The Fiddler @ The Hills

A huge open courtyard with several bars as well as a nightclub, this place means business! It’s actually my 2nd time here and it definitely won’t be my last.

Their food are huge portions and they have a good variety of beers as well as other drinks =)

This place is family friendly and there’s even a playground of little kids to play around.

A bit of warning, these photos aren’t that great as I took them hurriedly hehes XD

Guinness dark beers & lemon lime bitters

These chicken are so fabulous and YUM! They weren’t even as spicy as I thought they were! tbh, I would eat these any day! Great comfort food! I have to mention that even though the menu says “Chicken wings”, drumsticks are also evident in this dish LOL.

Fiddler’s Spicy Chicken Wings (1kg)

The chips were so nice and crunchy and their ribs…oh my…so delicious! So much better than Crinitis XD I wouldn’t mind ordering this again and it’s so great to share with friends as there are a lot of meat packed into this!

BBQ Smokey Pork Ribs (Full Rack)

I love their tartare sauce! (A huge fan of tartare). It was demolished as quickly as it came but luckily they had other sauces which we could grab ourselves near the counter. The batter was good and the fish itself was nicely cooked =)

Beer Battered Fish & Chips

The food all came around the same time which was great! The service was very friendly and were keen to turn on the heaters for us =) Since this is close to home, I will be coming back here again especially to check out their nightclub XD Oh, and their Irish bar is superb!

I have to say, the chicken was by far my fave dish and it will be the dish I will order every time I’m here. Also, I need to mention..their array of sauces are plentiful and I love their English mustard which packs a punch! (a good one!) Their dijon mustard is also nice and goes so well with the chips!

So, I definitely recommend you guys to check this place out and be careful when coming here during weekends and peak times as it will definitely be crowded =)

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