15th May 2015

Today was such a long but fruitful day! The school I was mentoring at came to visit my Uni with other schools that were involved in this mentoring program. It was great to show them around our campus and let them explore the wonderful pleasures our UNI has to offer to those who wish to continue their studying after high school.

My mentees were so sweet and hugged me as soon as we saw each other today! I was so glad they had an exciting day filled with laughter and fun! They were so eager to explore the whole campus and loved every moment of it! It was unfortunate we couldn’t explore every single place they wanted to see as we ran out of time but we all enjoyed our day together nonetheless. 

The performances especially the African Drunming and Dance Performance was so exhilarating! A great and wonderful time! Loved today!

Also, had work after that~ My eyes were so droopy especially since I’m wearing contacts…so luckily there was a coffee shop just opposite my workplace so I just popped out of my classroom to buy a cup of coffee (long black of course XD) so that I will be awake whilst teaching my students~ 

Also drank soju for dinner!!! CHUM CHURUM~ I like chamisul better XD but at least I tried this brand ~   


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