Vivid 2015

I wasn’t expecting much as many people told me that it wasn’t as great as the previous years. I have to agree. It was nice but is kind of lacking its own uniqueness…kind of similar to last year’s despite the different theme.

It was an impromptu trip to the city as I was told about this trip during my lunch with friends. But after “sight-seeing” for a bit, we went straight to the bar at Sydney Opera House to drink, eat and relax with a couple of our friends.

  Again had another bottle of beer which was nice as I tried a dark ale. Oh! I need to write a post for this restaurant we went to today for dinner~ it was wonderful and was greeted by an amazing dance performance! 

Anyways, since there wasn’t much to see we just went straight back home after our relaxation at the Opera House. 

NB: Can’t believe that I’m seeing drunk, middle aged women acting so childish…my god…and one just squealed for no reason… Never thought women of that age will be like that..highly embarrassing!

*Update~ made another impromptu trip after a hearty dinner with grandparents =) 

Wanted to go on it but there were too many people in the queue 😭


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