Casa Asturiana Restaurant @ Sydney


A wonderful rustic Spanish restaurant situated on Liverpool St besides other Spanish places on that same street. I was surprised there was a 2nd level as it looks small but it was very lovely and had a comfortable ambience. Despite “being not hungry”, we ordered tapas, paella as well as dessert! OH! and their homemade red sangria, beer and coffee XD

As there were so many selections of tapas to choose from, we just ordered a “Mixed Hot Tapas” which includes their specialties of meatballs, chorizos, calamari, baby octopus, garlic mushrooms and fried eggplants.

Their meatballs are so not the types we usually eat at other places and I LOVE IT! Their calamari was not coated so much with flour and yet was still crispy and not so oily. A wonderful dish! Other places can’t even compare! I love their mushrooms, MMMH and I used the meatballs’ sauce for the chorizos XD

We also ordered a seafood paella which has prawns, mussels, clams, crabs as well as fish. A huge variety and was a pretty generous in their serving. However, a negative…I wished that more rice at the bottom of the pan could’ve had that crunchy texture otherwise I STILL LOVE IT! – This is definitely a must dish to order if you come here (which I hope you do!)

We had a choice between red or white sangria and I opted for the red one seeing as it is the traditional drink. They came in different sizes so we ordered 1L of red sangria. It was a refreshing drink and was perfectly chilled.

 Their customer service was quick paced and friendly which made our experience quite positive. I loved the background music (Spanish of course) as well as the wonderful performance of their Spanish dancers! Quite exhilarating!

For desser:

Their specialty Spanish coffee which kinds of taste like licorice XD

And churros~ and beer XD

AND THIS yummy dessert called CASADIELLAS. 😍😍  

There is no doubt that I will be back soon =)

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