Scholar Who Walks The Night *spoilers


It has been more than a week since my last post as I’ve been so stressed out lately. Assignments are already due from the 2nd wk back and work just keeps on piling on and on. Nevertheless, I’m still exercising weekly and doing plenty of yoga & pilates whenever time suits for a clearer head~ Also, dramas help as well XD

This drama is absolutely one of my favourites for this year as it ticks all the right boxes. The casts are great, love the plot despite being doubtful in the beginning as it involves vampires but nevertheless, it’s a period drama!! WOOHOO! Since the first episode, I’ve been anticipating for more and they have really delivered.

My favourite scene between the main leads is in ep 10 which was just recently broadcasted. Lee Jun Ki healing her wounds in a bathtub with his blood was so intimate and gosh! He was so gobsmackingly beautiful hahas! That hug though…I fangirled so hard!

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 1.27.21 pm

She’s so lucky! I want to be held like that by him!!! XD

I actually rewatched that scene a few times XD trust’ll be doing the same too. The background music doesn’t even help to calm down my heart.. I even had to fan myself a few times and cover my mouth before I scare my family to death with my squeals!

I’m definitely anticipating ep 11!!!! I really want to know whether Lee Yu Bi is Gwi’s child or whether she will end up with Jun Ki!!

Gwi is acted by Lee Soo Hyuk – no words can even explain how sexy he looks when we make eye contact XD

Anyways, I hope the future eps will show the love line between Gwi and his human lover…I really want to see the scene where Gwi is not restricted in his emotionless state as well as his human lover being pregnant with his baby!

KYAAAAAAA~ ep 10 is definitely the best ep so far in terms of sexiness!!!!!!

I can’t believe there’s only 16 episodes..I wonder about the ending…maybe they might shoot extra episodes..? I just hope…pray that the ending will not disappoint.

4 thoughts on “Scholar Who Walks The Night *spoilers

    1. I’m not sure as I liked how LYB acted out her role. Even though she’s still new in the industry her acting is pretty good especially in Pinnochio. Of course, there were some parts in the ep where I believe she could’ve done better but I’m fairly content with her. She’s doing a good job =)


  1. I’m so late… but I stumbled upon this post today! I just wanted to admit that I gushed so hard over this scene when it aired too. I was so unprepared for the level of intimacy and how could you not drool over LJK?! 🙂


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