Processed foods

I’ve always wanted to try one of these every since I was young as I always note people buying these from the groceries. However mum always discouraged it saying that it is “unhealthy” “not good” , etc.

But for the first time in my life she suddenly said that we can try one~ 

So we bought McCain’s Mediterranean Vegetarian pizza which has goats cheese!!! YUM! 

It looks great right? I just had to preheat the oven then popped this pizza in for around 13-14mins~ pretty easy!

It tastes wonderful as well! I get that it’s good that people with not much time to prepare meals will buy and also its kind of bad for our health since its processed but wow! I never expected that it would taste like normal pizza we have at restaurants!

Of course I wont buy this often as I have no need to but it was nice to try this! Nice flavours too!

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