered (hence lack of label underneath the pics) but I love their chips!  Their pepper sauce was a bit sour which I didn’t mind but I wished it would’ve been a bit more peppery. I like their mushroom sauce which went really well with my steak. =)

The let down..was the pizza. Unlike its name, it doesn’t have the hotness despite the jalapeños and it was a bit too salty for my liking. Nevertheless, the chicken was definitely YUM! 

Fire Breather Pizza
Fiddler’s Spicy Chicken Wings (1kg)

The Fiddler Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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